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1.One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful (Official Video)1,197,031,7632011-08-19
2.One Direction - Drag Me Down (Official Video)897,512,9612015-08-21
3.One Direction - Story of My Life (Official Video)847,598,1732013-11-03
4.One Direction - Best Song Ever (Official Video)688,556,2322013-07-22
5.One Direction - One Thing (Official Video)674,440,2312012-01-13
6.One Direction - Live While We're Young (Official Video)663,756,3942012-09-20
7.One Direction - Kiss You (Official Video)494,633,7442013-01-07
8.One Direction - You & I (Official Video)476,814,7322014-04-18
9.One Direction - One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks)440,881,0362013-02-20
10.One Direction - Perfect (Official Video)440,060,6492015-10-20
11.One Direction - History (Official Video)390,990,5262016-01-26
12.One Direction - Steal My Girl (Official Video)352,682,9112014-10-24
13.One Direction - Night Changes (Official Video)348,248,0922014-11-21
14.One Direction - Little Things (Official Video)347,032,5722012-11-02
15.One Direction - Gotta Be You (Official Video)231,896,0032011-11-08
16.One Direction - Midnight Memories (Official Video)186,325,4702014-01-31
17.One Direction - Night Changes (Acoustic)91,134,7262014-11-17
18.One Direction - Steal My Girl (Acoustic)41,021,2762014-11-09
19.One Direction - Best Song Ever (Where We Are: Live From San Siro Stadium)23,062,5842014-11-28
20.One Direction - Little Things (Live TV Special)20,392,8012014-12-21
21.One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful (Behind The Scenes)18,586,0012011-11-04
22.One Direction- 'Our Moment' Fragrance Ad14,086,2512013-08-24
23.One Direction - Spin the Harry (Episode 1)11,203,8862012-03-02
24.One Direction - Video Diary (Part 4)10,294,7732012-02-01
25.1D Day Best Bits9,938,1982013-11-25
26.One Direction - Video Diary8,804,0352011-12-22
27.One Direction - Video Diary 36,856,1172012-01-19
28.One Direction - Spin the Harry (Episode 2)6,124,9902012-03-19
29.One Direction: FOUR HANGOUT5,979,4372014-11-09
30.One Direction by One Direction5,700,5422011-10-24
31.One Direction - Super Pokemon Rumble (Behind the Scenes)4,887,3632011-12-07
32.One Direction- You & I Fragrance (Commercial)4,756,8312014-08-06
33.Where We Are: Live From San Siro Stadium DVD - What Makes You Beautiful Performance4,631,9092014-11-27
34.Access 1D: USA (Part1)4,618,0682012-07-13
35.One Direction - Video Tour Diary.4,531,7062012-01-05
36.'Where We Are:Live From San Siro Stadium' DVD - Happily Performance4,521,3132014-11-26
37.Where We Are - Live from San Siro Stadium (plus bonus video ‘The Road to San Siro’)3,566,0442020-07-28
38.One Direction - That Moment (Short Film)3,539,7422014-04-02
39.One Direction - Made in the A.M. announcement3,300,6272015-09-22
40.One Direction - MEGAMIND (Pt 1)3,064,8442011-12-22
41.One Direction: Behind The Scenes Photoshoot2,643,5232011-10-20
42.One Direction - MEGAMIND (Pt 2)2,585,9692012-01-09
43.One Direction - 'Where We Are' Concert Film Trailer2,398,6632014-07-22
44.One Direction - Thank you2,268,3632015-11-19
45.Harry Styles: One Direction Fragrance2,192,0662013-08-13
46.One Direction become...ONE DIRECTION DETECTION!!!2,129,1522011-10-11
47.Watch #1DDay on 23rd November - Live on YouTube1,959,2212013-11-20
48.One Direction Tour Video - The 021,862,3012011-03-22
49.Zayn Malik: 1D Fragrance1,854,6122013-08-15
50.One Direction: This Is Us Movie - Louis1,827,8202013-08-15
51.Louis Tomlinson: 1D Fragrance1,802,6762013-08-12
52.One Direction - Dare To Dream Book (Photoshoot)1,768,4082011-08-31
53.One Direction: Q&A (Part 1)1,765,9922011-04-14
54.One Direction Fragrance 'Our Moment' Short Film1,713,5802013-06-14
55.1D ANNOUNCE ALBUM 'FOUR' + FREE TRACK!1,667,0212014-09-08
56.One Direction - You & I (Fan Video)1,614,8162014-05-19
57.Up All Night - The Live Tour DVD: Behind The Scenes1,517,9342012-04-25
58.One Direction - Story of My Life (Live in Japan)1,506,5612013-11-04
59.One Direction: Q&A (Part 2)1,465,9282011-04-14
60.One Direction - Little Things (Live)1,396,9292014-10-09
61.Track-by-Track: Temporary Fix & Walking In The Wind1,293,1612015-11-04
62.One Direction - Fools Gold1,289,9082014-11-13
63.Liam's Single Announcement!1,279,9112014-01-28
64.Niall's Backstage Tour!1,198,6042012-12-23
65.One Direction - Between Us Fragrance Ad1,135,0832015-07-14
66.One Direction: Alan Carr's Chatty Man (Behind The Scenes)1,130,3762011-08-04
67.One Direction: Fragrance launch1,122,8092013-06-07
68.One Direction - Up All Night Listening Party (Part 1)1,087,3232011-11-18
69.One Direction: X Factor Tour Q&A1,082,5702011-04-13
70.One Direction Thank You1,040,0662012-11-20
71.Welcome to our YouTube Channel!1,036,6122011-02-18
72.One Direction - Thank You for Best Song Ever1,033,1382013-07-29
73.One Direction - You & I Fragrance (Backstage Video)1,022,6122014-07-21
74.One Direction – action/1D1,011,4572015-07-08
75.'That Moment' Announcement993,4462014-02-27
76.One Direction: Tour Video (Week 1)978,8472011-02-24
77.The guys celebrate FOUR in #1DOrlando920,3092014-11-23
78.Niall shoots and scores!915,9722013-07-26
79.Track-by-Track: Wolves & A.M.881,6482015-11-05
80.One Direction - Made in the A.M. - OUT NOW870,4072015-11-13
81.One Direction: Our Moment834,2212013-11-27
82.action/1D - Harry797,0512015-07-27
83.One Direction - This Is Us DVD Extras (Exclusive Clip 2)766,7892013-12-03
84.Liam- You & I Fragrance Message761,7652014-06-16
85.1D feat AKB48 - Story of My Life exclusive!760,5652013-11-01
86.One Direction US Tour Diary: Albany733,7662012-03-03
87.One Direction: This Is Us DVD Extras (Exclusive Clip 3)721,9802013-12-11
88.One Direction: This Is Us DVD Extras (Exclusive Clip)710,2472013-12-02
89.One Direction: Lakeside Book Signing707,0192011-09-21
90.One Direction - Up All Night Listening Party (Part 2)704,4772011-11-18
91.One Direction - Happy Valentine's Day!691,9562012-02-03
92.One Direction - Steal My Girl (Video Teaser)682,6702014-10-13
93.One Direction Day: Best Bits (Hour 5)667,4522013-12-25
94.One Direction Midnight Memories Thank You658,4242013-12-01
95.One Direction Day: Best Bits (Hour 1)656,0752013-12-08
96.One Direction - Gotta Be You (Outtakes)652,0382011-11-01
97.1D: Thanks a million...3 million!640,6042012-03-02
98.FOUR TAKEOVER616,1912014-11-06
99.One Direction Day: Best Bits (Hour 2)614,0032013-12-08
100.One Direction: US Tour Diary (Chicago)611,9122012-02-28
101.TV Advert - Midnight Memories by One Direction610,8792013-11-11
102.Harry in Minneapolis595,6032013-07-26
103.One Direction - 'That Moment' (Teaser Ad)593,4642014-04-01
104.The Directioners are still #Savingthe1Day!587,9772011-11-04
105.One Direction: Harry's Birthday Thank You586,0912012-02-10
106.One Direction - Thank You x584,7552012-02-22
107.One Direction Hit the Catwalk572,2222013-07-16
108.One Direction: You & I Fragrance Commercial (Zayn)561,7632014-08-13
109.1D Mania in the USA559,7232012-03-21
110.One Direction - Up All Night Listening Party (Part 3)555,6152011-11-18
111.One Direction lose their laptop!549,4922011-10-10
112.One Direction TV Ad -- Up All Night.544,1232011-11-18
113.One Direction Mania542,7282012-03-05
114.One Direction 'On The Road Again' In Brisbane542,0472015-02-17
115.The Directioners are #Savingthe1Day541,6662011-10-28
116.Message to UK fans!538,9492012-06-15
117.One Direction Boxset with Zappar!533,1732012-11-05
118.action/1D – Louis519,0542015-07-14
119.1D Take Me Home Releases part 2511,6032012-11-21
120.action/1D - Liam and Niall511,1222015-07-20
121.One Direction 'On The Road Again' In Sydney!498,4972015-02-09
122.One Direction Day: Best Bits (Hour 7)483,4122013-12-25
123.One Direction: Story of My Life Out Now!481,1932013-10-28
124.Band Aid 30477,2932014-11-14
125.That Moment Animation472,6462014-06-10
126.One Direction: You & I Fragrance Commercial (Louis)471,0042014-08-14
127.2014 Where We Are US stadium tour announcement456,0252013-11-26
128.1D Take Me Home Releases part 3448,8122012-11-21
129.Made in the A.M. - Track-By-Track - History441,2482015-11-06
130.One Direction: X Factor Live Tour (Video Diary)436,6142011-03-09
131.One Direction Orlando Q&A - WDBHG435,6312015-01-26
132.One Direction - Super Pokemon Rumble419,9452011-12-01
133.One Direction- You & I Fragrance Commercial - Niall403,0392014-08-15
134.Where We Are Concert Film: Preview clip395,3692014-10-09
135.1D Take Me Home Releases part 4389,4702012-11-20
136.One Direction Day: Best Bits (Hour 3)389,2832013-12-08
137.One Direction Orlando Q&A - Influences378,8802015-01-21
138.Happy "Up All Night" US Release Day!378,8382012-03-13
139.One Direction- You & I Fragrance Commercial - Harry373,4842014-08-19
140.One Direction in Universal Orlando Resort!366,6542014-10-02
141.One Direction - Thank you to all UK fans!361,8972011-08-22
142.One Direction Day: Best Bits (Hour 6)347,5692013-12-25
143.FOUR on Spotify!339,4822014-11-19
144.'Where We Are: Live From San Siro Stadium' DVD Clip - Louis339,2432014-11-26
145.Steal My Girl (Big Payno & Afterhrs Pool Party Remix) Clip331,6942014-09-26
146.#1DOrlandoQnA - Cities321,2802015-02-28
147.Made In The A.M. - #1DFirstListen321,1092015-11-09
148.1D Official Interactive App319,2792014-09-25
149.One Direction wishes 1DCyberpunk a happy birthday316,2242011-11-11
150.1D: 'Up All Night - The Live Tour' DVD OUT NOW!315,6182012-06-15
151.One Direction Orlando Q&A - Recording FOUR305,3982015-01-30
152.One Direction - Birmingham Book Signing301,7792011-02-22
153.'Where We Are: Live From San Siro Stadium' DVD Clip - Live While We're Young300,0542014-11-26
154.One Direction - Gotta Be You (Fan Remix)293,3442011-11-10
155.Midnight Memories Full TV ad292,4212014-04-01
156.One Direction - Thank You282,6052011-09-18
157.One Direction - #1DAdvert277,5822011-12-09
158.#1DOrlandoQnA - touring277,1922015-02-19
159.One Direction Orlando Q&A - Rides267,9132015-02-12
160.Save The 1Day Best Bits Video263,0412011-11-21
161.Where We Are: Live From San Siro Stadium259,9422014-11-29
162.Where We Are Concert Film: Little Things LIVE clip257,0672014-10-09
163.Where We Are: Live From San Siro Stadium - Best Song Ever Clip255,7622014-12-01
164.On The Road Again 2015 Tour - UK and Ireland Dates Announced!254,1262014-11-29
165.Where We Are Concert Film: Interview Preview250,2172014-10-09
166.1D Day Best Bits Hour 4239,3932013-12-25
167.One Direction Scrapbook App for iPad/iPhone226,1842013-02-20
168.One Direction Book Signing - Lakeside218,1452011-03-07
169.Where We Are:Live From San Siro Stadium DVD - SOML215,4002014-11-27
170.COLOMBIA! 1D Stadium Tour Tickets On Sale 9am 24th June!208,4092013-06-21
171.The Directioners are getting ever closer to #Savingthe1Day207,0402011-11-14
172.'Where We Are' Live From San Siro Stadium DVD - Niall196,6732014-11-27
173.Where We Are: Live From San Siro Stadium Clip - Niall176,3212014-11-28
174.Where We Are: Live From San Siro Stadium - What Makes You Beautiful Clip168,3972014-11-28

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