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1.Selena Gomez - The Heart Wants What It Wants (Official Music Video)655,409,0542014-11-06
2.Selena Gomez - Come & Get It (Official Music Video)647,490,5932013-05-07
3.Selena Gomez - Kill Em With Kindness (Official Music Video)470,991,1572016-06-06
4.Selena Gomez - Good For You (Official Music Video)451,962,8942015-06-26
5.Selena Gomez - Same Old Love (Official Music Video)385,849,8222015-10-07
6.Selena Gomez - Hands To Myself (Official Music Video)359,435,1642016-01-20
7.Selena Gomez - Slow Down (Official Music Video)327,271,2862013-07-20
8.Selena Gomez - Bad Liar (Official Music Video)298,626,6192017-06-14
9.Selena Gomez - Back To You220,099,9842018-06-05
10.Selena Gomez - Tell Me Something I Don't Know (Official Music Video)188,837,3202009-11-30
11.Selena Gomez - Fetish (Official Music Video) ft. Gucci Mane173,932,0822017-07-26
12.Selena Gomez - Back To You (Lyric Video)123,882,0572018-05-10
13.Selena Gomez and the Scene - Falling Down - Official Music V32,961,8172009-08-29
14.My attempt at a cover of Nicki Minaj30,368,5242011-01-24
15.A Year Without Rain Lyrics - Selena Gomez16,711,8022010-09-04
16.We Own The Night: 1st Show!15,887,1922011-08-01
18.MTV EMA 2011 Promo13,348,6272011-10-19
19.I MISS DEMI LOVATO!13,155,8162008-05-10
20.We Own The Night: Middle of Nowhere12,243,6462011-09-19
21.Meeting Shia11,771,1112011-06-28 call back!!10,642,0312008-09-13
23.Goodbye '087,199,8452009-01-01
24.My AMA Diary6,992,6932014-12-13
25.Everybody Knows6,905,4812013-03-09
26.Me and my girls!6,080,4222012-12-13
27.We Own The Night: Dream Out Loud!4,625,6032011-08-31
28.My Youtube4,341,4582010-11-08
29.Meet Joey King aka Ramona4,158,8452010-07-14
31.We Own The Night: Teen Choice3,874,3392011-08-10
32."Love You Like A Love Song (Remix by Dave Aude)"3,701,1292011-10-21
33.We Own The Night: The Voice3,388,1262011-08-24
34.We Own The Night: Love My Fans!3,035,0322011-08-15
35.Ramona And Beezus - Official Trailer - in theaters July 23rd!3,018,9612010-03-17
37.Commercial For Selena Gomez's Debut Fragrance2,870,1332012-06-26
39.Selena Gomez - Come & Get It Teaser Part 22,765,7602013-04-04
40.My new family members...2,723,4652009-01-25
41.If You're Ready!2,718,9962013-05-15
42.Joeys Commercial....2,714,9132009-04-26 time!2,695,2202008-08-09
44.Happy Thanksgiving!2,606,8162008-11-27
45.Selena Gomez - A Year Without Rain Lyrics (español)2,503,4052010-09-12
46.My Kimono Transformation2,460,6592011-03-10
47.The reason i miss home..2,416,7932009-05-27
48.When it rains, it pours!2,391,8782008-09-14
49.Wizards Backstage2,383,9542008-05-27
50.Selena Gomez - Lose You To Love Me (Official Lyrics)2,183,6022019-10-31
51.MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!2,116,8582008-12-25
52.Me and the band covering "I Want It That Way" by BSB2,031,9222011-01-25
53.A Year Without Rain Sneak Peek #11,938,1252010-09-01
55.Selena Gomez - Come & Get It Teaser1,830,9582013-04-01
56.Selena Gomez Youtube Competition1,758,4442011-01-15
57.Behind the Scenes Dream Out Loud Photoshoot1,756,4162012-01-26
58.Selena Gomez YouTube Celebrity Playlist1,745,0892010-09-10
59.Round and Round1,723,5342010-06-16
60.Selena Gomez - Live Webcast Series1,685,1572009-09-08
61.Selena Gomez - Hit The Lights Remix1,654,2142012-02-17 and kevin!1,651,0162008-04-04
63.Kmart/DOL Back To School Commercial1,646,5482012-08-14
64.Selena Gomez - Slow Down Tour Video1,546,2082013-10-31
65.Who Says Preview Video1,504,9712011-03-10
66.hangin with the cast! :)1,502,5632008-08-23
67.FAN Mail1,472,5472008-05-19
68.Me and My Girls... and Gweny1,420,6962013-04-12
70.Dream Out Loud commercial to begin airing soon!1,355,1432010-08-06
71."Come & Get It" Listen Early!1,307,1252013-04-06
72.UNICEF Celebrity Tap Project1,296,7172011-04-19
73.Facebook promo campaign1,231,8382009-09-03
74.Post Card on the Run Sweepstakes1,227,1632011-12-15
75.Thank you!1,194,0842009-07-22
76.what we all have in common :)1,181,5842008-12-28
77.Behind the Scenes "Off the Chain"1,178,1912010-11-23
78.ep 81,136,9142009-10-16
80.Selena Gomez - Official Album Trailer1,109,6252019-11-21
81.Selena Gomez - REVIVAL Revealed1,090,8242015-10-08
82.Paradise Lost for the dogs of Puerto Rico1,090,7262009-03-16
83.MY Records gettin closerrrr1,079,1432009-07-04
84.Selena Gomez and the Scene - Kiss and Tell Promo1,078,2482009-09-28
85.Selena's Unicef Message1,058,1632011-01-12
86.episode 1 record contract signing1,056,7142009-09-21
87.Dream Out Loud behind the scenes1,007,4702010-06-04
88."Come And Get It" Number One!!976,1162013-07-01
89.Round and Round sneak peak932,7132010-06-15
90.Dream Out Loud photo shoot929,6042010-07-04
91.Help decide Selena's new fragrance924,9742011-12-05
92.Backstage at the Houston Rodeo893,2202010-03-27
93.disney channel games!882,0792008-05-06
94.ep 5 photo shoot875,5852009-09-28
95.A Year Without Rain Sneek Peak #2864,2572010-09-02
97.debut single: All Night Long808,2942008-05-20
98.Dream Out Loud Twitter Contest774,0902012-05-02
99.ep 3 voice lessons714,2512009-09-28
100.#selenalivechat -- Monday June 3, 4pm PT!705,1212013-06-03
101.UNICEF announcement694,6112010-01-13
102.Kansas City Wizards Soccer Appearance674,3482008-06-30
103.Trick or Treat for UNICEF - Get Set!664,6202009-10-22
104.Peoples Choice Awards 2011654,8432011-01-07
105.Dream Out Loud Summer Line 2011647,2132011-03-29
106.Dream Out Loud exclusively at K-Mart August 1st643,8302010-05-20
107.ep 2 in the studio636,4102009-09-21
108.Who Says Flipbook 2626,8372011-07-22
109.South America Tour610,4142011-02-15
110.Big Sister's Guide #5605,6312010-06-25
111.Hawaii 50th State Fair603,6622008-06-04
112.On The Set Of Getaway600,8272013-08-29
113.Thank You Latin America593,4722012-03-16
114.ep 6551,1402009-10-03
115.Christmas 2010538,6762010-12-17
116.Ramona and Beezus behind the scenes529,5342010-05-14
117.Surprise Kmart DOL Shopping Event521,9452012-11-29
118.Selena Gomez - Stars Dance Tour 2013518,5672013-04-15
119.Kids Mix 94.1fm515,2402008-05-19
120.A trip to the local Home Depot506,4252010-04-30
121.Selena Gomez -- Stars Dance -- Available 7/23490,7022013-06-03
122.Ramona and Beezus behind the scenes486,2262010-06-16
123.Ramona and Beezus behind the scenes484,6472010-06-03
124.Trick or Treat for UNICEF479,4012009-10-06
125.Selena Gomez - REVIVAL Event473,3812015-08-27
126.It's All About the Hair470,2142011-02-28!469,2282010-04-26
128.Behind The Scenes Kmart Dream Out Loud Fall Collection Commercial Shoot468,6742012-07-20
129.Behind the Scenes Jingle Ball 2010464,3562011-01-18
130.Santa Monica Place performance462,2482011-06-21
131.Ramona and Beezus behind the scenes443,0682010-05-28
132.ep 7 band rehearsal441,4642009-10-04
134.YouTube Competition Update!!435,2482011-01-12
135.Radio 1 Visit427,7962010-10-14
136.HMV CD signing426,6472011-08-10
137.Intro from Selena410,5032011-06-23
138.New Dream Out Loud Spring items409,5672011-03-15
139.#selenalivechat -- Monday June 3, 4pm PST!406,8882013-05-31
140.Selena Gomez & The Scene Tour Onsale This Weekend403,2332011-03-31
141.Behind the Scenes on the Set of Getaway399,3612013-08-01
142.A Year Without Rain Available at Target379,5612010-09-15
143.Dream Out Loud Contest376,8152011-10-25
144.Round and Round375,6742010-06-16
145.Selena live chat from YouTube's offices375,3952011-07-01
146.Selena Gomez Verizon Holiday Card374,9132013-11-29
147.Selena Gomez - Birthday (STARS DANCE preview - 1 of 11)350,5422013-07-15
148.Selena talks about "Outlaw"350,3602011-06-24
149.Selena talks about "Love You Like A Love Song"346,3122011-06-23
150.Kmart behind the scenes345,5682010-07-29
151.Stars Dance Tour Time-lapse334,6272013-10-07
152.Selena Gomez - Come & Get It (STARS DANCE preview - 5 of 11)332,9012013-07-15
153.Selena Gomez - Forget Forever (STARS DANCE preview - 6 of 11)330,8642013-07-15
154.Selena Gomez - Slow Down (STARS DANCE preview - 2 of 11)316,5082013-07-15
155.Selena Gomez & The Scene Live On Sale Now303,6622011-03-31
156.MyFlipbook with Selena Gomez295,3082011-06-23
157.Selena Gomez - B.E.A.T. (STARS DANCE preview - 8 of 11)282,7282013-07-15
158.ep 4 band tryouts282,0032009-09-28
159.Selena Gomez - Stars Dance (STARS DANCE preview - 3 of 11)278,5252013-07-15
160.Selena talks about "Dices (Who Says - Spanish)"275,9042011-06-23
161.Behind The Scenes Jingle Ball 2010271,6982011-02-12
162.Selena Gomez - Love Will Remember (STARS DANCE preview - 11 of 11)270,2032013-07-16
163.Selena Gomez - Save The Day (STARS DANCE preview - 7 of 11)270,1632013-07-15
164.Selena Gomez - Undercover (STARS DANCE preview - 10 of 11)269,8632013-07-16
165.Selena talks about "Bang Bang Bang"267,9952011-06-23
166.Selena Gomez - Like A Champion (STARS DANCE preview - 4 of 11)265,2832013-07-15
167.Selena Gomez - Write Your Name (STARS DANCE preview - 9 of 11)260,4552013-07-15
168.Hunter Part 2259,9472010-05-15
169.Round and Round sneak peak238,5302010-06-13
170.Selena on "That's More Like It"236,8282011-06-24
171.Selena Gomez - REVIVAL Event236,3552015-09-17
172.Dallas Monte Carlo Promo Run213,3972011-06-15
173.Power Plant Destruction206,4352013-08-21
174.Selena talks about "My Dilemma"197,5732011-06-23
175.Selena talks about "Who Says"195,9652011-06-23
176.Tour Manager Mark192,2472011-02-02
177.Selena talks about "Whiplash"189,5582011-06-23
178.Selena talks about "When The Sun Goes Down"174,8702011-06-23
179.Selena talks about "We Own The Night"162,0572011-06-23
180.Atlanta Monte Carlo promo run160,7892011-06-20
181.Selena talks about "Hit The Lights"160,3452011-06-23
182.Selena talks about "Middle Of Nowhere"139,7892011-06-23
183.Hunter Part 3109,6592010-05-15

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