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1.倖田來未 / め組のひと (1コーラス ver.)11,003,9752011-03-04
2.倖田來未 / Butterfly6,373,5602010-07-12
3.倖田來未 / キューティーハニー6,347,0152010-07-13
4.倖田來未 / 「you」(from New Album「WINTER of LOVE」)6,035,8432010-07-13
5.倖田來未 / 「Moon Crying」(from New Album「WINTER of LOVE」)5,027,1952010-01-21
6.倖田來未 / WON'T BE LONG4,781,2992010-07-12
7.倖田來未 / 「愛のうた」(from New Album「WINTER of LOVE」)4,124,7182009-12-22
8.倖田來未 / SHAKE IT4,034,9452010-07-13
9.倖田來未 / 好きで、好きで、好きで。3,964,2552010-08-16
10.倖田來未 / Someday3,108,5992010-07-12
11.倖田來未 / you (from 「KODA KUMI 15th Anniversary LIVE The Artist」)3,033,3852016-03-10
12.倖田來未×misono / It's all Love2,787,4372009-12-22
13.倖田來未 / Crazy 4 U2,603,2102010-07-13
14.倖田來未 / JUICY (from Album 「SUMMER of LOVE」)2,447,5892010-07-12
15.倖田來未 / 恋のつぼみ2,409,6512009-12-22
16.倖田來未 / 「あなただけが」(from New Album「WINTER of LOVE」)2,288,8192010-08-26
17.倖田來未 / Lollipop (from Album 「SUMMER of LOVE」)2,102,5842010-06-17
18.倖田來未 / 「WALK OF MY LIFE」MUSIC VIDEO1,942,7162015-03-01
19.倖田來未 / 「好きで、好きで、好きで。」(from New Album「WINTER of LOVE」)1,937,7692010-08-26
20.倖田來未 / TABOO1,909,7282009-12-22
21.倖田來未 / Love Me Back1,886,6412012-01-19
22.倖田來未 / LALALALALA (from Album 「SUMMER of LOVE」)1,725,1452013-06-28
23.倖田來未 / 「Promise」(from New Album「WINTER of LOVE」)1,692,9012010-07-12
24.倖田來未 / 「愛を止めないで」(from New Album「WINTER of LOVE」)1,633,7242012-01-19
25.倖田來未 / No Regret1,608,9732010-07-12
26.倖田來未 / anytime1,558,5012009-12-22
27.倖田來未 / WIND1,516,5872010-07-12
28.倖田來未 / 「hands」(from New Album「WINTER of LOVE」)1,493,5252010-07-13
29.倖田來未 / 「夢のうた」(from New Album「WINTER of LOVE」)1,445,9312009-12-22
30.倖田來未 / Shake Hip!1,441,9602015-06-30
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