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1.Fifth Harmony - Work from Home ft. Ty Dolla $ign2,164,790,8062016-02-26
2.Fifth Harmony - Worth It ft. Kid Ink1,745,242,9762015-03-28
3.Fifth Harmony - All In My Head (Flex) ft. Fetty Wap393,812,0122016-06-23
4.Fifth Harmony - BO$$ (BOSS)240,731,5932014-07-08
5.Fifth Harmony - That's My Girl191,281,6732016-09-19
6.Fifth Harmony - Sledgehammer167,490,5242014-11-25
7.Fifth Harmony - "Que Bailes Conmigo Hoy" Live28,040,9312013-11-16
8.Fifth Harmony, Jasmine V., Jacob Whitesides & Mahogany Lox - Uptown Funk18,287,4612015-01-07
9.Fifth Harmony - Who Are You Live13,150,0692013-11-30
10.Fifth Harmony - Better Together Live11,540,4802013-12-13
11.Fifth Harmony - Red (Taylor Swift Cover)10,400,6122013-04-20
12.Fifth Harmony - Lego House (Ed Sheeran cover)8,196,9492013-03-19
13.Fifth Harmony - Honeymoon Avenue (Ariana Grande Cover)6,334,8172013-09-28
14.Fifth Harmony - Stay (Rihanna cover)5,391,7112013-04-02
15.Fifth Harmony & Alex. G - Leave My Heart Out of This Acoustic5,018,9642013-11-23
16.Fifth Harmony - Thinkin Bout You (Frank Ocean cover)4,463,6032013-02-27
17.Fifth Harmony - "Wannabe" Spice Girls Cover3,877,8222013-10-31
18.Fifth Harmony - American (Lana Del Rey cover)3,195,5332013-03-09
19.Fifth Harmony- Want U Back (Cher Lloyd cover)- Live in Baltimore, MD2,449,0602013-07-23
20.AwesomenessTV - Fifth Harmony Bunk Hangout1,840,8952014-07-22
21.Fifth Harmony Reacts To Hearing "Miss Movin' On" On The Radio1,226,0262013-06-16
22.Harlem Shake (Fifth Harmony Second Edition)533,4252013-03-12
23.Harmonize America - Tour Our Bus!495,5172013-09-03
24.Fifth Harmony ALS Ice Bucket Challenge484,3342014-08-16
25.Learn the Dance to BO$$465,5352014-08-19
26.The CLEAN & CLEAR #Awkward2Awesome Holiday Live Chat with Fifth Harmony453,3952015-12-10
27.AwesomenessTV - Fifth Harmony/Popstar Photo Shoot254,9152014-05-07
28.Miss Movin' On Video Teaser229,9012013-07-13
29.Fifth Harmony - Happy Valentine's Day!212,1342018-02-14
30.Fifth Harmony Answers Twitter Questions #1206,8222013-03-15
31.Fifth Harmony - Summer Tour Dates183,2852015-05-02
32.Fifth Harmony Answers Twitter Questions #2174,3972013-03-22
33.Fifth Harmony Answers Twitter Questions #5159,4862013-04-13
34.Fifth Harmony Answers Twitter Questions #6158,9672013-05-11
35.Harmonize America - Los Angeles155,3892013-09-04
36.Fifth Harmony - The Dream Begins... (preview)153,8682013-06-19
37.Fifth Harmony Answers Twitter Questions #12153,0212013-05-28
38.Fifth Harmony Answers Twitter Questions #3148,7792013-03-22
39.Camila’s #5HGirlWhoCan148,3172015-05-21
40.Fifth Harmony Working on Debut Album146,9012013-04-29
41.Who's Lauren's 5H Girl That CAN? #5HGirlsCan132,2462015-05-24
42.Fifth Harmony - Behind The Scenes: Thanksgiving129,8412017-11-25
43.Fifth Harmony Answers Twitter Questions #10126,4192013-05-17
44.Better Together EP 1 Year Anniversary121,3062014-10-23
45.Fifth Harmony Answers Twitter Questions #4120,6732013-04-13
46.The Summer Reflection Tour116,7772015-04-25
47.Fifth Harmony Answers Twitter Questions #7115,0692013-05-11
48.Harmonize America - San Francisco, CA112,3912013-09-07
49.Happy 3 Year Anniversary112,3612015-07-30
50.Fifth Harmony Answers Twitter Questions #8110,0802013-05-11
51.Fifth Harmony Answers Twitter Questions #11108,0962013-05-28
52.Who's Ally's 5H Girl Who CAN? #5HGirlsCan107,0962015-05-25
53.Fifth Harmony Vlog | NYC Down Promo99,7752017-07-01
54.Harmonize America - Dallas TX95,1862013-09-03
55.Fifth Harmony Answer Twitter Questions #989,8612013-05-17
56.Harmonize America - Chicago, IL87,4302013-08-06
57.Who's Dinah's 5H Girl who CAN?81,9172015-05-22
58.Fifth Harmony - Spread the Love #5HGirlsCan79,8432015-05-15
59.Harmonize America - Boston, MA75,1632013-07-23
60.Who's Normani's 5H Girl Who Can?74,3662015-05-23
61.Miss Movin' On Monday!73,8632013-09-02
62.Fifth Harmony Fan Club59,4182014-04-10
63.Harmonize America - Pittsburgh, PA55,1092013-08-14
64.Harmonize America - Miami FL51,6262013-08-02
66.Harmonize America - St. Louis, MO51,5622013-08-07
67.Harmonize America - Annapolis, MD48,7282013-07-25
68.Harmonize America - San Antonio, TX46,9262013-09-07
69.Harmonize America - Paramus NJ46,0802013-07-23
70.Harmonize America - Hartford CT36,4472013-07-24
71.Harmonize America - Portland OR36,3932013-09-05
72.Harmonize America - Cleveland, OH34,6212013-08-12
73.Harmonize America - Philadelphia PA34,4792013-07-24

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