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Country: USA
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Subscriber count: 11,900,000
Channel views: 234,883,804
Total video viewcount:: 4,671,087,639

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1.Jennifer Lopez - On The Floor ft. Pitbull1,444,634,2592011-03-04
2.Jennifer Lopez - Ain't Your Mama704,860,5482016-05-06
3.Jennifer Lopez - Dance Again ft. Pitbull478,756,5422012-04-06
4.Jennifer Lopez - Papi390,979,5432011-09-19
5.Jennifer Lopez - Booty ft. Iggy Azalea339,180,8832014-09-19
6.Jennifer Lopez - El Anillo (Official Video)300,043,7612018-04-27
7.Jennifer Lopez - I'm Into You ft. Lil Wayne285,327,2452011-05-02
8.Jennifer Lopez - Goin' In ft. Flo Rida246,421,1472012-07-25
9.Jennifer Lopez - Live It Up ft. Pitbull245,996,7692013-05-17
10.Jennifer Lopez & Bad Bunny - Te Guste (Official Music Video)91,028,9752018-11-08
11.Jennifer Lopez "Medicine" ft. French Montana (Official Music Video)26,700,0342019-04-08
12.Jennifer Lopez & Taylor Swift - "Jenny from the Block" live at Staples Center16,506,0132013-09-12
13.Jennifer Lopez - Booty (feat. Iggy Azalea) [Teaser] #JLoBooty12,950,4162014-09-04
14.“How I mastered the Pole Dance | Hustlers BTS Part 1 “7,442,6742019-09-06
15.Jennifer Lopez - Live It Up (feat. Pitbull) [Lyric Video]6,677,4402013-05-08
16.My Met Gala 2019 | Dedicated to Luigi Massi6,466,9562019-05-08
17.Twin Talk: AMA with Emme and Max5,580,0242019-04-29
18.Day in my life: MY BIRTHDAY!!!4,322,9652019-07-29
19.Jennifer Lopez -- I Luh Ya PaPi (feat. French Montana) [Official Audio]3,938,0842014-03-05
20.Ain't No Weekend Like A JLo Weekend: My First Time Performing Medicine Live!3,851,8682019-05-11
21.The Versace Dress: Then & Now | I closed the show!!!2,735,8962019-09-24
22.Jennifer Lopez - "Medicine" ft. French Montana (Official Audio)2,671,9202019-04-03
23.HUSTLERS TRAILER PREMIERE!2,473,0282019-07-17
24.It's My Party Tour Diary: Volume One2,465,4302019-07-06
25.Making The It's My Party Tour: It's Emme's Party2,377,7012019-06-20
26.Jennifer Lopez - Same Girl2,262,1162014-01-13
27.Making a Movie in 29 Days! | Hustlers BTS Part 22,060,5022019-09-22
28.Jennifer Lopez & Steve Aoki - Medicine (Steve Aoki from the Block Remix)1,702,9612019-05-17
29.Jennifer Lopez & Bad Bunny - Te Guste (Official Teaser)1,683,0092018-11-07
30.Jennifer Lopez - Ain't Your Mama (Lyric Video)1,594,7872016-04-07
31.Making The It's My Party Tour: Showtime!1,578,7602019-06-13
32.Jennifer Lopez | Moments of Fashion: The Versace Dress1,551,2422019-04-19
33.Jennifer Lopez | Welcome to my YouTube Channel!1,515,2472019-04-07
34.Jennifer Lopez - Dance Again (feat. Pitbull) [Official Video Teaser]1,164,9582012-04-05
36.Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, Wisin & Yandel Summer 2012 Tour958,9682012-05-01
37.It's My Party Tour Diary: Around The World!953,2762019-08-27
38.Jennifer Lopez on the "Let's Get Loud" Dance Number929,1692012-10-09
39.My CFDA Fashion Icon Award 2019 | Dedicated to Oribe and Kevyn Aucoin876,5022019-06-05
40.Jennifer Lopez | Behind the Scenes of "Medicine"861,2862019-04-08
41.Jennifer Lopez - I'm Into You (feat. Lil Wayne) [Official Video Teaser]753,7642011-04-27
42.Making A Scene: Monster-In-Law696,1612019-05-02
43.Jennifer Lopez's Celebrity Playlist687,8422011-05-13
44.Jennifer Lopez performs "First Love" in the Bronx #JLoFirstLove623,0522014-06-09
45.JLo & DJ Mustard -- Girls [Official Audio]614,1112014-01-24
46.It's My Party Tour Diary: Breaking Records in Miami | The Final Stop537,7432019-08-15
47.Jennifer Lopez - Second Act Limitless Sneak Peek490,8452018-10-09
48.HUSTLERS PREMIERE | Toronto Film Festival 2019489,3792019-09-12
49.Let's Have A Keke!477,5172019-07-22
50.#AnythingCanHappen at Viva Móvil466,5242013-11-04
51.Making The It's My Party Tour: Two Weeks To Go434,5092019-05-27
52.#AnythingCanHappen at Viva Movil with Jennifer Lopez (Part 2)425,5292013-12-12
53.Hustlers Trailer 2!!!418,8192019-09-03
54.Making The It's My Party Tour: Three Weeks To Go390,7732019-05-20
55.Making The It's My Party Tour: Three Weeks To Go | Jennifer Lopez381,0332019-05-14
56.JLo's Christmas Gift on "Entertainment Tonight"339,4652012-12-18
57.Another Birthday Surprise?!333,7122019-07-29
58.Jennifer Lopez "Medicine" Live Performance on the Today Show plaza319,6642019-05-09
59.Jennifer Lopez & Enrique Iglesias 2012 Tour308,6702012-07-10
60.Jennifer Lopez - Goin' In (feat. Flo Rida) [Behind The Scenes]291,8872012-09-18
61.Jennifer Lopez - Papi [Behind The Scenes]290,6272011-09-15
62.Jennifer Lopez "Medicine" ft. French Montana (Official Lyric Video)289,8182019-05-03
63.Jennifer Lopez - In Store Appearance!279,9612007-04-02
64.Jennifer Lopez Gives Dancers Notes During Rehearsal244,5692012-06-27
65.Learn To Be Limitless233,0722018-12-15
67.Surprising a NYC Tour Bus!!! #HustlersMovie220,7052019-09-13
68.Second Act - Official Trailer213,3612018-11-17
69.Jennifer Lopez – “Medicine” Kaskade Remix (Official Audio)190,0682019-06-21
70.My New Fragrance: Promise!!178,5292019-09-30
71.Jennifer Lopez Styles Fan for her Quinceañera174,0822013-09-27
72.Jennifer Lopez's Dancers on Performing in the Rain in Recife, Brazil165,1912012-09-18
73.Celebrating 20 Years! On The 6164,0002019-06-03
74.Jennifer Lopez's Dance Again World Tour Video Conference148,0662012-10-04
75.The Fosters [Extended Preview]142,7212013-05-18
78.Britney Spears Congratulates J. Lo #JLoFirstLove123,7752014-05-24
79.JLo's Christmas Gift - Give Now116,5262012-12-13
80.Jennifer Lopez - Cosmopolitan October 2013 Cover Shoot [Behind The Scenes]114,7652013-09-06
81.Jennifer Lopez on the Dance Again World Tour in Gdansk, Poland108,5692012-10-12
82.Limitless Official Music Video - Sneak Peek107,5872018-12-19
83.Jennifer Lopez – “Medicine” Happy Colors & Gualtiero Remix (Official Audio)107,4752019-06-21
84.#JLOHALLOWEEN 2014104,8582014-11-03
86.Hangout with J. Lo #JLoAKA99,1332014-06-17
87.Jennifer Lopez - Fresh Out The Oven (feat. Pitbull) [Official Video Teaser]95,0762009-10-26
88.Jennifer Lopez - InStyle September 2012 Cover Shoot [Behind The Scenes]93,5822012-09-18
89.Shades of Blue Coming to NBC in 201692,9422015-06-03
90.Jennifer Lopez - Dance Again (feat. Pitbull) [Song Preview]89,4862012-03-28
91.Cameron Diaz Congratulates J. Lo #JLoFirstLove86,1482014-05-22
92.Jennifer Lopez - Papi [Song Preview]85,5602011-04-13
93.Jennifer Lopez Instagram Contest #JLoveFragrance73,6272013-10-02
94.the first time I heard my song FIRST LOVE on the radio!!! #JLOFIRSTLOVE71,5992014-05-02
95."Who's Bad?" D.ancers The Company Feat. Jennifer Lopez67,1432013-02-06
96.Jennifer Lopez - I'm Into You (feat. Lil Wayne) [Song Preview]66,8172011-03-29
97.Jennifer Lopez's Tour Costumes [Behind the Scenes]65,4112012-09-18
98.Taylor Swift Congratulates J. Lo #JLoFirstLove62,8702014-05-22
99.Jennifer Lopez - Count Down to New Album AKA - 9 Days #JLoAKA62,0512014-06-09
100.Jennifer Lopez Performs in the Rain in Recife, Brazil59,0842012-07-23
101.Jennifer Lopez - (What Is) Love? [Song Preview]55,9742011-04-20
102.Jennifer Lopez's Pre-Show Prayer Circle52,2052012-09-18
103.Jennifer Lopez - Tens [Teaser] #JLoTens #JLoAKA51,9502014-06-16
104.Jennifer Lopez - On The Floor (feat. Pitbull) [Official Video Teaser]49,0532011-03-01
105.Jennifer Lopez - "Get Right" live in Santiago, Chile48,4072012-09-18
106.Jennifer Lopez - "Goin' In" (Live)47,8752012-09-18
107.Jennifer Lopez's American Idol Fashion (Season 11)47,8372012-05-30
108.Jennifer Lopez Talks "American Idol" on Tour47,4302012-07-23
109.Viva Móvil by Jennifer Lopez #anythingcanhappen47,3572013-11-01
110.Jennifer Lopez for Kohl's Spring 2013 Collection45,2852013-03-06
111.Jennifer Lopez - "On The Floor" (Live)44,6872012-07-05
112.Jennifer Lopez on her Favorite Albums38,9522012-03-17
113.Fashion Accessories with Jennifer Lopez38,7562013-10-23
114.Jennifer Lopez - Dance Again (feat. Pitbull) [Behind The Scenes]35,3812012-04-16
115.Jennifer Lopez - V Magazine's Sports Issue 2012 [Behind The Scenes]33,1442012-03-01
116.The Lopez Family Foundation32,3722012-01-26
117.Jennifer Lopez on Reading With Max and Emme31,0192012-03-13
118.Jennifer Lopez on Tough Decisions on American Idol30,1832012-03-09
119.Jennifer Lopez's Dancers on Working with Choreographer Parris Goebel27,4762012-09-18
120.Jennifer Lopez on her Personal Style Icons27,0452012-03-13
121.Jennifer Lopez on the Dance Again World Tour Opening Dance Number25,8572012-10-11
122.Welcome to JenniferLopez.com24,0982012-05-08
123.Jennifer Lopez's Pre-Show Prayer Circle [Preview]19,1602012-07-16
124.Jennifer Lopez - Short Red Carpet Dresses17,2902012-05-14
125.Jennifer Lopez - Red Carpet Style15,8432012-04-27
126.Harry Connick Jr. Congratulates J. Lo #JLoFirstLove14,3452014-05-24
127.Jennifer Lopez - Red Carpet Jewelry12,9672012-07-23
128.Jennifer Lopez & Wisin Y Yandel Concert Event in Puerto Rico11,4732012-09-18
129.Kelly & Michael Congratulate J. Lo #JLoFirstLove10,9932014-05-23
130.Mary J. Blige Congratulates J. Lo #JLoFirstLove10,3632014-05-22
131.Keith Urban Congratulates J. Lo #JLoFirstLove10,3382014-05-22
132.Ryan Seacrest Congratulates J. Lo #JLoFirstLove10,2302014-05-24
133.Randy Jackson Congratulates J. Lo #JLoFirstLove6,7392014-05-22

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