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Channel views: 489,922,505
Total video viewcount:: 6,573,212,563

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1.Pitbull - Timber ft. Ke$ha1,213,483,8962013-11-25
2.Pitbull - Rain Over Me ft. Marc Anthony1,017,167,3632011-07-22
3.Pitbull - Give Me Everything ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack, Nayer738,631,8832011-05-06
4.Pitbull - International Love ft. Chris Brown724,617,8132011-12-08
5.Pitbull - Feel This Moment ft. Christina Aguilera560,728,3092013-03-15
6.Pitbull - Como Yo Le Doy ft. Don Miguelo361,763,5922014-10-03
7.Pitbull - I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) OFFICIAL VIDEO (Ultra Music)280,014,9182009-03-09
8.Pitbull - Hotel Room Service260,688,8352009-11-14
9.Pitbull - Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor) ft. T-Pain240,985,4782010-11-06
10.Pitbull - Fireball ft. John Ryan234,653,8882014-09-19
11.Pitbull x Daddy Yankee x Natti Natasha - No Lo Trates (Official Video)217,418,4492019-05-06
12.Pitbull - Bon, Bon205,664,7082011-03-22
13.Pitbull - Fun ft. Chris Brown202,975,4222015-06-19
14.Nayer - Suave (Kiss Me) ft. Pitbull & Mohombi [Official Video]55,385,6102011-10-25
15.Pitbull - Hotel Room Service [Official Video]53,068,7842009-08-10
16.Pitbull - Go Girl ft. Trina & Young Bo$$ [Official Video]28,148,9902007-11-21
17.Pitbull - 3 to Tango (Official Video)23,504,6842019-08-02
18.Pitbull - Don't Stop The Party ft. TJR [Official Audio]15,246,7262012-09-13
19.Pitbull ft. Tito El Bambino & Guru Randhawa - Mueve La Cintura (Official Video)9,032,6972020-06-08
20.Pitbull - The Anthem ft. Lil John [Lyric Video]8,793,5292008-01-25
21.Pitbull - The Anthem ft. Lil Jon [Official Video]7,562,4452008-03-06
22.Pitbull - Don't Stop The Party [Behind The Scenes]7,404,1012012-10-16
23.Pitbull - I Believe That We Will Win (World Anthem) [Official Video]6,639,4802020-05-07
24.Pitbull - Culo ft. Lil Jon [Official Video]5,863,8762006-07-12
25.Pitbull - Bojangles ft. Lil Jon and Ying Yang Twins [Official Video]5,734,5282007-10-25
26.Pitbull - Get It Started ft. Shakira [Official Audio]5,556,5422012-06-29
27.Pitbull - Damnit Man ft. Piccallo [Official Video]4,558,3742006-07-12
28.Pitbull - Watagatapitusberry ft. Sensato, Black Point, Lil Jon [Official Video]4,428,8432010-03-02
29.Pitbull and Sensato - Latinos In Paris [Official Video]4,328,2472012-01-01
30.Pitbull - Maldito Alcohol ft. Afrojack [Official Video]4,151,3362010-05-26
31.Pitbull - Can't Stop Me Now ft. The New Royales [Official Video]3,889,2092010-06-14
32.Pitbull x Ne-Yo ft. Lenier, & El Micha - Me Quedaré Contigo (Video con Letra Oficial)2,974,2072019-10-08
33.Pitbull - Alright ft. Michael Montano [Official Video]2,827,6232010-04-14
34."FUN" Tour Video w/Pitbull, Chris Brown & The Most Bad Ones2,570,8832015-06-12
35.Pitbull - Ay Chico (Lengua Afuera) [Official Video]2,521,3672007-10-25
36.Pitbull - Rain Over Me ft. Marc Anthony [Behind The Scenes]2,366,0722011-07-05
37.Nayer - Suave (Kiss Me) ft. Mohombi & Pitbull [Official Audio]2,234,5692011-07-25
38.Pitbull - Toma ft. Lil Jon [Official Video]2,212,6492006-07-27
39.Pitbull x Ne-Yo ft. Lenier, & El Micha - Me Quedaré Contigo (Official Audio)2,146,7002019-09-27
40.Pitbull - Blanco ft. Pharrell Williams [Official Video]2,118,8752009-04-03
41.Pitbull - Muévelo Loca Boom Boom (Official Video)2,051,9222019-02-11
42.Pitbull - No Lo Trates Premios Juventud Live Performance/En Vivo1,938,9732019-09-13
43.Pitbull - Premio Lo Nuestro Awards 2020 Performance1,886,8032020-02-21
44.Pitbull - Across The World ft. B.O.B. [Official Audio]1,584,5962009-08-21
45.Pitbull - Alright ft. Machel Montano [Official Audio]1,524,4372010-06-11
46.Pitbull - Everybody Get Up ft. Pretty Ricky [Official Video]1,463,1812006-07-27
47.Pitbull - Shut It Down ft. Akon [Behind The Scenes]1,441,8592009-10-30
48.Pitbull - Shut It Down ft. Akon [Behind The Scenes]1,219,8592009-10-28
49.Pitbull - I Believe That We Will Win [World Anthem] (Lyric Video)925,6702020-04-13
50.Pitbull - Go Girl ft. Trina & Young Bo$$ [Behind The Scenes]921,3952007-11-16
51.Pitbull - Be Quiet [Official Video]881,9382007-10-25
52.Pitbull - Give Them What They Ask For [Official Audio]809,6132009-08-28
53.Pitbull Walmart Challenge716,3212012-07-17
54.Pitbull - City Of Gods ft.Trick Daddy (Supply and Demand Mixtape) [Official Audio]647,9362010-06-09
55.Pitbull, Ne-Yo - Me Quedaré Contigo ft. Lenier, El Micha (shndo Remix)616,5282020-01-31
56.Timbaland - Pass At Me ft. Pitbull [Behind The Scenes]560,4262011-10-07
57.Pitbull feat Kelly Rowland & Jamie Drastik- Castle Made of Sand531,2122011-10-21
58.Pitbull ft. Blake Shelton - Get Ready (Official Audio)485,2062019-09-27
59.Pitbull ft. Tito El Bambino & Guru Randhawa - Mueve La Cintura (Official Audio)478,9302019-09-27
60.Pitbull - Quiero Saber Feat. Prince Royce & Ludacris (Official Lyric Video)476,2172018-12-04
61.PITBULL X ZUMBA @ The Zumba Instructor Convention -- Orlando, FL 2011447,1392011-10-03
62.Pitbull - Secret Admirer [Lyric Video]442,9322007-10-25
63.Pitbull ft. Yomil y El Dany - Winning (Official Audio)427,7692019-09-27
64.Pitbull - Secret Admirer ft. Lloyd [Official Video]376,5572007-11-12
65.Pitbull ft. Lenier - Cantare (Audio Oficial)374,7462019-12-13
66.Pitbull, Ne-Yo ft. Lenier & El Micha - Me Quedaré Contigo (Detrás de Cámaras)356,4882019-11-15
67.Pitbull ft. Blake Shelton - Get Ready (Official Behind The Scenes)352,3702020-02-02
68.Pitbull - Watagatapitusberry ft. Lil Jon, Sensato, Blackpoint, El Cata (Remix) [Behind The Scenes]335,3012010-01-14
69.Pitbull's The Most Bad Ones Episode 2 - Atlanta326,5242014-12-12
70.Pitbull - 305 Till I Die...315,4172011-11-01
71.Pitbull ft. Becky G - Mala (Official Audio)314,6552019-09-27
72.Lost Footage!! Pitbull 2001 Freestyle - St Louis, Mo304,0302012-06-20
73.Pitbull- Muévelo Loca Boom Boom (Official Audio )294,1432019-02-07
74.Pitbull - Oye (2002) [Behind The Scenes]265,1122010-07-08
75.Pitbull, Uncle Luke, & Dj Laz Behind The Scenes VH1 Hip Hop Honors 2010260,4892010-06-09
76.Pitbull - Freestyle 1997 - Planetpit.com Exclusive!!!259,7642010-05-12
77.Pitbull ft. Wisin & Yandel - Moviéndolo (Official Audio)257,7352019-09-27
78.Pitbull - Dammit Man ft. Piccalo [Official Video]250,6222006-07-27
79.Pitbull ft. Tito El Bambino & Guru Randhawa - Mueve La Cintura (Official Behind The Scenes)250,1742020-06-17
80.Pitbull - Get Ready ft. Blake Shelton & Joe Perry (Audio Video)247,9502020-02-21
81.Pitbull x Daddy Yankee x Natti Natasha - No Lo Trates (Official BTS)241,5892019-07-03
82.Pitbull The Boatlift 11/27/07 Snippet Mix #3217,0382007-11-16
83.Pitbull's Gentlemen's Code: Pitbull's Mantras - Ep 8211,8922015-04-03
84.Pitbull's Dancers Never Stop. Ever.209,4362015-05-16
85.Pitbull x Lil Jon ft. Chesca - Cinco De Mayo (Official Audio)207,6592019-09-27
86.Pitbull - Graduation 2020197,5482020-06-03
87.Pitbull x Prince Royce x Ludacris - Quiero Saber (Audio)197,1012018-10-29
88.Pitbull's Gentlemen's Code: Health & Fitness - Ep 7 (Ft. Amanda Cerny, Bart Baker, & Cassey Ho)191,5202015-02-11
89.Climate Change - Album Sampler185,3822017-03-15
90.Sensato - Latinos In Paris ft. Pitbull (Teaser)182,8302011-12-19
91.Pitbull - I Believe That We Will Win | World Anthem (Official BTS)180,4032020-05-21
92.Pitbull - I Believe That We Will Win [World Anthem] (Audio Video)176,8432020-04-24
93.Pitbull's The Most Bad Ones Episode 1 - Atlantic City174,5382014-11-27
94.Pitbull's Gentlemen's Code: Business & Finance - Ep 6 (Ft. Shira Lazar)172,5282015-01-24
95.Pitbull - 3 to Tango (Official BTS)169,0142019-08-14
96.Pitbull The Boatlift 11/27/07 Snippet Mix #1167,2032007-11-16
97.Pitbull - Quiero Saber (Official Behind The Scenes Video)161,9872018-12-17
98.Pitbull On Netherland's xFactor TV Show Performing 'Give Me Everything'154,0542011-06-07
99.Pitbull's The Most Bad Ones Episode 3 - Florida148,8062014-12-23
100.THE BOATLIFT - TV Spot145,5722007-11-21
101.Peter Pan & The Lottery: How Pitbull's Familia Came To America144,9722015-06-30
102.Pitbull's Gentlemen's Code: Sex & Dating - Ep 3: Part 1 (Ft. Taryn Southern)143,9852014-12-23
103.Pitbull's Gentlemen's Code: Grooming & Hygiene - Ep 1 (Ft. Kandee Johnson)141,7972014-11-26
104.Pitbull - Global Warming (Album Teaser)141,7102012-09-17
105.Celebrate New Year's Eve with Pitbull on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest141,6782011-12-29
106.Pitbull ft. Flo Rida & Yomil y el Danny - Ocupado (Audio Oficial)141,6262019-12-13
107.Pitbull's Gentlemen's Code: Sex & Dating Part 2 - Ep 5 (Ft. Brittany Furlan and Simone Shepherd)141,5232015-01-10
108.Pitbull Beats His DUI Case in Dade County139,7462009-07-10
109.Pitbull's Gentlemen's Code: STYLE - Ep 2 (Ft. Brittany Furlan & Simone Shepherd)137,5932014-12-04
110."Secret Admirer" Yahoo! Premiere 11/2136,6642007-11-01
111.Pitbull's The Most Bad Ones Episode 4 - Miami135,4462015-03-20
112.Pitbull's Gentlemen's Code: Partying - Ep 4 (Ft. DeStorm Power, Raquel Pomplun, & Alana Campos)128,1182014-12-31
113.Pitbull Check In: Nashville, TN - Rebelution Tour!!126,2802009-10-16
114.Pitbull Visits Kodiak, Alaska - Walmart and Sheets Challenge125,3352012-07-31
115.Pitbull At The Latin Billboards Awards 2010 - Red Carpet/behind The Scenes124,3922010-04-30
116.Pitbull - The Anthem ft. Lil Jon [Behind The Scenes]116,8652008-02-12
117.Pitbull The Boatlift 11/27/07 Snippet Mix #2108,6272007-11-16
118.Pitbull On Mtv's Made 10.10.09!!! Tune In!!!107,5682009-10-10
119.Pitbull - Both Die Right Now ft. Billy Blue (Supply and Demand Mixtape) [Official Audio]106,4412010-06-05
120.Pitbull & Uncle Luke 2001!! Planet Pit Exclusive!!97,9222010-07-02
121.Pitbull aka Mr Worldwide live from NYC 201094,5412010-11-15
122.Throwback!! 2003-Pitbull & Dj Laz in Managua, Nicaragua!!92,7942010-08-10
123.UglyDolls | Official Trailer92,5112018-11-10
124.Pitbull Voli Vodka Labor Day Weekend At Fontainebleau Miami Beach91,8372011-09-12
125.Pitbull Throwback-Smack DVD-305 Anthem 200589,4942010-07-03
126.Pitbull ft. Chacal & Sky Monroe - Happy Mama Day (Official Audio)86,8702019-09-27
127.Pitbull and Marc Anthony performing and discussing RAIN OVER ME!86,5872011-08-31
128.Euphoria Tour - Pitbull82,1132011-09-10
129.Pitbull previews HEY BABY - Premieres Monday, 11/8!81,7762010-11-04
130.Pitbull myYouTube78,6472010-12-01
131.Pitbull Honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.78,5392015-01-19
132.Pitbull Ringtone TV Spot76,8052007-11-15
133.PITBULL Rocks the Stage at Unveiling of MIAMI MARLINS- Miami, FL74,5062011-11-21
134.Pitbull - Get It Started (Official Behind The Scenes)73,9292020-07-02
135.Rick Ross In Colombia73,3962009-04-16
136.Pitbull in Istanbul, Turkey-International Takeover!!70,9702009-11-19
137.Pitbull - I Believe That We Will Win | World Anthem - Thombs Latin Remix (Pseudo Video)70,2612020-06-26
138.The Que Rico Project: "Aisha Thalia"69,6522012-05-08
139.Pitbull-Area Codes69,5372010-08-09
140.Planet Pit Exclusive: Pitbull speaks on Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit68,9592011-08-25
141.Pitbull ft. IAmChino & Papayo - Se La Vi (Official Audio)67,5842019-09-27
142.Pitbull - Worldwide NYE 2019 - Get Ready64,4312020-01-14
143.PITBULL Remembers and Honors "La Reina" Celia Cruz RIP 10/21/1924 -- 7/16/200363,7982011-07-16
144.Pitbull Check In: Charlotte, NC - Rebelution Tour60,9942009-10-16
145.Pitbull Wishes Gloria Estefan A Happy Birthday60,4632011-09-01
146.New Year's Eve LIVE in Miami w/ Pitbull on AXS TV!58,1692012-12-26
147.Mr. 305 Performs In Mexico: Goliath Festival 50K+ People Performing Culo And I Know You Want Me57,1642009-12-07
148.A Message From Pitbull -"Guru, Rest In Peace"54,8952010-04-24
149.Watch the stars walk the felt carpet at the #UglyDollsMovie world premiere.54,7412019-04-28
150.Pitbull's Gentlemen's Code Official Trailer53,5632014-11-11
151.Pitbull ft. Prince Royce & Ludacris - Tell Me Again (Official Audio)52,8232019-09-27
152.Pitbull Wishes All The Mothers Across The Globe A Happy Mother's Day! 201051,6482010-05-08
153.Pitbull ft. El Micha - No Se Lleva Nada (Official Audio)51,4782019-09-27
154.Enrique and Pitbull - I Like It [Behind The Scenes]50,5052010-05-04
155.We Are Helping Hispanic Small Businesses50,0862020-05-15
156.Pitbull Speaks About Cultural Influences On His Music49,5192010-05-24
157.Pitbull "Wild Wild Love" Behind the Scenes featuring G.R.L. at the Playboy Mansion48,6412014-03-24
158.Pitbull interview with Perez HIlton47,8112010-09-12
159.Pitbull Live Chat47,6822020-06-29
160.Pitbull Exclusive Dr Pepper Concert at LIV Nightclub47,2452011-08-02
161.AT&T presents the Rebelution concert ft. Pitbull46,5192009-09-04
162.Pitbull - Baddest Girl in Town ft. Mohombi, Wisin [Behind The Scenes]45,5102015-09-16
163.Dr Pepper private event with Pitbull @ Mansion 360 - Miami Beach, FL44,9592012-07-23
164.Ahi-nama, a little teaser for you...44,6902011-09-14
165.Pitbull in Paris-Speaks on the Reggaeton..44,1932009-11-14
166.Pitbull - Planet Pit App For Download Available June 2144,0412011-06-15
167.Pitbull Aka Mr Worldwide In Tajin, Mexico43,9692010-04-05
168.Pitbull Check In: Detroit, Mi On Rebelution Tour41,6542009-10-18
169.Pitbull - This For Those (Freestyle) (2010)41,5952010-11-19
170.Acoustic "Fireball" with The Most Bad Ones!40,9502014-10-06
171.Pitbull Workout-Female trainer gets pumped on the tour bus!!40,3052009-11-06
172.Pitbull Discusses "Tchu Tchu Tcha (ft. Enrique Iglesias)"39,3942012-11-08
173.Pitbull's "The Most Bad Ones” Trailer38,6552014-11-20
174.Pitbull performing live in Chicago38,5292010-11-17
175.Pitbull Discusses "Feel This Moment (ft. Christina Aguilera)"38,2102012-11-08
176.Pitbull @ Miami Heat Season Opener- American Airlines Arena 201037,8392010-11-20
177.MySpace Release Show in Miami (Free Tickets!)37,7642009-08-14
178.Pitbull feat. Lil Jon-Culo37,1242010-07-21
179.Pitbull Discusses "Don't Stop The Party (ft. TJR)"36,7492012-11-12
180.Mr. 305-King of Calle Ocho 2010-Miami, FL ARMANDO IN STORES NOVEMBER 2, 201035,1102010-02-25
181.Pitbull - Slow Jamz Freestyle - Throwback 2004!!!34,8852010-07-15
182.Mr 305 Shuts It Down in Cannes, France!!!! International Takeover!!!!!34,0592009-11-15
183.PewDiePie, Help Pitbull Get To #PitbullNYE!33,6492014-12-04
184.Pibull and Bun B33,5152009-10-06
185.Pitbull Live Podcast32,8952020-06-29
186.Throwback!! Pitbull & E 40 2004-Hungry & Humble31,9932010-07-23
187.Pitbull, Afrojack - Maldito Alcohol (Pitbull vs. Afrojack)31,9632019-03-26
188.Pitbull, Fifth Harmony - Por Favor31,7332019-03-26
189.Pitbull - I Believe That We Will Win | World Anthem - Thombs Spanish Remix (Pseudo Video)31,3942020-06-26
190.Pitbull Discusses "Party Ain't Over (ft. Usher and Afrojack)"31,1282012-11-08
191.Spend New Year's Week With Pitbull!30,6052012-11-13
192.New Year's Eve Announcement!28,9632014-05-28
193.Pitbull EXCLUSVE interview28,2922006-08-16
194.Momento Latino Speaks with Pitbull about "La Esquina"27,9182011-09-02
195.Pitbull - Baddest Girl in Town (ft. Mohombi, Wisin)27,9152019-03-26
196.Spend New Year's Week 2013 with Pitbull!27,7372013-10-22
197.Pitbull "How Do You Play"27,6882011-08-11
198.Welcome To My Channel!27,6722014-09-22
199.Pitbull Arrives In Peru Armando In Stores Nov 2nd 201026,5152010-02-02
200.Behind The Scenes Of The Armando Photoshoot26,4172010-04-19
201.Pitbull Live at the Mr. Worldwide Carnaval Tour 2010 in El Paso, TX26,3192010-06-08
202.Mr 305, Dj Laz, Power 96, & 411 Pain give away thousands of turkeys in Miami for Thanksgiving 09..25,6502009-11-29
203.Pitbull Birthday Affair - Saturday January 15, 2011 at PLAY Nightclub on South Beach25,5702011-01-14
204.Pitbull/Voli Meet & Greet @ Gulf Liquors-Miami Beach, FL25,5522012-06-05
205.Pitbull Discusses "Drinks For You (ft. Jennifer Lopez)"25,4132012-11-08
206.Pitbull Live in Mc Allen, TX June 6, 201025,3972010-06-09
207.#FunFacts: How Pitbull Stays Fit25,2302015-10-28
208.Throwback!! Pitbull - How I Met Lil Jon/Toma Video24,3972010-07-13
209.Pitbull at Justo's Mixtape Awards - 200423,9152010-05-13
210.#FlashbackFriday: Fans Sing Along in Japan23,7442015-06-05
211.Pitbull - How I met Planet Pit's Supa Cindy23,4862012-07-03
212.Vote for PITBULL Premios Juventud 201123,3492011-05-19
213.#FunFacts: Pitbull's 7 Year Plan for Global Success23,0522015-08-13
214.Pitbull - Watagatapitusberry (ft. Lil Jon, Sensato Del Patio, Black Point, El Cata)22,7362019-03-26
215.Mr 305 Checking in from Tallahassee - Rebelution Tour...Last Day!!!22,6092009-10-29
216.Pitbull aka Mr Worldwide Live from Bolivia22,5232010-11-24
217.Pitbull in Paraguay Armando In Stores Summer 201022,1912010-02-02
218.Pitbull Discusses "Have Some Fun (ft. The Wanted)"21,4642012-11-08
219.The NEW Miami Subs Grill21,0642012-10-01
220.Throwback!! 2002-Rick Ross & Trina performing @ Billboard Live-Miami, FL21,0442010-07-23
221.Pitbull & Sensato Invite You to the XIII Latin Grammys20,4242012-10-25
222.Planet Pit Exclusive!! Meet "Sophia Del Carmen"20,0452010-07-07
223.Pitbull's New Year's Revolution Pre-Party at Playlist Live18,9952014-11-23
224.Pitbull - I Believe That We Will Win | World Anthem - Thombs Spanglish Remix (Pseudo Video)18,2102020-06-26
225.The Most Bad Ones visit Pitbull's SLAM! Charter School for Ellen!17,8972014-11-12
226.Pitbull Discusses "Hope We Meet Again"17,8262012-11-08
227.Mr Worldwide & The Agents Live @ The Staple Center-Los Angeles, CA17,6302011-01-28
228.Mr 305 @ perfoming @ Dj Laz Birthday Bash @ Passions ARMANDO IN STORES SUMMER 201017,6222009-12-03
229.Mr 305 in Lahr , Germany Performing Hotel Room Service To An Over-sold Out Crowd!!17,4812009-11-23
230.Rick Ross Teflon Don In Store Signing @ Best Buy in Pembroke Pines, FL16,7572010-07-22
231.Pitbull performs in Bolivia ARMANDO IN STORES SUMMER 201016,5792010-01-31
232.#FunFacts: 5 Career-Defining Moments in the Life of Celia Cruz16,3072015-09-17
233.Monkey Dances To Pitbull's - I Know You Want Me!!15,8772010-11-21
234.Bun B, Rick Ross, & Busta Rhymes backstage @ the Drake-Light Dreams & Nightmares Tour Miami15,5282010-09-22
235.#FunFacts: 6 of Pitbull's Biggest Inspirations15,4922015-08-05
236.Pitbull Sound Check & Performance In L.A.- Carnaval Tour 201014,5722010-11-24
237.Pitbull - Crazy People14,4702019-03-25
238.Pitbull in Geneva, Switzerland performing Shake!! International Takeover!!14,2452009-11-16
239.Sensato Hangs Out at Planetpit.com and Let's You Inside His World13,7122012-05-01
240.International Takeover: Pitbull in Thesakolini, Greece PERFORMING "GO GIRL" and Jetting to Germany13,4232009-11-20
241.Planetpit Presents: Fitness by Edie with Yung Joc13,3342010-08-10
242.Negative2Positive: "High Five New York"13,0172014-09-24
243.Mr 305 in Heidelberg, Germany PERFORMING KRAZY to an OVER-SOLD OUT CROWD!!12,5832009-11-23
244.Throwback: Pitbull, Lil Jon, E40 & The BME Click - Eminem's Anger Management Tour 200512,3372012-07-03
245.Pitbull in London, England @ the Tim Westwood Show!! International Takeover!!12,3112009-11-17
246.International Takeover: Pitbull in Athens11,2872009-11-19
247.Want to Party with Pitbull on Tour & Win a RockDoc Bluetooth Stereo!10,5992013-05-31
248.Where the #!@% is DJ LAZ? Press Conference - Planet Pit Exclusive10,1632012-07-08
249.Mr Worldwide Carnival Tour-San Diego, CA!9,5962010-08-01
250.60 Million Facebook Fans! Thank you.9,4012014-09-15
251.Throwback!! Pitbull - Why I Made Dammit Man9,2532010-07-12
252.Mr 305 Performs Krazy In Lima, Peru9,1502010-02-15
253.Mr 305 on the check in from Belgium-Rebelution Tour Continues!!9,1252009-11-12
254.Pitbull AKA Mr Worldwide in Austin, Dallas, and Corpus Christi, TX on The Carnaval Tour 20109,0822010-07-02
255.Voli: The Gentleman's Vodka8,8652015-05-09
256.Planet Pit Exclusive Interview with Neyo & Felisha Monet @ Circle House Studios (VIDEO)8,6742011-07-14
257.Mr 305 Inc Recording Artist "Madai" Meet & Greet At Gulf Liquors - South Beach, FL8,5632012-07-02
258.Behind The Scenes on Pitbull's Gentlemen's Code Episode 78,5052015-02-11
259.Mr 305 performs live in Campeche, Mexico ARMANDO IN STORES SUMMER 20107,9782010-02-15
260.Pitbull - Piensas (Dile la Verdad)7,6662019-03-25
261.Throwback!! 2005-Pitbull &Chingo Bling in Houston, TX!!7,4572010-07-13
262.Dj Laz Checks In From The Pitbull "So Kodak" Commercial Shoot7,0502010-11-16
263.Water Is Life!6,9422010-07-02
264.Thank you ALMA Awards!6,7312014-10-15
265.Planet Pit Exclusive!! Meet "Machel Montano"6,5052010-07-08
266.Pitbull - Tu Cuerpo (feat. Jencarlos)6,5042019-03-26
267.Mr. 305 checkin in from Paris - International Takeover!!5,9112009-11-12
268.Behind The Scenes on Pitbull's Gentlemen's Code Episode 25,5852014-12-04
269.Thank you Streamys for my ICON Award!5,3312014-09-12
270.Behind The Scenes on Pitbull's Gentlemen's Code Episode 1 w/ Kandee Johnson5,2372014-11-26
271.Rare Footage!! 2001-Trick Daddy @ Cafe Iguana's - Cocounut Grove, FL - Part 45,1052010-05-15
272.Behind The Scenes on Pitbull's Gentlemen's Code Ep 64,9432015-01-25
273.Mr Worldwide Carnival Tour-San Diego, CA! PT 24,7552010-08-07
274.Pitbull AKA Mr Worldwide in Laredo & El Paso, TX on The Carnaval Tour 20104,7422010-07-02
275.Pitbull's Gentlemen's Code EXTRAS: Keepin' It Spicy w/ Brittany Furlan and Simone Shepherd4,2562015-01-11
276.Behind The Scenes on Pitbull's Gentlemen's Code Episode 44,2322014-12-31
277.Behind The Scenes on Pitbull's Gentlemen's Code Ep 34,1922014-12-23
279.Rick Ross "Teflon Don" Album Signing @ Best Buy in Pembroke Pines, FL3,9882010-07-22
282.Pitbull - Area Codes: (305) Pitbull [Calle Ocho Carnival Interview (Feat. Watagatapitusberry)]2,7322019-03-25

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