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Subscriber count: 35,433,770
Channel views: 285,437,674
Total video viewcount:: 14,874,386,219

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1.Taylor Swift - Shake It Off2,812,630,5622014-08-18
2.Taylor Swift - Blank Space2,484,044,9072014-11-10
3.Taylor Swift - Bad Blood ft. Kendrick Lamar1,308,932,7262015-05-18
4.Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do1,082,458,9412017-08-27
5.Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me980,688,9632009-06-16
6.Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams665,635,3512015-08-31
7.Taylor Swift - Style597,689,4152015-02-13
8.Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together580,343,0712012-09-01
9.Taylor Swift - 22518,434,8122013-03-13
10.Taylor Swift - Love Story487,323,9472009-06-16
11.Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble433,931,6302012-12-14
12.Taylor Swift - Delicate377,826,0082018-03-11
13.Taylor Swift - Everything Has Changed ft. Ed Sheeran310,229,1852013-06-06
14.Taylor Swift - Mine287,911,6312010-08-31
15.Taylor Swift - …Ready For It?251,683,6112017-10-26
16.Taylor Swift - End Game ft. Ed Sheeran, Future211,723,3302018-01-11
17.Taylor Swift - Back To December191,773,0342011-02-01
18.Taylor Swift - Mean188,294,0292011-05-13
19.Taylor Swift - Our Song174,960,6482009-06-17
20.Taylor Swift - Red169,601,1952013-07-03
21.Taylor Swift - Begin Again169,106,0362012-10-24
22.Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do (Lyric Video)119,529,9252017-08-24
23.Taylor Swift - Gorgeous (Lyric Video)104,365,3442017-10-19
24.Taylor Swift - Call It What You Want (Lyric Video)62,668,9032017-11-02
25.Taylor Swift - ...Ready For It? (Audio)46,440,7852017-09-03
26.Taylor Swift's Gift Giving of 2014 | SWIFTMAS19,154,8342014-12-31
27.Taylor Swift - Lover's Lounge (Live)14,191,5652019-08-22
28.Taylor Swift - Livestream Announcement (8/22/19 @ 5pm EST)13,634,6892019-08-15
29.Taylor Performs "Wildest Dreams" at The GRAMMY Museum12,189,2352016-01-05
30.Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez: Jenny from the Block10,833,6662013-09-12
31.Taylor performs "Blank Space" at The GRAMMY Museum10,116,4422016-01-07
32.Taylor Swift, BloodPop® - ...Ready For It?8,894,5032017-12-14
33.Taylor Swift - Delicate (Vertical Version)6,431,0932018-05-15
34.Look What You Made Me Do: Taylor Mountain6,396,4742017-09-20
35.Look What You Made Me Do - Zombie Transformation6,007,2512017-09-21
36.Taylor Swift - Acoustic Performances from RED Album5,943,9052012-12-17
37.Whisper hello, I miss you quite terribly.5,555,7522009-05-08
38.Should've Said No5,273,1982008-06-26
39.Official "Look What You Made Me Do" Video Teaser Clip4,375,4192017-08-25
40.Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour | Official Trailer | Netflix4,100,3052018-12-13
41.Demonstrating my fine athletic skills. And more.3,893,9062010-04-26
42.ME! Behind The Scenes: The Story of Benjamin Button3,732,2742019-04-30
43....Ready For It? Trailer3,559,6692017-10-23
44.Taylor Swift - …Ready for It? (BloodPop® Remix) (Audio)3,232,8242017-12-06
45.Surprising Gena3,163,3232014-04-16
46.ME! Behind The Scenes: Je Suis Calme3,031,8962019-05-01
47.The Making of a Song: “Delicate” – watch more on Taylor Swift NOW2,951,9782017-11-15
48.1989 Secret Sessions, Behind The Scenes!2,918,7392014-10-16
50.Delicate Music Video Dance Rehearsal Part 12,695,9722018-03-13
51.Taylor Swift - ME! (Live on The Graham Norton Show)2,649,4202019-05-24
52.I hope it's gonna make you notice.2,636,9162009-03-05
54.YouTube Presents Taylor Swift2,261,3852011-09-02
55.The reputation Secret Sessions2,094,5272017-11-07
56.Preview "Welcome To New York" by Taylor Swift2,070,8792014-10-20
57.First time hearing "I Don't Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker)" on the radio1,863,9622017-02-01
58.You Need To Calm Down Behind The Scenes: Pop Queen Pageant1,823,7732019-06-20
59.Meredith learns about ACM voting...1,717,3502012-03-19
60.Taylor Swift Web Chat and G+ Hangout1,676,8422012-08-14
61.Lover Album Photoshoot: Behind The Scenes1,639,7032019-08-23
62.You Need To Calm Down Behind The Scenes: Morning Routine1,569,3362019-07-09
63.End Game - Behind The Scenes1,530,6652018-02-09
64.Being on tour. Everyone ignores me.1,528,0812009-05-07
65.Wonderstruck Taylor Swift Chapter 11,468,5492011-09-29
66.Asia! (my February video blog)1,438,4142011-02-23
67.Taylor Swift Sony TX7 Cyber-shot Camera Commercial1,368,3532010-04-26
68.You change your mind like a girl changes clothes.1,316,1442008-11-17
69.Taylor Swift Talks About "Out Of The Woods"1,269,9192014-10-13
70.Look What You Made Me Do - Looks1,262,9092017-10-17
71.Taylor Swift and Robbie Williams - Angels - reputation Stadium Tour1,241,5502018-06-24
72.Delicate Music Video Dance Rehearsal Part 21,226,7702018-03-13
73.Thank you.1,209,4172011-04-04
74.Some extraordinary news...1,091,2632013-01-27
75.1989 World Tour LIVE Trailer1,084,2562015-12-13
76.Taylor Swift WONDERSTRUCK Teaser1,067,1032011-09-21
77.Britain's Got Talent performance: Everything Has Changed1,044,0572013-06-12
79.Rehearsing "I Don't Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker)" for DIRECTV NOW Super Saturday Night1,027,2432017-02-02
80.A Hug From Taylor Swift - Challenge #21,000,6842010-04-01
81.Taylor Swift Live Webcast on YouTube - 8/13 @ 7pm ET981,7732012-08-07
82.My new favorite thing ... thank you!979,2752012-04-02
83.Your world is my world.968,8212009-08-19
84.A Hug From Taylor Swift - Challenge #3957,3082010-04-24
85.FEARLESS Tour 2009949,8802009-04-24
86.Taylor Swift and Carly Simon: You're So Vain917,9382013-07-29
87.Taylor And "Friends"911,1422008-08-17
88.Behind-the-scenes in BAND HERO with Taylor!880,9252009-11-02
89.Taylor Swift RED Tour Nashville Week843,0102013-10-08
90.New conference table.838,6732010-03-12
91.Taylor Swift CoverGirl NatureLuxe836,6042011-01-06
92.You Need To Calm Down Behind The Scenes: Friends & Neighbors831,7472019-07-18
93.Fairytale Adventures in Australia and Japan.815,6532010-03-01
94.A Hug From Taylor Swift - Challenge #1809,6682010-03-25
95.Watching the CMA Announcements!807,8942009-09-09
96."I Knew You Were Trouble." Behind-The-Scenes #1776,2202013-02-05
97.Wonderstruck Taylor Swift Chapter 2758,5262012-04-24
98.1 with a bullet.749,7832008-11-25
99.My band has bad private plane manners.745,6142008-06-26
100.Look What You Made Me Do - The Birdcage725,2692017-09-21
101.Behind the scenes of Taylor Swift's week at Staples Center719,6302013-09-06
103.Look What You Made Me Do - Stream Co.706,7532017-09-27
104.Taylor Swift's The 1989 World Tour680,8132014-11-03
105.November 11th.657,1712008-11-17
106.Taylor Swift Billboard Woman of the Year645,9252012-06-04
107.MySpace Presents: The Fit Featuring Taylor Swift628,3882008-06-26
108.Taylor by Taylor Swift Fragrance Video Part 1623,5022013-07-01
109.TRL Recap!620,1392008-06-26
110.Taylor Swift In Band Hero604,8182009-10-01
111.Thanksgiving break and The Academy Is...592,8792009-03-06
112.Speak Now Deluxe Edition - Only at Target583,9452010-10-25
113.Taylor Swift talks about "Welcome to New York"574,3472014-10-20
114."Sparks Fly" (acoustic) Live on the RED Tour!563,5542013-03-15
116.Taylor Swift's reputation Stadium Tour - Trailer483,3092017-12-13
117.A Hug From Taylor Swift - The Final Challenge481,0952010-06-02
118.Taylor Swift's RED Tour Announcement!472,2642012-10-27
119.Instructional Video472,2492008-06-26
120.Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour - Official Merch471,3282018-05-01
121.Wonderstruck Enchanted Taylor Swift Chapter 3458,6822012-09-20
122.Philadelphia :)423,9322008-11-17
123.Surprise! Taylor Wins 2 Teen Choice Awards!416,3582009-08-11
124.Behind The Fragrance, Taylor Swift Incredible Things featuring Taylor Swift (Behind The Scenes)415,7672014-12-15
125.Taylor Swift Fragrances Made Of Starlight Musical Edition406,4322013-12-05
126.Taylor Swift's Worldwide Live Stream on Yahoo - Highlights395,2932014-08-19
127.Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour // Trailer 2367,9932018-04-05
128.Taylor Swift's 'Journey to Fearless' on The Hub350,9072010-10-19
129."I Knew You Were Trouble." Behind-The-Scenes #2348,6142013-02-05
130."I Knew You Were Trouble." Behind-The-Scenes #3345,9892013-02-05
131.Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck Fragrance337,4622011-09-16
132.Taylor Swift Ice Bucket Challenge with Jamie King337,3782014-10-06
133.Win A Taylor Swift Performance on Your Campus!312,6672012-08-21
134.Vote Taylor: ACM Entertainer of the Year312,3482010-04-02
135.Taylor By Taylor Swift commercial: sneak peek308,3542013-06-13
136."Holy Ground" Live on the RED Tour!303,5522013-03-15
137.Rascal Flatt's tour and Grey's Anatomy297,5642008-11-17
138.YouTube Presents Taylor Swift Q&A293,9632011-08-25
139."Red" Guitar Solo from RED Tour Opening Night280,6102013-03-15
140.Taylor Swift on 60 Minutes - Nov 20 @ 7/6c CBS279,1632011-11-17
141.Behind The Scenes @ CMA Music Festival272,3062008-09-02
142.First fans with my CMT Award.263,0352008-06-26
143.Speak Now World Tour Live CD+DVD246,4542011-09-21
144.Taylor Swift WONDERSTRUCK In-Store Appearances243,5562011-11-17
145.Taylor Swift RED Tour Asia announcement235,9562014-02-13
146."Ours" Behind-the-Scenes - The Office231,7712011-12-19
147.Q&A with Taylor on Taylor By Taylor Swift, the fragrance230,4502013-08-01
148."Ours" Behind-the-Scenes - Message of Ours228,7942011-12-16
149.Speak Now World Tour Live CD/DVD - Available Now!220,1092011-11-22
150.#STYLEmemories One215,5742015-02-19
151.The RED Tour Australia/New Zealand Announcement!214,6592013-05-08
152.#STYLEmemories Two201,4522015-02-19
153."The Lucky One" Song Preview from RED - Now Available195,6422012-10-31
154.Taylor Swift RED Tour London announcement192,5762013-09-30
155."Sad Beautiful Tragic" Song Preview from RED - Now Available187,4822012-10-30
156.VH1 StoryTellers - Taylor Swift - Nov 11 @ 11/10c187,4372012-11-07
157.Taylor Swift Speak Now Fan Video : Stockhold, Sweden186,0782011-02-14
158.Taylor Talks Hugging Fans - 60 Minutes, Sunday Nov 21 @ 7/6c CBS183,6282011-11-19
159."Ours" Behind-the-Scenes - Taylor's Look182,9652011-12-09
160."22" Song Preview from RED - Now Available175,6292012-10-25
161."Everything Has Changed" Song Preview from RED - Now Available171,2482012-11-01
162."I Almost Do" Song Preview from RED - Now Available168,5732012-10-26
163.Taylor Swift on Style: Outtakes168,2232013-08-16
164."Starlight" Song Preview from RED - Now Available167,0242012-11-02
165."Ours" Behind-the-Scenes - Zach166,4502011-12-09
166."Treacherous" Song Preview from RED - Now Available165,8222012-10-23
167."Ours" Behind-the-Scenes - That's a Wrap151,6922011-12-16
168.What Fans Can Expect on the RED Tour151,4892013-03-15
169."Ours" Behind-the-Scenes - The Director149,7132011-12-07
170.#HiFromTaylor Teaser138,8212013-07-30
171."Ours" Behind-the-Scenes - We're Making a Video135,1952011-12-07
172.Taylor Swift Speak Now Fan Video : Nashville, TN129,2102011-02-14
173."Ours" Behind-the-Scenes - Working with Taylor121,9992011-12-16
174."Ours" Behind-the-Scenes - "The Story of the Video"121,2402011-12-08
175."Ours" Behind-the-Scenes - Home Movies117,4442011-12-13
176.Vote Taylor Swift ACM Entertainer of the Year: VoteACM.com113,8792013-04-06
177.Taylor Swift on Style: Part 3110,0912013-08-12
178."Holy Ground" Song Preview from RED - Now Available107,3972012-10-29
179."All Too Well" Song Preview from RED - Now Available104,9552012-10-24
180.Taylor Swift - The Archer First Ever Live Performance104,8392019-08-23
181.Taylor Swift Speak Now Fan Video : San Diego, CA102,2142011-02-14
182."Ours" Behind-the-Scenes - The Inspiration98,0972011-12-16
183.Taylor Swift - Billboard Milestone Award97,5542013-05-15
184.Taylor Swift on Style: Part 495,0422013-08-14
185."Stay Stay Stay" Song Preview from RED - Now Available88,7572012-10-26
186.Welcome to the Official Taylor Swift YouTube Channel!88,5862013-07-25
187."Ours" Behind-the-Scenes - Director Casting87,1162011-12-13
188."Ours" Behind-the-Scenes - Locations82,1252011-12-09
189.Taylor Swift Speak Now Fan Video : Ajalvir (Madrid), Spain70,3512011-02-14
190.Taylor’s Diary - My 13 Year Old Self (Exclusive Reading from Deluxe Edition Lover Album)68,6732019-08-23
191.Taylor Swift Answers Questions From Fans From Lover’s Lounge Live63,0552019-08-23
192."The Last Time" Song Preview from RED - Now Available60,4972012-10-26
193.Taylor Swift Speak Now Fan Video : Oranga, NSW, Australia55,6242011-02-14
194.Taylor Swift Speak Now Fan Video : Hampton, NJ54,7842011-02-14
195.Taylor Swift Speak Now Fan Video : Omaha, NE34,5462011-02-14
196.Taylor Swift Speak Now Fan Videos : Shot on a Bloggie33,9562011-02-14
197.Taylor Swift Speak Now Fan Video : Chicago, IL30,0852011-02-14
198.Taylor’s Diary - Discusses Getting Her First Cat Meredith Grey, Tour and Middle School29,5342019-08-23
199.Taylor Swift Speak Now Fan Video : Minneapolis, MN27,3072011-02-14

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