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1.Katy Perry - Roar (Official)3,198,101,9172013-09-05
2.Katy Perry - Dark Horse (Official) ft. Juicy J2,894,915,1102014-02-20
3.Katy Perry - Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)1,287,413,4902011-06-12
4.Katy Perry - Firework (Official)1,266,437,1232010-10-28
5.Katy Perry - Bon Appétit (Official) ft. Migos1,020,271,7812017-05-12
6.Katy Perry - Hot N Cold (Official)995,948,8912008-10-14
7.Katy Perry - Wide Awake (Official)940,544,8052012-06-18
8.Katy Perry - Part Of Me (Official)840,636,2252012-03-21
9.Katy Perry - The One That Got Away (Official)773,385,9602011-11-11
10.Katy Perry - This Is How We Do (Official)747,967,6282014-07-31
11.Katy Perry - Chained To The Rhythm (Official) ft. Skip Marley651,980,1702017-02-21
12.Katy Perry - Swish Swish (Official) ft. Nicki Minaj620,949,7862017-08-24
13.Katy Perry - E.T. (Official) ft. Kanye West575,836,7412011-03-31
14.Katy Perry - California Gurls (Official) ft. Snoop Dogg554,498,8202010-06-15
15.Katy Perry - Unconditionally (Official)548,278,2372013-11-20
16.Katy Perry - Birthday (Lyric Video)285,572,3412014-04-10
17.Katy Perry - Teenage Dream (Official)255,802,0742010-08-10
18.Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl (Official)199,574,7242008-06-10
19.Katy Perry - Rise (Official)187,385,2642016-08-05
20.Katy Perry - Hey Hey Hey (Official)136,018,8932017-12-20
21.Zedd, Katy Perry - 365 (Official)127,266,6622019-02-14
22.Katy Perry sings "Hot N Cold" with Elmo on Sesame Street!98,400,5462010-09-23
23.Katy Perry - Swish Swish (Lyric Video Starring Gretchen) ft. Nicki Minaj88,179,7222017-07-03
24.Katy Perry - "E.T." (feat. Kanye West) Official Lyrics Video41,302,6812011-03-17
25."Teenage Dream" (Lyrics)40,539,1172010-07-24
26.Katy Perry - California Gurls ft. Snoop (Lyric Video)33,741,2022010-05-07
27.Katy Perry "Firework" Official Lyric Video23,548,9822010-10-08
28.Katy Perry - "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" official music video teaser15,776,7562011-06-07
29.Katy Perry - "Not Like the Movies" - Official Lyric Video15,528,3302010-08-03
30.Katy Perry - Witness (Audio)13,583,0032017-06-08
31.Katy Perry - Swish Swish (Live from Witness World Wide)11,242,9682017-06-26
32.Katy Perry - Making Of “Swish Swish” Music Video ft. Nicki Minaj9,302,8202017-10-16
33.Katy Perry - Swish Swish (Live on The Voice Australia)8,979,1032017-07-12
34.Katy Perry - Reacts To Her Music Videos (Witness World Wide)8,001,9732017-06-13
35.Katy Perry - "The One That Got Away (Acoustic)" Official Chord & Lyric Video7,016,8582012-01-17
36.Katy Perry - On the set of "California Gurls": Day 26,690,8942010-06-15
37.The YouTube Interview with Katy Perry6,273,3742010-07-27
38.Katy Perry - Making Of “Hey Hey Hey” Music Video5,730,1622018-01-04
39.Katy Perry - Hey Hey Hey (Audio)5,633,9962017-06-08
40.Katy Perry - On the set of "California Gurls": Day 14,374,8962010-06-11
41.Katy Perry "The Smurfs - Meet Smurfette [Trailer]"3,835,6452011-07-15
42.Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D Official Trailer3,774,9312012-04-04
43.Katy Perry - Spills Her Guts With James Corden (Witness World Wide)3,643,1792017-06-12
44.Katy Perry: Will You Be My Witness? - Official Trailer3,327,1192017-09-27
45.Katy Perry "Firework" Official Teaser Trailer (HD)2,875,1972010-10-16
46.The Making of Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream' Album Packaging2,797,1222010-08-27
47.Katy Perry - Ask Katy2,773,8762010-07-07
48.California Gurls (30 sec. teaser)2,707,5252010-06-07
49.Katy Perry - "The One That Got Away (Acoustic)"2,685,6432012-01-17
50.Katy Perry - Save As Draft (Audio)2,501,4792017-06-08
51.Katy Perry - #OneLoveManchester Behind-The-Scenes2,127,7812017-06-22
52.Katy Perry - YouTube Live1,725,7252008-11-18
53.Katy Perry - "E.T." (feat. Kanye West) Official Music Video Teaser1,717,8282011-03-21
54.Katy Perry - "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) [feat. Missy Elliott]" Official Lyric Video1,656,5142011-08-08
55.Katy Perry - ???? Bon Appétit Music Video Chat ????1,418,0502017-05-12
56.Katy Perry - Swish Swish (Music Video Trailer) ft. Nicki Minaj1,375,9972017-08-23
57.Katy Perry talks "California Gurls"1,119,6402010-06-18
58.Katy Perry - Cozy Little Christmas (Audio Clip)1,115,5552018-11-20
59.Katy Perry - Swish Swish (Behind the Scenes with Just Dance)1,101,9292017-11-09
60.Katy Perry: Witness1,006,5992017-05-22
61.Katy Perry “Never Really Over” YouTube Space Premiere Event996,7522019-06-07
62.Katy Perry - Swish Swish (Music Video Trailer)927,3012017-08-21
63.Katy Perry - ASMR: Harleys In Hawaii925,0262019-10-23
64.Katy Perry – Never Really Over (Trailer)904,0182019-05-29
65.Katy Perry talks "Teenage Dream"838,2592010-07-15
66.Coke Studio Sessions: Katy Perry821,4382020-06-27
67.Katy Perry Firework Contest752,5942010-10-21
68.Katy Perry - ???????? SUNDAY SALUTATIONS ????????702,2722017-05-21
69.Katy Perry As Smurfette With Gutsy Smurf670,0642011-07-22
70.Katy's Project - The Story of Firework663,3882010-11-03
71.Katy Perry talks "E.T."633,3882010-08-18
72.Katy Perry - PRISMATIC World Tour596,0292014-06-02
73.Katy Perry 'PRISM' Album Sampler592,4772013-10-28
74.Katy Perry - "Part of Me (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Remix)"583,6752012-03-20
75.Katy Perry responds: "How Does 'Teenage Dream' Differ from 'One of The Boys'?"575,3062010-09-14
76.Katy Perry - Swish Swish (Live from Witness World Wide Finale Concert)569,8452017-06-17
77.Oblivia - Grand Opening February 21, 2017553,7772017-02-18
78.MTV Invites Katy to Host their Europe Music Awards...524,5052008-10-10
79.Katy Perry Concert Candy: Japan523,9142011-06-22
80.Katy Perry California Dreams Tour 2011510,3322011-03-08
81.Katy Perry Concert Candy: Mexico497,1902011-11-02
82.Katy Perry Concert Candy: LA Rehearsals470,1672011-03-29
83.Behind the Scenes - Katy Perry Performs "E.T." on American Idol!463,0852011-04-19
84.Katy Perry - The CW Sizzle Reel439,8372010-05-27
85.Katy Perry Concert Candy: UK Tour436,4462011-04-28
86.Katy Perry Concert Candy: West Coast425,2422011-09-29
87.Katy Perry talks "Pearl"422,8622010-09-21
88.Katy Perry -- The PRISMATIC WORLD TOUR 2014398,6572014-01-15
89.Katy Perry | Dear Class Of 2020380,4142020-06-11
90.Katy Perry - Power: In The Studio366,1722018-06-09
91.Katy Perry talks "Not Like the Movies"347,8522010-08-03
92.Katy Perry Concert Candy: East Coast343,6722011-09-02
93.Katy Perry talks "Firework"332,9282010-10-04
94.Katy Perry's Got a Golden Ticket!332,9162012-03-23
95.Katy Perry talks "Peacock"327,7882010-09-07
96.Katy Perry Concert Candy: Europe325,7452011-04-13
97.Katy Perry talks about The Smurfs - Animation305,2002011-07-13
98.Katy Perry responds: "What's Behind Your Visual Transformation for 'Teenage Dream?'"293,9352010-11-09
99.Katy Perry GRAMMY Promo Spot289,7122011-01-22
100.Katy Perry talks "Circle the Drain"288,4372010-08-13
101."Katy Perry: Part of Me" in 3D clip: Adventure287,6302012-05-25
102.Katy Perry - Making Of "Harleys In Hawaii" Music Video282,9722019-10-30
103.Katy Perry Concert Candy: Atlanta269,6992011-08-14
105.Katy Perry x Oprah Winfrey - WITNESS: Coming Home258,6402018-05-22
106.Berlin to London to Paris to Marcielles Webisode258,4052008-10-03
107.Katy Perry - Nugget Finds Her "Power" (Witness World Wide)245,0182017-06-11
108.Katy Perry talks "Hummingbird Heartbeat"243,7362010-10-18
109.Katy Perry - Making of "Small Talk" / Episode #4242,7062019-09-04
110.Katy Perry - Recording the Voice of Smurfette230,8982011-07-20
111.The Prismatic World Tour Live230,5562015-08-31
112.Katy Perry - Making of "Small Talk" / Episode #2230,0552019-08-28
114.SoundsOfBuzz.com Trailer213,7532009-09-02
115.Cologne Show Highlights213,0822008-10-03
116.Concert Candy: Wembley204,1842011-05-13
117.Katy Perry responds: "Why Did You Name the Album 'Teenage Dream?'"201,9242010-10-12
118.Katy Perry - Making of "Small Talk" / Episode #1189,4522019-08-27
119.Katy Perry - Making of "Small Talk" / Episode #3186,4342019-09-04
120.Katy Perry "E.T." New York and LA Landings184,3702011-04-12
121.Katy Perry - ???? WITNESS: The Tour Announcement????180,8752017-05-16
122.Katy Perry - ???? WITNESS: The Tour ???? Europe Announcement175,5022017-06-02
123.Katy Perry responds: "What are you looking forward to most on this album cycle?"170,8462010-09-27
124.Katy Perry responds: Have changes in your life changed your writing?165,1672010-10-26
125.Katy Perry's Music Video Creator's YouTube Playlist125,1662012-03-23
126.Katy Perry Firework Contest Wrap-Up112,7762011-01-11
127.Katy Perry "The Smurfs Movie Audience Appeal"109,0872011-07-29
128.Katy Perry Invites You Backstage! // Omaze99,7432017-07-11
129.Creating Smurfette Character95,6552011-07-27
130.Katy Perry - Witness World Wide Live Stream Reveal94,7472017-06-09
131.Katy Perry "The Smurfs Take Manhattan"83,3212011-07-25
132.Thinking of You - Katy Perry76,3022008-06-12
133.Katy Perry - Boys & Girls Club Chat with Mario Lopez (Witness World Wide)74,0042017-06-12
134.Katy Perry - Submit your #BestCoverEver of Firework. Win a chance to perform with me!66,2492017-05-17
135.Katy Perry: Will You Be My Witness?02017-10-04

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