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Takeuchi Miyu

Country: Japan
Youtube channel: MiyuTube
Subscriber count: 243,000
Channel views: 17,715,690
Total video viewcount: 17,694,070
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1.BTS - 전하지 못한 진심(The Truth Untold) / cover by MiyuTakeuchi1,953,1982018-10-06
2.AKB48 - 恋するフォーチュンクッキー/cover by MiyuTakeuchi(AKB48)1,485,3732018-06-13
3.[Produce48]다시 만나(See You Again)/cover by MiyuTakeuchi853,0982018-09-24
4.AKB48 - 365日の紙飛行機/ cover by MiyuTakeuchi(AKB48)848,1622018-03-03
5.당신은 사랑받기위해 태어난 사람 君は愛されるため生まれた/cover by MiyuTakeuchi689,7332018-06-27
6.Ed sheeran - Shape of you/cover by MiyuTakeuchi665,2602018-07-05
8.DEAN(딘) - Instagram(인스타그램)English .ver/cover by MiyuTakeuchi539,8042018-03-26
9.AKB48 - 君はメロディー/cover by MiyuTakeuchi(AKB48)512,8162017-02-04
10.桑田佳祐 - 明日晴れるかな/cover by MiyuTakeuchi460,5412016-02-27
11.AKB48 - Everyday、カチューシャ(bossa nova ver.)/cover by MiyuTakeuchi(AKB48)424,2962018-01-28
12.DEAN(딘) - Instagram(인스타그램)/cover by MiyuTakeuchi407,8432018-05-25
13.平井堅 - ノンフィクション/cover by MiyuTakeuchi357,2172017-12-18
14.한숨 (Breathe)-Japanese.ver/cover by MiyuTakeuchi357,1492019-02-28
15.KAN - 愛は勝つ/ cover by MiyuTakeuchi(AKB48)352,4622018-02-04
16.Dancing Hero(Produce48.ver)/cover by MiyuTakeuchi337,7632018-11-20
17.AKB48 - 恋するフォーチュンクッキー English.ver(Fortune Cookie in Love)/cover by MiyuTakeuchi(AKB48)336,8452018-07-18
18.雪の華/cover by MiyuTakeuchi334,5742019-02-26
19.AKB48 - 僕たちは戦わない/cover by MiyuTakeuchi(AKB48)325,7752017-05-03
20.岡本真夜 - TOMORROW/cover by MiyuTakeuchi316,2402014-09-23
21.AKB48 - ただいま恋愛中/ cover by MiyuTakeuchi(AKB48)310,5532018-02-18
22.たしかなこと/cover by MiyuTakeuchi×Rikimaru×TatsuyaHasegawa289,5442016-07-14
23.Through the Night(밤편지)/cover by MiyuTakeuchi265,9652018-11-28
24.一青窈 - もらい泣き/cover by MiyuTakeuchi239,1172014-05-21
25.竹内美宥卒業発表配信【#MIYUTUBE LIVE】220,1502018-09-04
26.宇多田ヒカル - forevermore/cover by MiyuTakeuchi214,9072018-06-22
27.AKB48 - ジャーバージャ/cover by MiyuTakeuchi(AKB48)214,1882018-03-17
28.AKB48 - あなたとクリスマスイブ/cover by MiyuTakeuchi(AKB48)206,2652014-12-25
29.back number - 高嶺の花子さん/cover by MiyuTakeuchi181,0382015-10-10
30.Wham! - Last Christmas / cover by MiyuTakeuchi180,5472017-12-25
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