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1.Ariana Grande - Side To Side ft. Nicki Minaj1,678,651,7852016-08-29
2.Ariana Grande - Problem ft. Iggy Azalea1,192,036,5442014-05-30
3.Ariana Grande - Break Free ft. Zedd1,026,422,9312014-08-13
4.Ariana Grande - no tears left to cry864,141,0002018-04-20
5.Ariana Grande - Focus859,812,9552015-10-30
6.Ariana Grande - Into You734,811,7912016-05-24
7.Ariana Grande - 7 rings638,260,8202019-01-17
8.Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman520,227,9752016-03-31
9.Ariana Grande - thank u, next454,737,3602018-11-30
10.Ariana Grande - The Way ft. Mac Miller383,765,3342013-03-28
11.Ariana Grande - break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored316,438,7482019-02-07
12.Ariana Grande - One Last Time (Official)309,076,0212015-02-16
13.Ariana Grande - One Last Time (Lyric Video)288,335,6352015-02-06
14.Ariana Grande - God is a woman255,705,7182018-07-13
15.Ariana Grande - Let Me Love You (Official) ft. Lil Wayne245,989,0282016-05-23
16.Ariana Grande - Santa Tell Me181,858,9592014-12-13
17.Ariana Grande - Baby I168,889,1742013-09-06
18.Ariana Grande - thank u, next (audio)148,874,0002018-11-04
19.Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey - Don’t Call Me Angel (Charlie’s Angels)124,316,7592019-09-13
20.Ariana Grande - breathin (audio)109,890,7292018-08-24
21.Ariana Grande - God is a woman (Lyric Video)104,109,7972018-07-13
22.Ariana Grande - thank u, next (lyric video)90,586,9732018-11-06
23.Ariana Grande - imagine (lyric video)52,944,5572018-12-14
24.Ariana Grande - 7 rings (Audio)41,948,3462019-01-17
25.Ariana Grande and Victoria Monét - MONOPOLY38,970,7772019-04-01
26.Emotions - Ariana Grande (Mariah Carey cover)32,822,3012012-09-07
27.Ariana Grande - needy (Audio)26,214,6572019-02-14
28.Ariana Grande - bloodline (Audio)25,875,5422019-02-14
29.Ariana Grande - Break Free feat. Zedd (Audio)25,341,8112014-07-03
30.Ariana Grande - NASA (Audio)23,923,6102019-02-14
31.Ariana Grande - bad idea (Audio)22,921,6862019-02-14
32.Makeup tutorial by Ariana Grande (I don't know how to do make up)22,594,6772012-10-28
33.Dangerous Woman Diaries Ep1 - the light is coming18,391,7442018-11-29
34.Ariana Grande - in my head (Audio)18,244,8712019-02-14
35.Ariana Grande - fake smile (Audio)15,595,7262019-02-14
36.Ariana Grande - ghostin (Audio)15,468,0222019-02-14
37.Ariana Grande: Dangerous Woman Diaries - Official Trailer12,984,2152018-11-28
38.Ariana Grande - Die In Your Arms cover (Justin Bieber)12,861,1462012-07-27
39.Ariana Grande Gets Flash'd by Todrick Hall Episode 111,743,3002013-11-16
40.Ariana Grande - thank u, next (clean)10,718,0342018-11-27
41.Ariana Grande - thank u, next (the fragrance)10,340,5632019-09-19
42.Ariana Grande ft Mac Miller 'The Way' Official Lyric Video9,545,0292013-03-26
43.Ariana Grande & Social House - boyfriend (AUDIO)8,219,4112019-08-02
44.thank u, next - video (behind the scenes sneak peek)7,477,0872018-11-29
45.Ariana Grande - No Tears Left To Cry (BTS - Part 1)7,128,5472018-04-23
46.Ariana Grande - imagine (Audio)6,892,9962019-02-14
47.Me on Jimmy Fallon singing rap songs6,832,5762013-09-08
48.Ariana Grande - breathin6,790,1782018-10-10
49.Ariana Grande - Baby I6,503,3532013-07-22
50.Ariana Grande, Normani, Nicki Minaj - Bad To You (Charlie’s Angels Soundtrack)(Official Lyric Video)6,344,6902019-11-01
51.Ariana Grande at 8 years old singing National Anthem6,032,2482011-06-08
52.Ariana Grande - make up (Audio)6,026,1752019-02-14
53.Ariana Grande - 7 rings (behind the scenes)5,670,1482019-02-06
54.Ariana Grande - 7 rings remix (feat 2 Chainz)5,512,2982019-02-01
55.Right There - Ariana Grande (feat. Big Sean)5,386,9922013-08-07
56.honeymoon ave - lullaby edition4,513,4472013-12-27
57.Ariana Grande - The Way & Baby I acoustic with Dan Kanter4,450,2962013-08-10
58.Ariana Grande - thank u, next (behind the scenes - part 1)4,281,3752018-12-02
59.Ariana Grande - Break Free (Lyric Video) Feat. Zedd4,279,0392014-07-07
60.Old School Videos - Ariana Grande4,206,6742012-03-22
61.Ariana Grande - thank u, next (trailer)3,974,2872018-11-27
62.Ariana Grande - thank u, next (bloopers + deleted scene)3,974,0762019-01-04
64.Ariana Grande - God is a woman (behind the scenes)3,768,8842018-07-23
65.Ariana Grande - No Tears Left To Cry (BTS - Part 2)3,750,5372018-04-27
66.Ariana Grande - break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored (behind the scenes)3,652,2342019-02-12
67.ariana singing be alright - justin bieber #lullabyfriday3,198,8782013-11-16
68.Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey - Don’t Call Me Angel (Charlie’s Angels)[BTS]3,098,8622019-09-19
69.A fun little video we made :]3,060,7632009-10-24
70.Ariana Grande - thank u, next (behind the scenes - part 3)2,806,0022018-12-11
71.Chubby Bunny Challenge - Jennette and Ariana2,590,2212012-10-09
72.Ariana Grande & Social House - boyfriend (behind the scenes)2,529,9582019-08-05
73.Ariana Grande - I Believe In You & Me2,527,6772013-04-24
74.Ariana Grande & Social House - boyfriend (lyric video)2,366,3102019-08-02
75."Just For Now" - Ariana Grande ( Imogen Heap cover )2,293,7122013-01-24
76.Sweet Like Candy (Official Fragrance Commercial)2,290,5172016-11-18
77.Born This Way / Express Yourself - Ariana Grande (Music Video)2,281,4672011-02-28
78.Ariana Grande - thank u, next (behind the scenes - part 2)2,129,2692018-12-07
79.Verrry very Next to Normal :]1,950,6192009-08-11
80."Chestnuts" Merry Christmas! Love, Ari and Liz1,947,7562011-12-24
81.I got a tattooed heart! - Ariana Grande1,829,1522012-04-21
82.Popular Song - Dancing With The Stars1,809,3312013-10-22
83.The Way - Ariana Grande feat. Mac Miller 20 second teaser MARCH 26TH.1,791,7892013-03-21
84.Ariana Grande - How I Look On You (Charlie’s Angels Soundtrack)(Official Audio)1,758,3342019-11-01
85.Ariana Grande - No Tears Left To Cry (BTS - Part 3)1,714,9452018-05-25
86.The Way Behind The Scenes1,709,0992013-05-26
87.Ariana Grande - Lollapalooza (recap)1,650,7732019-08-07
88.Ariana Grande - Gimme Some Lovin (The Spencer Davis Group cover)1,649,3022012-08-18
89.Ariana Grande - 7 rings remix (feat 2 Chainz)(clean)1,577,6582019-02-01
90.Higher - Ariana Grande1,577,4832008-10-22
91.Ariana Grande Defends Cyrus and Bieber1,569,9582013-11-14
92.Ariana Grande & Victoria Monét - Got Her Own (Charlie’s Angels Soundtrack)(Official Audio)1,543,0612019-11-01
93.Focus - Ariana Grande (Lyric Video)1,491,5612015-11-02
94.Reflection - Ariana Grande (Fetus Grande at 11 years old lolll)1,469,2692012-05-26
95.Popular Song - Mika (featuring Ariana Grande)1,466,5472013-01-04
96.Ariana Grande - God is a woman (behind the scenes coming soon)1,453,6392018-07-19
97.Ariana Grande - Baby I (Official Lyric Video)1,427,7772013-07-29
98.Last Christmas - Ariana Grande1,334,9582013-11-19
99.The Way - Ariana Grande feat. Mac Miller (First Teaser) MARCH 26th1,280,2362013-03-16
100.November / December month video :)1,269,0702013-12-19
101.Larry Lovestein (Mac Miller) and Ariana Grande - Baby It's Cold Outside1,257,0852012-12-26
102.Ariana Grande & Social House - boyfriend (behind the scenes montage)1,227,6452019-08-03
103.Google: Hangout w/ Ariana Grande 9/30/141,177,6362014-09-30
104.Ain't No Other Man1,128,8432007-01-23
105.Tattooed Heart: Today Show1,082,5112013-09-08
106.Mean Girls1,045,2732007-06-07
107.Ariana singing Sweet Life - Frank Ocean966,8212013-01-11
108.Ariana singing Heart of The Matter #LullabyFriday965,1032013-11-10
109.Ariana Grande and Mac Miller Perform The Way live on Jimmy Fallon942,5982013-06-17
110."There's Hope"- Ariana Grande915,9982007-12-11
111.5 minute total body workout. best friends. Ariana Grande and Aaron Simon Gross :]908,1642010-08-23
113.Me singing I Believe in You and Me by Whitney Houston905,2802012-11-19
114.You say902,6312012-12-27 champagne - ariana grande888,3882013-10-02
116.Ariana Grande singing The Way on Z100 live863,1472013-05-06
117.Ariana Grande & Chaka Khan - Nobody (Charlie’s Angels Soundtrack)(Official Audio)783,1542019-11-01
118.Don’t Call Me Angel (Charlie’s Angels) World Premiere - 9pm PST tonight775,8732019-09-13
119.Private Party - Ariana Grande (India Arie cover) #LullabyFriday766,1242013-10-05
120.Tattooed Heart (live) - Ariana Grande681,8662013-08-16
121.Where The Boys Are - Ariana Grande (Connie Francis Cover) #LullabyFriday681,2972013-09-27
122.Ariana Grande - Baby I (Video Teaser)629,6262013-09-05
123.MTV EMA Backstage Experience w/ Ariana Grande616,8792013-10-31
124.Matt and me singing I Think You're Swell at Meltdown Comics - Ariana Grande536,0322012-07-12
125.My album is out omsdafgalksjf - Ariana Grande502,0132013-09-05
126.Suddenly Seymour by Ariana (14) and Frankie (25)477,4142008-02-08
127.Right There - Red Bull Sound Space464,6262013-10-05
128.School Project: DOLPHINS455,6692007-04-15
129.Take care preview.. Leon Thomas III feat Ariana Grande (Metro Hearts)433,0902012-07-01
130.Right There (live) - Ariana Grande425,3162013-09-07
131.Freaky Forever episode 1-1405,8662007-03-15
132.its not unusual374,3052007-02-03
133.O Holy Night - Graham Phillips and Ariana Grande358,2772009-03-07
134.let it rain!!!!!.m4v339,4422008-12-08
135.Frankie celebrates 30,000 followers! @frankiejgrande335,9952011-08-08
136.The Way: Today Show331,8472013-09-08
137.Frankie sings the hits. LOL.326,6662012-03-18
138.Singing 'Almost Is Never Enough' On 'Live With Kelly & Michael'321,4922013-09-08
139.Freaky Forever episode 1-2296,0482007-03-16
140.ABC - A Michael Jackson tribute by Ariana Grande294,8602009-06-26
141.freaky forever:PILOT281,7142007-03-14
142.My interview with Hot 97271,5592013-09-07
143.dancing grandparents264,2182007-01-23
144.Frank Meets Babe - How my grandparents fell in love258,6492012-03-20
145.yet..even more bloopers210,2162007-05-06
146.Freaky Forever episode 1-3187,2092007-03-17
147.Me taking pics of a Lion / Sorry we don't have Iphones in SA.178,7672009-08-11
148.More Bloopers178,5132007-03-27
149.FREAKY FOREVER BLOOPERS158,3402007-03-16
150.Freaky Forever 1-4153,6372007-03-25
151.Freaky Forever 2-2143,7412007-04-01
152.Freaky Forever 3-2138,9692007-04-09
153.Freaky Forever 3-3134,2952007-04-10
154.Freaky Forever 2-1110,3542007-03-26
155.ABC - Broadway In South Africa106,6052009-07-11
156.and yet..even more bloopers97,4482007-05-08
157.Even More Bloopers!97,4082007-04-08
158.Freaky Forever 2-492,3172007-04-06
159.Uncle Duke and Grandpa84,1332007-06-15
160.Freaky Forever 3-583,0242007-05-12
161.Freaky Forever Season 3 trailer82,6812007-04-08
162.Freaky Forever 2-382,4792007-04-01
163.Freaky Forever 3-181,8722007-04-09
164.Freaky Forever 2-573,1382007-04-08
165.Freaky Forever 3-473,1352007-04-23
166.Dangerous Woman Diaries Ep4 - One Love02018-11-29
167.Dangerous Woman Diaries Ep3 - Grateful02018-11-29
168.Dangerous Woman Diaries Ep2 - Here’s The Gag02018-11-29

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