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Country: Japan
Youtube channel: Perfume
Subscriber count: 873,000
Channel views: 551,298,271
Total video viewcount: 551,209,783
Total music videos viewcount: 500,256,404

Instagram: prfm_official
PosVideoViewcount Published
1.[Official Music Video] Perfume 「FLASH」68,081,2312016-04-12
2.[Official Music Video] Perfume 「TOKYO GIRL」37,184,7002017-03-01
3.[Official Music Video] Perfume 「Pick Me Up」22,490,0142015-04-01
4.[Official Music Video] Perfume 「Magic of Love」20,611,2812013-06-18
5.[Official Music Video] Perfume 「STAR TRAIN」18,009,0772015-11-11
6.[Official Music Video] Perfume「Spending all my time」17,446,4132013-06-18
7.[Official Music Video] Perfume「ねぇ」16,490,5702013-06-18
8.[Official Music Video] Perfume「Spring of Life」16,468,8932013-06-18
9.[Official Music Video] Perfume「レーザービーム」16,209,0282013-06-18
10.[Official Music Video] Perfume「ナチュラルに恋して」13,965,9002012-02-28
11.[Official Music Video] Perfume「ワンルーム・ディスコ」12,846,1112013-06-18
12.[Official Music Video] Perfume 「Cling Cling」12,334,0982014-08-01
13.[Official Music Video] Perfume「チョコレイト・ディスコ」12,235,2802013-06-18
14.[Official Music Video] Perfume 「1mm」12,067,5812013-10-15
15.[Official Music Video] Perfume 「FAKE IT」11,905,7062012-09-11
16.[Official Music Video] Perfume「Dream Fighter」11,855,4422013-06-18
17.[Official Music Video] Perfume 「無限未来」11,565,0242018-03-19
18.[Official Music Video] Perfume 「Sweet Refrain」11,316,5512013-12-03
19.[Official Music Video] Perfume「VOICE」10,566,3072012-02-28
20.globe / Perfume of love10,499,3962010-09-01
21.[Official Music Video] Perfume「スパイス」9,919,3202012-02-28
22.[Official Music Video] Perfume「GLITTER」9,149,4952013-06-18
23.[Official Music Video] Perfume「ポリリズム」8,642,5852013-06-18
24.[Official Music Video]Perfume 「再生」7,931,8462019-12-13
25.[Official Music Video] Perfume「未来のミュージアム」7,927,8902013-06-18
26.[Official Music Video] Perfume「不自然なガール」7,740,9282013-06-18
27.[Official Music Video] Perfume 「If you wanna」6,560,1272017-09-05
28.[Official Music Video] Perfume 「Relax In The City」6,161,8422015-05-13
29.[Official Music Video] Perfume「微かなカオリ」6,026,4632013-06-18
30.[Official Music Video] Perfume 「シークレットシークレット」5,519,1382014-08-01
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