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Total video viewcount:: 2,018,519,687

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1.Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)1,068,132,8652013-11-22
2.Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)560,538,2172014-01-08
3.Pharrell Williams - Freedom (Video)93,428,3122015-07-22
4.Pharrell Williams - Come Get It Bae feat. Miley Cyrus (Official Music Video)85,454,8162014-07-23
5.Pharrell Williams - Marilyn Monroe (Official Music Video)69,714,8362014-04-23
6.Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Video)47,763,2392014-01-24
7.Pharrell - Frontin' ft. Jay-Z (Official Music Video)31,494,2772015-03-27
8.Pharrell Williams - Gust of Wind (Video)16,399,5672014-10-07
9.Pharrell Williams - It Girl (Video)9,710,2442014-09-30
10.Pharrell Williams - There's Something Special (Despicable Me 3 Soundtrack)7,912,8932017-06-16
11.Pharrell Williams - Yellow Light (Despicable Me 3 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)4,391,5342017-06-09
12.Pharrell Williams - Dear G I R L4,198,4672014-05-15
13.Pharrell Williams - Runnin' (Audio)2,977,4192016-10-24
14.Pharrell Williams & Trey Parker - Hug Me (Audio)2,197,8332017-06-23
15.Pharrell Williams - Doowit (Audio)1,860,1472017-06-23
16.Pharrell Williams - Crave (Audio)1,664,0612016-11-16
17.Pharrell Williams - Angel1,357,3152009-02-25
18.Kim Burrell, Pharrell Williams - I See a Victory (Audio)1,262,9532016-10-28
19.Lalah Hathaway, Pharrell Williams - Surrender (Audio)958,2302016-10-24
20.Pharrell Williams - Able (Audio)928,2022016-12-02
21.Pharrell Williams - Chuck Berry (Audio)835,3102017-06-23
22.My Enemy729,2972015-10-06
23.E-Lo (feat. Jozzy)374,5462018-11-26
24.Pharrell Williams - Get Lucky (Live from Apple Music Festival, London, 2015)316,3032018-05-12
25.Pharrell Williams - Letter To My Godfather (from The Black Godfather - Lyric Video)297,1352019-06-13
26.Brand New252,3392014-11-09
28.Hug Me222,1982017-06-22
29.Despicable Me211,2672017-06-22
31.Fun, Fun, Fun154,5212017-06-22
32.The Electro Suite152,4322015-09-20
33.Lost Queen136,6002014-11-08
34.Know Who You Are118,0062014-11-08
35.Happy (From "Despicable Me 2") (Live from Apple Music Festival, London, 2015)113,3322018-05-12
36.Arturo Sandoval108,3152018-05-03
37.Crystal Clear104,2642016-12-08
39.Pharrell, Snoop Dogg - Number One (Live) ft. Snoop Dogg97,1032009-06-16
40.I'm Goblin78,1612015-09-16
41.That Girl73,6342018-12-06
42.Keep It66,9772015-01-27
43.Can I Have It Like That65,6862018-09-15
44.Still Crazy63,0472015-09-18
45.Pharrell Williams - She Wants to Move (Live from Apple Music Festival, London, 2015)55,0042018-05-12
46.You're That Spider Guy48,3742015-09-13
47.I'm Spider-Man48,1242015-09-20
48.The Rest of My Life46,7792015-09-16
49.Pharrell Williams - Rock Star (Live from Apple Music Festival, London, 2015)44,8762018-05-12
50.Cold War44,3582015-09-14
51.How Does It Feel?40,3772018-12-06
53.I'm Good30,1892015-01-28
54.Best Friend29,9692018-12-06
55.Raspy Shit28,8512018-12-06
57.You Can Do It Too26,8052018-12-06
58.Take It Off (Dim The Lights)26,5522018-12-06
59.Smack Down26,4392015-01-28
60.We're Best Friends26,4002015-09-13
61.Young Girl / I Really Like You (Explicit)26,3502018-12-06
62.It's Despicable24,2432015-01-28
63.Stay With Me21,7272018-12-06
64.I'ma G21,3052015-01-28
65.I Chose You20,8102015-09-08
67.Have It All18,8182015-01-28
69.Show You How To Hustle17,1002018-12-06
70.Let Her Go17,0032015-08-29
71.I'm Moving to England16,5962015-09-13
72.Keep It Playa16,4482018-12-06
73.No Place Like Home16,1302015-10-06
74.Special Project15,6272015-09-13
76.So Much Anger15,2162015-09-08
77.Ground Rules14,9932015-09-16
78.Wrong Girl14,2582015-01-27
81.Number One (Edited)13,4832017-02-07
82.Feet Don't Fail Me Now12,7002015-01-28
83.Our Father12,0562018-09-15
84.Take It Off (Dim The Lights)11,5762017-02-07
85.Harry's Suite11,4512015-09-15
86.Sum Total11,4032015-10-06
87.Brand New11,2252018-10-24
88.You're My Boy11,1032015-09-18
89.Show You How To Hustle10,4892015-01-28
92.Lost Queen6,5902018-10-24
93.You Can Do It Too (Edited)6,2412017-02-07
94.Know Who You Are4,6622018-10-24
95.It Blows My Mind3,1542018-06-12
97.A Cat Named Mouse2,0212018-12-10

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