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Justin Bieber

Country: USA
Youtube channel
Subscriber count: 55,000,000
Channel views: 1,010,903,125
Total video viewcount:: 19,079,252,876

PosVideoViewcount Published
1.Justin Bieber - Sorry (PURPOSE : The Movement)3,306,483,9972015-10-22
2.Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris (Official Music Video)2,256,778,1532010-02-19
3.Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean? (Official Music Video)2,096,177,2352015-08-31
4.Justin Bieber - Love Yourself (PURPOSE : The Movement)1,555,384,6692015-11-14
5.Justin Bieber - Never Say Never ft. Jaden Smith (Official Music Video)947,413,3832010-05-27
6.Justin Bieber - Beauty And A Beat ft. Nicki Minaj920,549,6482012-10-12
7.Justin Bieber - Boyfriend793,513,8362012-05-03
8.Justin Bieber - One Time (Official Video)632,763,8792009-11-24
9.Justin Bieber - Company571,165,6532016-06-08
10.Justin Bieber - I'll Show You (Official Video)466,023,0422015-11-02
11.Justin Bieber - As Long As You Love Me ft. Big Sean (Official Music Video)452,877,1052012-08-01
12.Justin Bieber - Somebody To Love Remix ft. Usher (Official Music Video)435,120,3112010-06-16
13.Justin Bieber - Mistletoe (Official Music Video)390,793,2892011-10-18
14.Justin Bieber - Love Me (Official Music Video)368,150,5842010-08-06
15.Justin Bieber - One Less Lonely Girl (Official Video)367,935,5692009-11-30
16.Justin Bieber - Sorry (Lyric Video)306,106,7892015-10-29
17.Justin Bieber - Never Let You Go288,535,1382010-03-24
18.Justin Bieber - Confident ft. Chance The Rapper278,489,5132014-01-30
19.Justin Bieber - Sorry (Haschak Sisters Cover)234,113,8802015-12-09
20.Justin Bieber - All That Matters (Official Video)210,324,1802013-12-03
21.Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean? (Lyric Video)185,167,8572015-08-28
22.Justin Bieber - U Smile (Official Music Video)168,894,3142010-09-28
23.Justin Bieber - Sorry (Latino Remix / Audio) ft. J Balvin124,414,2802015-11-06
24.Justin Bieber - Purpose (PURPOSE : The Movement)122,053,6332015-11-14
25.Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean? (PURPOSE : The Movement)82,010,8122015-11-14
26.Justin Bieber - Sorry (Live From The Ellen Show)77,907,1662015-11-25
27.Major Lazer - Cold Water (Dance Video) ft. Justin Bieber, MØ74,563,0432016-09-15
28.Justin Bieber - The Feeling (PURPOSE : The Movement) ft. Halsey70,352,5452015-11-14
29.Leaving the Spotlight- Justin Bieber: Seasons66,536,4832020-01-27
30.Justin Bieber - Mark My Words (PURPOSE : The Movement)59,525,1652015-11-14
31.With You - Chris Brown Cover - Justin singing58,536,2782008-02-11
32.Justin Bieber - Love Yourself & Sorry - Live at The BRIT Awards 2016 ft. James Bay58,364,2082016-02-24
33.Justin Bieber - Life Is Worth Living (PURPOSE : The Movement)52,808,5462015-11-14
34.Justin Bieber - No Sense (PURPOSE : The Movement) ft. Travi$ Scott47,522,2582015-11-14
35.Justin Bieber - Children (PURPOSE : The Movement)37,886,7552015-11-14
36.Justin Bieber - Company (PURPOSE : The Movement)36,769,1772015-11-14
37.Justin Bieber - PURPOSE : The Movement31,102,3752015-11-23
38.Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean? (Live From The Ellen Show)29,140,2132015-11-25
39.Justin Bieber - Yummy (Lyric Video)29,044,3172020-01-03
40.Cry me a River - Justin Timberlake cover - Justin singing (Justin Bieber)28,007,4292008-02-19
41.Justin Bieber - No Pressure (PURPOSE : The Movement) ft. Big Sean25,186,7622015-11-14
42.Justin Bieber - ONE TIME Official Video22,407,1422009-06-13
43.Skrillex, Diplo, Justin Bieber - Where Are Ü Now (PURPOSE : The Movement)21,297,9842015-11-14
44.Justin Bieber - Forever (feat. Post Malone & Clever)(Audio)20,180,9202020-02-14
45.Justin Bieber "Favorite Girl" Response19,711,3032009-08-20
46.Justin flirting with Esmée Denters - Justin Singing18,214,1142008-03-02
47.What Do You Mean? (Acoustic)18,041,3912015-09-08
48.I Really Like You17,006,5542015-04-14
49.Behind the Scenes of BABY!!16,849,5602010-02-12
50.Justin singing Because of You by Ne-yo16,772,3812007-04-25
51.Justin Bieber - BOYFRIEND - Video Teaser - SINGLE ON ITUNES NOW16,676,6982012-03-30
52.Justin singing in the bathroom - Back at One- Brian McKnight16,031,6892007-04-25
53.U Got it bad by Usher - Justin singing TO USHER15,120,6712008-03-15
54.BABY...get the studio version featuring LUDACRIS on ITUNES NOW13,907,3642010-01-13
55.Look At me Now - Justin Bieber and Chris Brown - Sydney Australia Surprise13,786,4652011-04-30
56.Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber – I Don’t Care (Official Audio)13,033,0892019-05-10
57.Justin Bieber Celebrity Playlist12,992,0912010-03-30
58.Justin Bieber - Love Yourself (Live From The 2016 Radio Disney Music Awards)12,763,2252016-05-20
59.Justin Bieber - Come Around Me (Audio)11,515,7452020-02-14
60.Justin Bieber: Seasons | Official Trailer Ft. Yummy | YouTube Originals11,475,8042019-12-31
61.ONE LESS LONELY GIRL Official Music Video11,423,3202009-10-13
62.Justin Bieber - Heartless / Successful10,524,0422009-08-04
63.TAKE YOU - Acoustic - 6 Years of Kidrauhl10,444,7492013-01-18
64.So how did I fracture my Foot with Taylor Swift??10,163,4712009-11-25
65.Justin Bieber - I’ll Show You (PURPOSE : The Movement)9,741,2042015-11-14
66.Justin Bieber - Get Me (feat. Kehlani)(Audio)9,462,8962020-01-28
67.Behind the scenes of EENIE MEENIE - song on ITUNES NOW!!9,220,6232010-04-20
68.Justin Singing So Sick by Ne-yo9,170,7442007-01-20
69.Justin Bieber singing for President Obama "Someday at Christmas" (FULL)9,163,2412009-12-23
70.Justin Singing Fallin by Alicia Keys7,873,7412007-01-29
72.Justin Bieber - Changes (Audio)7,163,7232020-02-14
73.Justin Bieber - VOTE for the BRITS!! Im COMING!!6,699,0802011-01-20
74.Justin Bieber - Habitual (Audio)6,474,4942020-02-14
75.Justin Drew Bieber - August Rush-style Guitar Playing6,089,6092008-04-13
76.Justin Bieber Fans5,978,3942009-06-19
77.Justin singing Common Denominator - Justin Bieber Original5,934,1112008-11-17
78.Dan + Shay, Justin Bieber - 10,000 Hours (Icon Video)5,871,1602019-10-04
79.Justin singing Wait for You by Elliott Yamin5,837,4422007-09-04
80.OFFICIAL TRAILER for NEVER SAY NEVER - Coming Feb 11th Valentines Day Weekend5,587,4882010-10-26
81.Justin Bieber - All Around Me (Audio)5,565,7052020-02-14
82.Everyone is going to see Justin Bieber: NEVER SAY NEVER 3D!! MUST WATCH5,394,0452011-02-10
84.Justin Bieber - Second Emotion (feat. Travis Scott)(Audio)5,093,9392020-02-14
85.Behind the Scenes of SOMEBODY TO LOVE feat USHER4,838,3882010-06-11
86.Justin Bieber - Confirmation (Audio)4,783,0862020-02-14
87.Justin Bieber on the drums4,629,5912007-08-14
88.What Do You Mean? (Remix) w/ Ariana Grande4,450,3972015-10-19
89.Justin Bieber "One Less Lonely Girl" Behind The Scenes!4,433,7852009-10-06
90.Justin singing I'll Be by Edwin McCain4,357,4762007-06-06
91.Official "ONE TIME" Contest Video!4,305,6142009-07-07
92.Justin Bieber - BOYFRIEND - Video Teaser #2 - SINGLE ON ITUNES NOW4,290,3842012-04-03
93.Justin Bieber - Available (Audio)4,256,9002020-02-14
94.MY WORLD 2.0 is out in STORES...and I THANK U!!4,212,8622010-03-25
95.Justin singing Someday at Christmas by Stevie Wonder - Final3,915,2942007-12-24
96.Justin playing Kate's song on the keyboards3,892,6292007-01-30
97.Sorry (Acoustic) w/ Skrillex & BLOOD #PreOrderPurpose3,891,4122015-10-27
98.Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon - YouTube Presents3,859,3862012-06-22
99.Justin Bieber NEVER SAY NEVER 3D SNEAK PEEK - DRUMS3,823,9102011-01-05
100.Justin Bieber - E.T.A. (Audio)3,773,1512020-02-14
101.Justin Bieber NEVER SAY NEVER 3D Sneak Peek - Tickets3,758,2532011-01-13
102.BOYFRIEND - Behind the scenes - On ITUNES NOW3,690,5302012-03-26
103.Sneak Peek - "As Long As You Love Me" Video Clip - JUSTIN BIEBER3,667,8852012-07-27
104.Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber – I Don’t Care (Trailer)3,650,5602019-05-12
105.Justin Visits London3,627,6312009-08-18
106.The Key3,608,7812013-07-15
107.Justin singing You and Me by Lifehouse3,549,4662007-08-14
108.Justin Bieber - The Next Star Live TV Finale3,338,3542009-09-29
109.Justin Bieber - Running Over (feat. Lil Dicky)(Audio)3,260,8652020-02-14
110.Justin in the studio with Usher!!3,207,2742009-04-10
111.Justin singing Respect by Aretha Franklin3,166,3102007-01-29
112.Justin Bieber - Yummy (Summer Walker remix)3,027,3992020-02-03
113.JUSTIN BIEBER's 48 HRS with DIDDY!!2,995,0882009-11-09
114.Justin singing You Got It Bad with B. Cox2,975,0212008-10-14
115.Tribute to MJ on the road2,948,1572009-08-12
116.Justin Bieber - That's What Love Is (Audio)2,935,4182020-02-14
117.Justin Bieber "One Time" Behind The Scenes *Official2,925,5722009-06-08
118.Justin singing so sick by Ne-yo Singing Contest2,907,5782007-01-29
119.GIRLFRIEND Fragrance Commercial - Justin Bieber - TEASER #32,862,8782012-11-06
120.Justin Bieber & Ariana Grande - Stuck with U (Prom Scenes)2,846,4342020-05-09
121.My Youtube Contest Announcement2,829,1222010-12-07
122.Justin Bieber - Hold Tight2,692,4232014-01-01
123.#3 BOYFRIEND Video Teaser - SINGLE ON ITUNES NOW2,670,2212012-04-09
124.Making of BELIEVE - Dance Rehearsals2,644,6952012-06-14
125.Justin Bieber - Take It Out On Me (Audio)2,594,5992020-02-14
126.U SMILE - behind the scenes rehearsal dedication2,578,5092010-03-17
127.Justin Bieber - At Least For Now (Audio)2,493,4672020-02-14
128.Justin Bieber - Intentions (Acoustic)2,478,9112020-03-19
129.BOYFRIEND Video 45 second clip - SINGLE ON ITUNES NOW2,423,0602012-04-18
130.Under The Mistletoe Webisode - MISTLETOE in the Studio2,394,9142011-10-16
131.ORIGINAL song "Where Are You Now" by Justin Bieber2,350,8562008-07-19
132.me to you backstage in mexico2,337,1712012-06-12
133.Cold Water2,329,5122016-07-29
134.Lake Life2,307,2512015-09-17
135.Under The Mistletoe Webisode - Boyz 2 Men and Justin in the Studio (FALALA)2,249,0792011-10-28
136.All That Matters (great wall of china viral) ft. The Camel2,171,9692013-10-17
137.Justin Bieber Vs Cobra Starship2,143,0062009-12-04
138.www.jb3dpreview.com - NEVER SAY NEVER 3D access to LIMITED EXCLUSIVE 1st SHOWING!!!2,133,3662010-11-28
139.Under The Mistletoe Webisode - Usher and Justin in the Studio (The Christmas Song - Chestnuts)2,117,6132011-10-21
140.Justin Bieber - Yummy (Animated Video)2,003,1202020-01-08
141.Justin Bieber - Yummy (Tik Tok Compilation Video)1,978,9282020-02-02
142.Park City1,970,7332016-03-14
143.Justin singing "Set a Place at Your Table", an Original1,924,6782007-12-11
144.BOYFRIEND - Teaser - Song out MONDAY MARCH 26th1,888,1992012-03-24
145.Justin Bieber's Believe - Theatrical Trailer1,842,4762013-11-16
146.Justin Bieber - Zane Lowe and Apple Music ’Changes’ Interview1,740,2832020-02-15
147.Guatemala Video Confession: Giving is the best.1,695,6932013-10-28
148.#BelieveMovie - #Smile1,637,7592013-10-18
149.#BelieveMovie - #Stache1,636,9942013-10-11
150.MY WORLD is in Stores and on ITUNES now. THank u!!1,622,4682009-11-17
151.Making of BELIEVE Webisode - As Long As You Love Me1,563,9532012-06-13
152.Making of BELIEVE - Beauty and the Beat1,532,5702012-06-17
153.Justin Bieber x drew house: Yummy (Animated Video)1,524,9892020-01-09
154.BELIEVE TOUR CREW - PUSH IT1,509,0192013-11-02
155.Ask Justin: YouTube Presents Interview1,451,2002012-06-15
156.Justin at Nintendo World Store: NYC 9.1.091,425,5362009-09-02
157.Die In Your Arms- Available Now!1,405,3352012-05-29
158.Justin singing DO YOU by Ne-yo - Request1,385,0232007-09-04
159.#BelieveMovie - "Believe the Truth"1,379,6612013-12-17
160.Justin Bieber - Yummy (Beliebers React)1,307,7902020-01-08
161.BOYFRIEND - 15 second preview - single out MONDAY MARCH 26th1,273,6932012-03-23
162.Justin singing Refine Me1,265,0342007-02-04
163.Ellen Singing "Boyfriend"1,232,6332012-03-20
164.NEVER LET YOU GO - Live (Studio Version On ITUNES NOW!!)1,195,3512010-03-01
165.Justin Bieber - Calvin Klein Underwear Spring 20151,162,6092015-01-07
166.Making of BELIEVE - Catching Feelings1,071,3352012-06-15
167.#BelieveMovie - #Advice1,048,1232013-10-25
168.Justin Bieber and Nick Cannon1,006,2422009-05-14
169.Making of BELIEVE - Thought of You980,1572012-06-16
170.JUSTIN BIEBER At Much Music961,0112009-07-14
171.Bieber Mode w/ Lyft941,3652015-11-09
172.10 Seconds of BOYFRIEND - Full Song out MONDAY March 26th928,5342012-03-23
173.Justin Singing Angel by Sarah Mclachlan921,1692007-01-20
174.Justin Bieber at Much Music Part 2920,1902009-09-16
175.#BelieveMovie - #MyBeliebers900,4802013-11-09
176.Justin singing Basketball by Lil Bow Wow880,7792007-01-20
177.Justin Drew Bieber and Wyclef Jean775,9802008-10-28
178.Justin Bieber + Lara Stone - Calvin Klein Jeans Spring 2015771,2302015-01-07
179.just my channel icon770,4262008-03-22
180.#BelieveMovie - #BeAlright761,4332013-11-29
181.Sorry (Fan Dance Video)753,3582015-11-03
182.#BelieveMovie - #Perspective751,0502013-11-22
183.#PurposeTourChildren Stadiums692,6272017-02-28
184.BIEBER NBC SPECIAL starts TONIGHT and TOMORROW at 8pm683,5362012-06-19
185.Snippet of Justin on someones old Drums677,5882007-01-29
186.Amazing Kids Jam Free Bird Pt 2 - Justin Bieber on drums668,3342007-10-14
187.Justin Bieber - CHANGES: The Movement (Trailer)632,8612020-02-28
188.Justin Bieber - Yummy (Fan Lip Sync)619,1492020-01-08
189.Justin Bieber playing the djembe617,2342007-07-20
190.Justin Singing Rapping Basketball by Lil Bow Wow612,0072007-01-29
191.Where has Justin Bieber been?608,4522008-06-07
192.Huge Announcement about the BELIEVE TOUR!!573,1002012-07-03
193.What Do You Mean? - Behind The Scenes518,0322015-09-10
196.What Do You Mean? - Music Video (Teaser)502,5662015-08-29
197.Justin Bieber ON ITUNES460,1692009-06-24
198.Justin Bieber - Yummy (Food Fight)459,0062020-01-08
199.Justin singing Someday at Christmas by Stevie Wonder - Rough437,4132007-11-13
200.TONIGHT on NBC at 8pm - BIEBER on NBC432,2612012-06-20
201.Amazing Kids Jam Free Bird Pt 1--J.D./AlexTintinalli/Justin311,3892007-10-14
202.#PurposeTourChildren Europe302,4892016-09-23
203.Purpose Yule Log227,0892015-12-17
204.What Do You Mean? - Lyric Video (Teaser)195,2712015-08-29
205.Bieber Is Back - Justin Bieber: Seasons02020-01-27
206.Making Magic - Justin Bieber: Seasons02020-01-27
207.Justin & Hailey - Justin Bieber: Seasons02020-01-27
208.The Dark Season - Justin Bieber: Seasons02020-02-03
209.Only Up From Here - Justin Bieber: Seasons02020-02-05
210.Planning The Wedding a Year Later - Justin Bieber: Seasons02020-02-10
211.The Wedding: Officially Mr. & Mrs. Bieber - Justin Bieber: Seasons02020-02-12
212.Album on the Way - Justin Bieber: Seasons02020-02-17
213.The Finale - Justin Bieber: Seasons02020-02-25

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