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Country: Japan
Youtube channel: BUMP OF CHICKEN
Subscriber count: 1,160,000
Channel views: 709,930,177
Total video viewcount: 651,643,393
Total music videos viewcount: 41,363,058

PosVideoViewcount Published
1.BUMP OF CHICKEN『天体観測』102,413,8992010-12-11
2.BUMP OF CHICKEN「Hello,world!」62,925,7932015-04-30
3.BUMP OF CHICKEN「ray」47,390,7552014-03-06
4.BUMP OF CHICKEN「Butterfly」29,953,9962016-01-26
5.BUMP OF CHICKEN「アンサー」27,362,2472017-04-07
6.BUMP OF CHICKEN「GO」25,552,5992016-12-27
7.BUMP OF CHICKEN『sailing day』24,611,3192010-12-10
8.BUMP OF CHICKEN『友達の唄』21,302,7462011-02-18
9.BUMP OF CHICKEN「記念撮影」リリックビデオ20,585,9072017-07-04
10.BUMP OF CHICKEN「リボン」19,626,6972017-04-30
11.BUMP OF CHICKEN「アリア」18,350,0802016-09-08
12.BUMP OF CHICKEN「Aurora」17,387,4612019-03-14
13.BUMP OF CHICKEN feat. HATSUNE MIKU「ray」15,740,5452014-03-12
14.BUMP OF CHICKEN「話がしたいよ」14,983,8672018-10-14
15.BUMP OF CHICKEN「虹を待つ人」13,754,6942013-08-20
16.BUMP OF CHICKEN「宝石になった日」11,038,1952016-06-16
17.BUMP OF CHICKEN「記念撮影」9,980,6062017-11-21
18.HUNGRY DAYS × BUMP OF CHICKEN 「記念撮影」フルバージョン9,871,1892019-11-03
19.BUMP OF CHICKEN「ファイター」9,637,0142014-12-08
20.BUMP OF CHICKEN「コロニー」9,550,7282015-04-25
21.BUMP OF CHICKEN feat. HATSUNE MIKU「ray」LIVE MUSIC VIDEO9,131,4632015-01-23
22.「3月のライオン meets BUMP OF CHICKEN」MUSIC VIDEO8,833,8432014-12-08
23.BUMP OF CHICKEN「シリウス」8,687,5012018-09-23
24.BUMP OF CHICKEN「パレード」7,964,9942014-11-28
25.BUMP OF CHICKEN「望遠のマーチ」7,922,1632018-09-23
26.BUMP OF CHICKEN「新世界」7,884,6052020-12-04
27.BUMP OF CHICKEN「天体観測」スペシャルMV5,528,5992013-02-21
28.BUMP OF CHICKEN「なないろ」5,152,2252021-05-17
29.BUMP OF CHICKEN「GO」LIVE MV from BD/DVD「STADIUM TOUR 2016 "BFLY" NISSAN STADIUM 2016/7/16, 17」4,998,4752016-12-07
30.BUMP OF CHICKEN「Gravity」4,985,8992020-09-09
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