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Country: Japan
Youtube channel: ONE OK ROCK
Subscriber count: 3,750,000
Channel views: 1,278,803,838
Total video viewcount: 1,192,048,488
Total music videos viewcount: 751,615,190

Instagram: oneokrockofficial
PosVideoViewcount Published
1.ONE OK ROCK - The Beginning [Official Music Video]177,592,4312012-08-15
2.ONE OK ROCK - Clock Strikes [Official Music Video]106,657,6362013-02-25
3.ONE OK ROCK - Mighty Long Fall [Official Music Video]64,138,0252014-07-23
4.ONE OK ROCK - Heartache [Studio Jam Session]56,147,0492015-02-13
5.ONE OK ROCK - Deeper Deeper [Official Music Video]54,134,5042013-01-07
6.ONE OK ROCK - C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h. [Official Music Video]44,851,9822012-04-09
7.ONE OK ROCK: Stand Out Fit In [OFFICIAL VIDEO]43,913,5982018-11-23
8.ONE OK ROCK: Wasted Nights [OFFICIAL VIDEO]43,548,9392019-02-01
9.ONE OK ROCK - Cry out [Official Music Video]43,543,4902015-01-28
10.Adele - Hello (Cover by Taka from ONE OK ROCK)41,425,4502016-06-23
11.ONE OK ROCK - Last Dance [Official Music Video]35,772,2212015-09-18
12.ONE OK ROCK - We are -Japanese Ver.- [Official Music Video]32,798,2592017-01-09
13.ONE OK ROCK - The Way Back - Japanese Ver. - [Official Music Video]26,843,2832015-10-05
14.ONE OK ROCK - Be the light [Official Music Video / English subtitles]25,659,3242013-03-11
15.ONE OK ROCK - Stand Out Fit In [Orchestra Ver.]20,236,4712019-01-16
16.ONE OK ROCK - NO SCARED [Official Music Video]19,879,2832012-04-09
17.ONE OK ROCK - Change -Japanese Ver.- [Official Music Video]19,008,0712018-06-20
18.ONE OK ROCK - We are [Official Video from AMBITIONS JAPAN DOME TOUR]18,546,9692019-07-30
19.ONE OK ROCK - Taking Off [Official Video from Nagisaen]17,793,8322016-11-14
20.ONE OK ROCK - I was King [Official Video from Orchestra Japan Tour]16,562,0562019-07-30
21.ONE OK ROCK - Renegades Japanese Version [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]15,665,4262021-04-16
22.ONE OK ROCK - Mighty Long Fall [Mighty Long Fall at Yokohama Stadium]13,516,8572015-04-08
23.ONE OK ROCK - Re:make [Official Music Video]13,369,1502012-04-09
24.ONE OK ROCK - I was King -Japanese Ver.- (Official Visualizer)13,202,1952016-12-20
25.ONE OK ROCK - じぶんROCK [Official Music Video]12,279,2152012-04-09
26.ONE OK ROCK - Taking Off [Studio Jam Session]10,951,7652016-12-01
27.ONE OK ROCK - Wasted Nights [Official Video from "EYE OF THE STORM" JAPAN TOUR]10,290,1342020-10-16
28.ONE OK ROCK - Be the light [Official Music Video]9,707,3962013-03-11
29.ONE OK ROCK - Liar [Official Music Video]9,361,2342012-04-09
30.ONE OK ROCK - 完全在宅Dreamer [Official Home Performance Video]8,984,1712020-05-16
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