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1.Evanescence - Bring Me To Life (Official Music Video)860,348,0032009-12-02
2.Evanescence - My Immortal (Official Music Video)738,027,7192009-12-02
3.Evanescence - Going Under (Official Music Video)184,628,6182009-12-02
4.Evanescence - Lithium (Official Music Video)147,542,9442009-12-02
5.Evanescence - Call Me When You're Sober (Official Music Video)127,340,4022009-12-02
6.Evanescence - Everybody's Fool108,105,2542009-12-02
7.Evanescence - My Heart Is Broken63,526,1872012-01-24
8.Evanescence - What You Want62,561,5422011-09-13
9.Evanescence - Sweet Sacrifice60,470,3262009-12-02
10.Evanescence - Good Enough43,229,8082009-12-02
11.Evanescence - Imperfection (Official Video)23,720,2662017-10-19
12.Evanescence - Lost in Paradise (Lyric Video)20,137,8312012-05-11
13.Evanescence - "Hi-Lo" featuring Lindsey Stirling (Official Music Video)6,988,1642018-06-08
14.Evanescence - The Other Side (Lyric Video)6,236,9212012-08-30
15.Evanescence - Wasted On You (Official Music Video)5,322,4712020-04-24
16.Evanescence - The Chain (from Gears 5) [Official Music Video]5,126,5982020-01-09
17.Evanescence - Use My Voice (Official Music Video)3,577,7422020-08-28
18.Evanescence - Missing (Official Audio)3,451,5282018-05-04
19.EVANESCENCE - "Even In Death - 2016 Version" from the album, "Lost Whispers" (Official Audio)2,353,1302017-02-17
20.Evanescence - The Game Is Over (Official Music Video)2,252,8802020-07-03
21.Evanescence - Tourniquet (Live)1,947,9452010-06-24
22.Evanescence - Breathe No More (Official Audio)1,852,9392018-05-04
23.EVANESCENCE - "Never Go Back" (Official Audio - Synthesis)1,786,4732017-11-10
24.EVANESCENCE - "Imperfection" (Official Audio - Synthesis)1,781,4082017-09-15
25.EVANESCENCE - "Hi-Lo" ft. Lindsey Stirling (Official Audio - Synthesis)1,715,3462017-11-10
26.Evanescence - Cruel Summer1,687,4242020-06-11
27.EVANESCENCE - "Lacrymosa" (Official Audio - Synthesis)1,523,9182017-10-27
28.Evanescence - The Chain (from Gears 5) [Official Audio]1,402,1012019-11-22
29.EVANESCENCE - "My Immortal" (Official Audio - Synthesis)1,398,7852017-11-10
30.Evanescence - Whisper (Live)1,389,0812010-06-21
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