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1.Evanescence - Bring Me To Life (Official Music Video)671,989,6642009-12-02
2.Evanescence - My Immortal (Official Music Video)618,566,4902009-12-02
3.Evanescence - Going Under (Official Music Video)149,690,1782009-12-02
4.Evanescence - Lithium (Official Music Video)124,079,1922009-12-02
5.Evanescence - Call Me When You're Sober (Official Music Video)107,260,1762009-12-02
6.Evanescence - Everybody's Fool95,278,7612009-12-02
7.Evanescence - What You Want58,186,8802011-09-13
8.Evanescence - My Heart Is Broken56,919,2912012-01-24
9.Evanescence - Sweet Sacrifice55,819,3362009-12-02
10.Evanescence - Good Enough38,572,4922009-12-02
11.Evanescence - Imperfection (Official Video)18,951,8062017-10-19
12.Evanescence - Lost in Paradise (Lyric Video)18,331,2622012-05-11
13.Evanescence - The Other Side (Lyric Video)5,775,3472012-08-30
14.Evanescence - "Hi-Lo" featuring Lindsey Stirling (Official Music Video)4,894,4552018-06-08
15.EVANESCENCE - "Even In Death - 2016 Version" from the album, "Lost Whispers" (Official Audio)2,030,1562017-02-17
16.Evanescence - Tourniquet (Live)1,577,5142010-06-24
17.Evanescence - Missing (Official Audio)1,575,7042018-05-04
18.EVANESCENCE - "Lacrymosa" (Official Audio - Synthesis)1,222,2482017-10-27
19.EVANESCENCE - "Never Go Back" (Official Audio - Synthesis)1,190,2552017-11-10
20.Evanescence - Haunted (Live)1,158,2122010-06-22
21.Evanescence - My Last Breath (Live)1,095,7442010-06-27
22.Evanescence - Breathe No More (Official Audio)1,092,1962018-05-04
23.Evanescence - Whisper (Live)1,086,1512010-06-21
24.Evanescence - Taking Over Me (Live)924,9712010-06-22
25.Evanescence - Together Again (Official Audio)871,6432018-05-04
26.EVANESCENCE - "The End Of The Dream" (Official Audio - Synthesis)856,3642017-11-10
28.EVANESCENCE - "Overture" (Official Audio - Synthesis)480,6692017-11-10
29.EVANESCENCE - "Imaginary" (Official Audio - Synthesis)427,2572017-11-10
30.Evanescence - Farther Away (Official Audio)379,9212018-05-04
31.Evanescence - The Last Song I'm Wasting On You (Official Audio)369,0902018-05-04
32.EVANESCENCE - "Your Star" (Official Audio - Synthesis)299,8582017-11-10
33.EVANESCENCE - "Secret Door" (Official Audio - Synthesis)297,8222017-11-10
34.EVANESCENCE - "The Change" (Fan Lyric Video)251,0032013-07-10
35.Evanescence - Disappear (Official Audio)236,4812018-05-04
36.Weight Of The World226,0492016-04-08
37.Snow White Queen196,8212016-04-07
38.Evanescence - If You Don’t Mind (Official Audio)180,1692018-05-04
39.EVANESCENCE - "Unraveling (Interlude)" (Official Audio - Synthesis)177,9542017-11-10
40.Evanescence - Say You Will (Official Audio)177,4282018-05-04
41.The Only One176,4362016-04-08
42.Like You172,6962016-04-08
43.Cloud Nine168,5842016-04-07
44.All That I'm Living For163,6832016-04-08
45.Lose Control156,9722016-04-07
46.Evanescence - A New Way To Bleed (Official Audio)146,1432018-05-04
47.Made Of Stone141,0612016-04-08
48.Evanescence - Lost Whispers (Intro / Official Audio)112,8732018-05-04
49.EVANESCENCE - "The In Between (Piano Solo)" (Official Audio - Synthesis)111,0032017-11-10
50.Erase This94,5762016-04-08
53.Evanescence - Unraveling/ Imaginary (Live)69,3742018-12-14
54.Made of Stone42,7022017-02-19
55.Weight Of The World34,8112017-02-20
56.Erase This30,0172017-02-18
58.Snow White Queen26,2632017-02-18
59.Like You24,7192017-02-19
60.The Only One22,8432017-02-19
61.Thoughtless (Live)22,4432016-04-07
62.Cloud Nine22,4352017-02-19
65.All That I Am Living For20,3592017-02-19
66.Lose Control19,7992017-02-18
67.Evanescence - Swimming Home (Live)16,7422018-12-14
68.Evanescence - Speak To Me (Live)16,3822018-12-14

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