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Country: USA
Youtube channel: Evanescence
Subscriber count: 5,880,000
Channel views: 2,943,850,382
Total video viewcount: 2,675,323,574
Total music videos viewcount: 2,219,819,668

PosVideoViewcount Published
1.Evanescence - Bring Me To Life (Official Music Video)927,927,0452009-12-02
2.Evanescence - My Immortal (Official Music Video)776,778,5402009-12-02
3.Evanescence - Going Under (Official Music Video)196,725,9702009-12-02
4.Evanescence - Lithium (Official Music Video)154,957,5222009-12-02
5.Evanescence - Call Me When You're Sober (Official Music Video)133,777,5922009-12-02
6.Evanescence - Everybody's Fool110,607,2092009-12-02
7.Evanescence - My Heart Is Broken65,631,5152012-01-24
8.Evanescence - What You Want63,950,7222011-09-13
9.Evanescence - Sweet Sacrifice61,638,0972009-12-02
10.Evanescence - Good Enough44,555,7942009-12-02
11.Evanescence - Imperfection (Official Video)24,544,8892017-10-19
12.Evanescence - Lost in Paradise (Lyric Video)20,761,7362012-05-11
13.Evanescence - "Hi-Lo" featuring Lindsey Stirling (Official Music Video)7,498,6662018-06-08
14.Evanescence - Wasted On You (Official Music Video)6,377,6012020-04-24
15.Evanescence - The Other Side (Lyric Video)6,365,5912012-08-30
16.Evanescence - The Chain (from Gears 5) [Official Music Video]5,636,9252020-01-09
17.Evanescence - Use My Voice (Official Music Video)4,690,5132020-08-28
18.Evanescence - Missing (Official Audio)3,950,0612018-05-04
19.Evanescence - The Game Is Over (Official Music Video)2,862,2572020-07-03
20.Evanescence - Better Without You (Official Music Video)2,587,0372021-04-16
21.EVANESCENCE - "Even In Death - 2016 Version" from the album, "Lost Whispers" (Official Audio)2,445,9372017-02-17
22.Evanescence - Breathe No More (Official Audio)2,182,2252018-05-04
23.Evanescence - Tourniquet (Live)2,011,9882010-06-24
24.Evanescence - Cruel Summer1,940,4902020-06-11
25.EVANESCENCE - "Never Go Back" (Official Audio - Synthesis)1,926,9012017-11-10
26.EVANESCENCE - "Imperfection" (Official Audio - Synthesis)1,809,4212017-09-15
27.EVANESCENCE - "Hi-Lo" ft. Lindsey Stirling (Official Audio - Synthesis)1,761,9072017-11-10
28.EVANESCENCE - "Lacrymosa" (Official Audio - Synthesis)1,600,5192017-10-27
29.Evanescence - Yeah Right (Official Audio)1,531,7982020-12-04
30.EVANESCENCE - "My Heart Is Broken" Synthesis Live DVD1,482,1862018-10-10
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