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K-Pop chart report for week 2021/5/17

Published: 2021-05-24 09:00:00
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Well, what a week this was. There were 12 new music videos! Let's break it down.

Aespa's highly anticipated comeback 'NEXT LEVEL' had an excellent run during the week getting 74 million views in the end. Compared to their debut 'Black Mamba', the first two days had about the same amount but after that it started going stronger as you can see in the graph.

But then BTS dropped their new international single 'Butter' and obliterated aespa's progress in 1 day, already reaching over 100 million views after 24 hours, eventually coming in at 174 million for this week and that just in the 3 days. They are in a league of their own.

Fromis_9 and Rocket Punch both had a comeback this week and I kinda consider them being at the same level of each other and indeed they were neck on neck.
With 'Ring Ring' Rocket Punch is a little late to the '80 retro party from 2020 where we had comeback like Twice's 'I can't stop me' and Everglow's 'LA DI DA'. While their previous comeback 'JUICY' did quite poorly compared to the one before that 'BOUNCY', this comeback is back in line with that one performing exactly the same.

fromis_9's comeback 'WE GO' is in the same line as their previous comeback 'FEEL GOOD' and also performed the same in terms of views the whole week doing slightly better than 'FEEL GOOD'.

In the end, fromis_9 won the duel, ending at number 4 with 14.5 million views compared to Rocket Punch at number 7 with 11.8 million views.

TAEMIN's new comeback 'Advice' comes in at number 6 with 13.3 million views, doing not as well as his previous comeback 'IDEA' but still much better than the one before that '2 KIDS'.

ENHYPEN's new comeback 'FEVER' is not doing as well as their previous comeback 'Drunk-Drazed' a few weeks ago. They have yet to have a comeback that surpasses their debut 'Given-Taken'. While 'Drunk-Drazed' has not reached the same amount of views as their debut track, it has however been getting more views after 2.5 weeks and the amount of views are rising faster now, so we might see it overtake 'Give-Taken' in a few weeks.

TRI.BE's first comeback 'RUB-A-DUM' is doing well compared to their debut with 'DOOM DOOM TA'. While it had a slow start on the first day, it really overtook over the next days.

YUQI from (G)I-DLE released a second music video for the song 'Bonnie & Clyde' from her first solo single. It is performing very similar to the first track from the single 'Giant'.

There were a few comebacks that did not reach the top 30. TO1 (who were previously TOO) reached number 36 with 3.3 million views for their new song 'Son of Beast', while Heize's comeback 'HAPPEN' reached number 46 with 2.6 million views. Bling Bling made their first comeback with 'Oh mama' but only reached number 66 with 2 million views. The last comeback was by PIXY with 'Let Me Know' which failed to even reach the top 100 with just 750.000 views doing much less than their debut 'Wings'.

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