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1.블링블링(Bling Bling) - '너 나랑 놀래?(LA LA LA)' Performance Video2,395,1752020-12-08
2.[MV] Bling Bling(블링블링) _ G.G.B1,474,6882020-11-17
3.블링블링(Bling Bling) 'G.G.B' Official Teaser #2532,2252020-11-15
4.블링블링(Bling Bling) 'G.G.B' Official Teaser #1474,4512020-11-08
5.[MV] Bling Bling(블링블링) _ LA LA LA(너 나랑 놀래?) (Performance Video)409,8462020-12-08
6.블링블링(Bling Bling) - 'How You Like That' (BLACKPINK) DANCE COVER290,8702020-12-16
7.블링블링(Bling Bling) - '너 나랑 놀래?(LA LA LA)' One-Take Dance Practice253,5272020-12-10
8.블링블링(Bling Bling) - 'G.G.B' 안무 연습 영상 (Dance Practice Video) 교복 ver. High School ver.220,6432020-12-07
9.블링블링(Bling Bling) - 'G.G.B' 안무 연습 영상 (Dance Practice Video)206,3102020-11-23
10.블링블링(Bling Bling) The 1st Mini Album 'CONTRAST' Spoiler Film188,5322021-05-02
11.블링블링(Bling Bling) - '너 나랑 놀래?(LA LA LA)' 안무 연습 영상 (Dance Practice Video) 교복 ver. (High School ver.)136,4942020-12-14
12.블링블링(Bling Bling) Concept Film '유빈(YUBIN)'135,7342020-11-03
13.블링블링(Bling Bling) - 'G.G.B' (MEDIA SHOWCASE ver.)118,8812020-11-17
14.블링블링(Bling Bling) Concept Film '마린(MARIN)'117,9992020-11-05
15.블링블링(Bling Bling) Concept Film '차주현(CHA-JUHYUN)'113,6342020-11-04
16.블링블링(Bling Bling) Concept Film '최지은(CHOI-JIEUN)'109,5442020-11-10
17.블링블링(Bling Bling) Concept Film '아야미(AYAMY)'106,7942020-11-11
18.블링블링(Bling Bling) Concept Film '나린(NARIN)'100,8722020-11-12
19.블링블링(Bling Bling) - 도와주세요 선배님 EP.2 우주소녀 쪼꼬미(WJSN CHOCOME)74,7342020-12-03
20.블링블링(Bling Bling) - 도와주세요 선배님 EP.1 이달의 소녀(LOONA)74,4362020-11-26
21.블링블링(Bling Bling) - 'G.G.B' 릴레이댄스 (Relay Dance)58,6902020-11-21
22.Bling Bling(블링블링) - G.G.B @인기가요 inkigayo 2020112949,6412020-11-29
23.블링블링(Bling Bling) - '너 나랑 놀래?(LA LA LA)' 안무 연습 영상 (Dance Practice Video) CHRISTMAS ver.41,4692020-12-26
24.Bling Bling(블링블링) - G.G.B @인기가요 inkigayo 2020112238,9212020-11-22
25.블링블링(Bling Bling) Dance Performance Cover (T-ARA|2NE1|miss A|Wonder Girls|GIRLS' GENERATION)37,6832021-05-13
26.블링블링(Bling Bling) - 마린(MARIN) 'Who's That Girl'33,7772020-09-03
27.[LIVE] Bling Bling 블링블링 'G.G.B' Showcase Stage 쇼케이스 무대 (차주현, 유빈, 마린, 최지은, 아야미, 나린) [통통TV]31,2562020-11-17
28.블링블링(Bling Bling) 'Oh MAMA' Question Video27,9802021-05-10
29.블링블링(Bling Bling) - ‘G.G.B‘ 응원법27,7622020-11-17
30.블링블링(Bling Bling) - 'G.G.B' MV Reaction Video27,0912020-11-18
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