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Apink (에이핑크)


Country: South-Korea
Youtube channel: Apink (에이핑크)
Subscriber count: 1,310,000
Channel views: 340,738,015
Total video viewcount: 541,386,340
Total music videos viewcount: 487,200,677
Brand reputation ranking among Korean groups: 38. (December 2019)
Brand reputation ranking among female Korean groups: 12. (December 2019)

Instagram: official.apink2011
PosVideoViewcount Published
1.[MV] Apink(에이핑크) _ I'm so sick(1도 없어)85,171,1962018-07-02
2.[MV] Apink(에이핑크) _ Mr. Chu(미스터 츄)78,572,1022014-03-31
3.[MV] Apink(에이핑크) _ LUV68,020,1722014-11-23
4.[MV] Apink(에이핑크) _ Remember(리멤버)46,040,5042015-07-15
5.[MV] Apink(에이핑크) _ %%(Eung Eung(응응))43,331,4422019-01-07
6.[MV] Apink(에이핑크) _ FIVE25,659,3382017-06-26
7.[MV] Apink(에이핑크) _ NoNoNo23,013,0552016-01-13
8.[MV] Apink(에이핑크) _ Only one(내가 설렐 수 있게)15,500,0382016-09-25
9.Apink MYMY M/V11,909,9222011-11-23
10.[MV] Apink(에이핑크) _ Cause you're my star(별의 별)10,676,3192016-12-14
11.A PINK 'HUSH'M.V10,194,1712012-05-09
12.[MV] Apink(에이핑크) _ Petal(꽃잎점)8,250,2502015-08-04
13.[MV] Apink(에이핑크) _ I don't Know(몰라요)7,932,8552015-08-07
14.[MV] Apink(에이핑크) _ The Wave(네가 손짓해주면)7,762,1612016-04-18
15.[MV] Apink(에이핑크) _ U You7,139,9742016-02-01
16.[릴레이댄스] 에이핑크(Apink) - 1도 없어(I'm so sick)5,870,1902018-07-17
17.Apink 'Good Morning Baby' M/V5,387,8502014-01-13
18.[MV] Apink(에이핑크) _ Dumhdurum(덤더럼)5,201,1602020-04-13
19.[MV] Apink(에이핑크) _ Always5,018,6862017-04-19
20.[MV] Yang YoSeop(양요섭) (BEAST), Jeong EunJi(정은지) (Apink) _ LOVE DAY4,641,3492016-02-01
21.[MV] Apink(에이핑크) _ Promise U(새끼손가락)4,282,2232015-04-18
22.Apink(에이핑크) 2nd Album [Pink MEMORY] 'Remember' (리멤버) M/V4,030,1152015-07-15
23.[릴레이댄스] 에이핑크(Apink) - 덤더럼(Dumhdurum) (4K)3,144,0842020-04-24
24.[MV] Apink(에이핑크) _ Secret Garden2,716,6162016-01-13
25.[MV] Apink(에이핑크) _ Crystal(크리스탈)2,563,5542014-06-16
26.[MV] HuhGak(허각), Jeong EunJi(정은지) (Apink) _ Break Up To Make Up(이제 그만 싸우자)2,376,7962014-07-08
27.[MV] HuhGak(허각), Apink(에이핑크), VICTON(빅톤) _ OASIS(오아시스)1,933,8062017-08-03
28.BUBIBU_Dance Practice1,647,0752012-07-18
29.OH HAYOUNG (오하영) Don't Make Me Laugh MV1,599,3312019-08-21
30.[MV] Apink(에이핑크) _ Miracle(기적 같은 이야기)1,536,7422018-04-19
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