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1.Shakira - Chantaje (Official Video) ft. Maluma2,429,126,5712016-11-18
2.Shakira - Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) (The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup™ Song)2,302,677,4482010-06-04
3.Shakira - La La La (Brazil 2014) (Official Music Video) ft. Carlinhos Brown1,059,320,3992014-05-22
4.Shakira - Can't Remember to Forget You (Official Music Video) ft. Rihanna981,214,1822014-01-31
5.Shakira - Perro Fiel (Official Music Video) ft. Nicky Jam714,828,5682017-09-15
6.Shakira - Me Enamoré (Official Music Video)688,369,3072017-05-12
7.Shakira - Hips Don't Lie (Official Music Video) ft. Wyclef Jean685,841,1232009-10-03
8.Shakira - Try Everything (From "Zootopia") (Official Music Video)597,676,0802016-03-04
9.Shakira - Loca (Video Oficial) ft. El Cata514,305,4202010-10-13
10.Shakira - Whenever, Wherever (Official Music Video)481,041,4372009-10-03
11.Shakira - La Tortura (Official Music Video) ft. Alejandro Sanz450,111,1712009-10-03
12.Shakira - She Wolf (Official Music Video)265,365,8172009-10-03
13.Shakira - Rabiosa (Official Music Video) ft. Pitbull246,408,1172011-06-07
14.Shakira - Addicted to You (Video Oficial)230,215,0992012-05-02
15.Shakira - Te Aviso, Te Anuncio (Tango) (Video Oficial)185,076,2412009-11-24
16.Shakira feat Freshlyground: Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) OFFICIAL17,536,5232010-04-28
17.Shakira / Rihanna: Making of Can't Remember To Forget You (short version)11,419,1592014-01-30
18.Shakira - Así Se Hizo Waka Waka9,751,1372010-06-22
19.She Wolf - Making of the Video5,359,7032009-07-25
20.Shakira: Give It Up to Me feat. Lil Wayne - 15 sec preview4,650,5912009-11-13
21.Shakira - Chantaje (Live in Washington Square Park / En Vivo en Washington Square Park)4,610,9052017-05-21
22.Shakira - Imagine (Live at the UN's General Assembly 2015)4,150,2812015-09-25
23.When Shakira Met Shakiro - Shakira y Shakiro4,000,7332011-03-14
24.Gitana - Avance 30"3,984,5602010-02-18
25.Shakira: She Wolf - Official Music Video - 15 sec preview3,945,4292009-07-13
26.Shakira y su padre, William Mebarak, graban "Hay Amores" / Shakira & her dad record 'Hay Amores"3,380,3592012-09-06
27.Shakira Tour Blog: Morocco3,335,3592011-07-27
28.Gypsy Music Video / Teaser3,245,8932010-02-18
29.Shakira Makes History In Mexico3,168,5022007-06-01
30.Zumba: La Bicicleta3,165,8472016-06-08
31.Nuestro tutorial para bailar bachata!3,033,5192017-03-29
32.Shakira + Maluma: The Making of Chantaje (part 1)2,763,1722016-11-04
33.Waka Waka (Sharam Arena Mix) - Shakira ft Freshlyground2,491,9402010-06-01
34.Rock! by Shakira TV Spot (English Version)2,316,4802014-09-28
35.Shakira's Speech at Oxford Union1,902,4882009-12-09
36.Shakira featuring FreshlyGround: Waka Waka (Esto Es África) OFICIAL1,749,4162010-04-28
37.America's Got Talent1,603,5552009-09-17
38.Shakira - Loca (4)1,588,1712010-09-20
39.Suerte (Live in Barcelona)1,553,1512011-06-01
40.Shakira & Maluma singing "Trap" in the studio1,538,6542018-02-16
41.Carpool Karaoke: Shakira + Trevor Noah1,529,1152017-09-07
42.Mercedes Sosa y Shakira graban "La Maza".1,502,4422009-10-05
43.Shakira Dance Diamonds (anuncio televisión)1,488,8572017-10-24
44.Shakira - Santa Baby1,395,6312009-12-23
45.Shakira in Barcelona: "I'm crazy about Skrillex!"1,379,7652012-03-02
46.Shakira - Santa Baby1,340,6202012-12-24
47.Shakira - El Dorado World Tour Presented by Rakuten1,295,7582017-06-30
48.Shakira - Addicted To You (Official Preview)1,291,0252012-04-30
49.Shakira + Maluma: The Making of Chantaje (part 3)1,278,2372016-11-07
50.Shakira - Dance Diamonds (anuncio televisión, versión corta)1,237,8842017-10-24
51.Shakira teaches fans the Loca dance1,223,7402010-10-28
52.Shakira - Fans at 30 Rock1,166,9862009-12-28
53.Shakira in Baku - Highlights / Shakira en Baku - Mejores Momentos1,149,5512012-10-18
54.Rock! by Shakira anuncio TV (versión en español)1,017,7972014-09-28
55.Gazelle, Shak's character from Zootopia955,6802016-02-29
56.Shakira YouTube Message935,8902010-09-30
57.Tour Blog: Shakira's Beirut visit927,4262011-06-08
58.Carlos Vives + Shakira: La Bicicleta (Teaser 2)911,1102016-07-07
59.Entrevista Shakira y Maluma869,8652018-01-31
60.Dance - Shakira, la nueva fragancia de Shakira850,7222016-10-06
61.Shakira - Loca (5)791,2942010-09-20
62.Shakira - Loca (2)767,0042010-09-20
63.Shakira on ALMA Awards765,1712009-09-21
64.Waka Waka - Shakira (Live in Barcelona)749,7932011-06-01
65.Shakira interpreta el himno de Colombia en la Cumbre de las Américas672,9892012-04-15
66.Addicted To You (Behind The Scenes) - Shakira646,4322012-05-14
67.Shakira - Live From Paris DVD - Trailer #3568,8532011-12-08
68.Still searching for that new move...564,6762010-08-02
69.Jugadores de todo el mundo bailan el Waka Waka564,5592010-05-28
70.La La La (Brazil 2014) - #DareToDream Fans' Version560,9802014-07-14
71.Shakira Live Moments #2 - Waka Waka at Glastonbury 2010530,1722010-08-20
72.Shakira - El Dorado World Tour - Antología (Milano)526,6082018-06-23
73.#LaGiraBarcelona: Alejandro Sanz & Shakira (Live from Barcelona June 08 2019)524,4702019-06-09
74.Shakira - Sale El Sol World Tour - Bogotá519,4162011-03-13
75.Making of Clandestino! Así se hizo Clandestino!517,4132018-08-20
76.Tour blog: Shakira meets Sanziana501,7722011-05-13
77.Discurso de Shakira en la Cumbre de las Américas480,2842012-04-14
78.Shakira's Empire video - behind the scenes478,7042014-03-29
79.Shakira - Feliz año 2013474,5902012-12-31
80.Gypsy - Indian Drummers464,4862010-02-09
81.Shakira in Paris - Shakira en París460,4252013-04-10
82.Shakira - Loca (I)459,9532010-09-20
83.Shakira - Loca (7)447,9802010-09-20
84.Tour Blog 20: Playing Golf in Mexico431,6892011-08-02
85.Shakira - My YouTube Shout Out429,8242010-11-29
86.Shakira - El Dorado World Tour First Show: Behind-the-scenes410,2082018-06-17
87.Working on a move to top the Waka Waka402,3052010-07-29
88.Top players at the Waka Waka video shoot389,1152010-05-28
89.La Bicicleta (Teaser 1)382,9982016-07-06
90.Shakira Tour Blog: Moscow380,5052011-07-19
91.Shakira Tour Blog: Zagreb380,2262011-05-25
92.Elixir by Shakira - TV spot (extended version)377,6642012-08-31
93.Shakira Live Moments #1: Suerte / Whenever Wherever - Tour of the Moongose368,8482010-08-20
94.Shakira - Loca (6)365,7182010-09-20
95.Shakira Tour Blog: Puerto Rico362,2992011-12-16
96.Behind the scenes at Shakira's ELLE cover shoot (on stands now!)358,8852013-07-02
97.Shakira - In Cairo353,8892007-04-02
98.When the Mighty Eagle calls…351,3132015-10-02
99.Shakira & Ivete Sangalo - País Tropical (Live at Rock In Rio)343,4362012-01-18
100.Elixir by Shakira, the new fragrance335,0842012-08-31
101.Shakira's message to her Facebook followers329,2532010-10-16
102.Shakira - Boig Per Tu - El Dorado World Tour in Barcelona321,4892018-07-10
103.Shakira - Behind The Scenes308,9492014-06-20
104.El Dorado World Tour in Barcelona - July 6th308,4682018-07-07
105.Shakira - Live From Paris DVD - Promotional trailer299,8322011-11-17
106.Shakira calls a fan / Shakira llamó a un fan290,9822016-10-27
107.Shakira Tour Blog 25: Donkey Race, Mexico289,6492011-08-26
108.Shakira Tour Blog: Budapest286,6782011-05-17
109.A festive message from Shakira283,0812010-12-22
110.El Dorado World Tour279,5182018-09-02
111.Shakira - Loca (3)278,5112010-09-20
112.Shakira - Happy New Year267,2412012-12-31
113.Así se hizo #Chantaje (parte 2) / The Making of Chantaje (part 2) with Shakira and Maluma267,2052016-11-05
114.Rueda de Prensa de Shakira en Barranquilla - 21 Mayo 2016265,2582016-05-22
115.Shakira - Album Launch Highlights / Lanzamiento del álbum en Barcelona259,1692014-03-23
116.Un mensaje de Shakira254,9212012-11-02
117.Presidents Obama and Santos and Shakira speak at Summit of the Americas252,9872012-04-16
118.Shakira in Baku251,6302012-12-12
119.Tour Blog 24: Mexicali (México)245,4542011-08-24
120.Shakira Tour Blog: Belgrade234,0652011-05-19
121.Shakira - El Dorado Miami lauch224,3812017-05-30
122.Making Of / Así se hizo - Elixir by Shakira216,9632012-09-28
123.Shakira & Maluma: Clandestino Vertical Video Exclusive for Spotify216,3832018-06-29
124.Shakira Tour Blog 09: Bucharest Under The Rain212,2892011-05-14
125.Shakira Tour Blog 27 - Madrid207,3782011-09-15
126.Shakira - Live From Paris DVD - Trailer #2207,2452011-11-29
127.Shakira El Dorado World Tour Rehearsals: Antología203,8452018-05-26
128.Recordando a Gabriel García Márquez203,7052019-04-17
129.Tour Blog Shakira: Saint Petersburg201,8412011-07-06
130.El Dorado World Tour en el Estadio Azteca201,7692018-10-12
131.Making of Dream / Así se hizo Dream201,6472018-11-28
132.Descubre el nuevo álbum de Shakira200,5262014-03-21
133.Shakira - Empire (The Voice UK soundcheck)199,2242014-04-04
134.Shakira Tour Blog 28: Geneve ( Je L'aime à Mourir)198,0292011-09-22
135.Shakira habla sobre su nuevo álbum, Sale El Sol,193,9502010-10-20
136.Shakira - El Dorado World Tour in Milan (Amarillo)193,6112018-06-22
137.Shakira in Tannourine (Lebanon) / Shakira en Tannourine (Líbano)192,0332018-07-18
138.Los espero en Barcelona! / Els Espero a Barcelona!188,3942011-05-06
139.A little message from Shak...185,4772012-11-02
140.Sun Comes Out Interview: Part 3176,6522010-11-10
141.Shakira & Barefoot Foundation: Buy a Brick Campaign163,7542012-12-18
142.DREAM the new fragrance by Shakira / DREAM la nueva fragancia de Shakira(DREAM TV SPOT 30 sec)160,0692018-09-21
143.Shakira's Speech at the swearing-in Ceremony for the White House Initiative on Ed. Exc for Hispanics159,7662011-10-08
144.Wow! 6 billones de reproducciones de El Dorado! Cómo puede ser posible! 1080i155,9762018-08-16
145.El Dorado World Tour Rehearsals: Day 2155,3082018-05-21
146.Shakira - Track by Track Interview152,3332014-03-21
147.Shakira - Antología - Pies Descalzos Tour151,5672012-04-20
148.Shakira Tour Blog 22: Tijuana150,7632011-08-15
149.Shakira Live Moments #3: Anfibio Tour - 2000149,7072010-08-23
150.In the studio making 'Shakira' / En el estudio grabando 'Shakira'147,9502014-11-06
151.El Dorado World Tour in Latin America! La gira de El Dorado en América Latina!146,2202018-09-25
152.Un mensaje navideño de Shakira146,2192010-12-22 Glastonbury interview143,5572010-06-30
154.Sun Comes Out Interview: Part 2138,6942010-11-10
155.Shakira gets her Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star138,6142011-12-21
156.Shakira: El Dorado World Tour - Hamburg135,8412018-06-04
157.Shakira Dream: episodio 3135,2052018-11-20
158.Shakira en Barcelona133,0682011-05-27
159.Shakira - Opening of Fundación Pies Descalzos' new school132,7702014-04-11
160.Sun Comes Out Interview: Part 1132,6052010-11-08
161.Tour Blog: Monchengladbach131,2782011-06-05
162.Shakira's remarks at Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics129,0952011-10-08
163.Paris, je t’aime à mourir. Shak.128,2382018-06-14
165.Shakira - El Dorado World Tour Rehearsals126,2562018-05-23
166.Shakira Tour Blog 26: Barcelona125,0712011-08-29
167.El Dorado World Tour: Antología en Sao Paulo124,0962018-10-22
168.Shakira Dream: Episodio 1124,0082018-09-28
169.Dance Shakira, Video Compilation122,9622017-02-12
170.Tour Blog 05: Abu Dhabi show120,6512011-05-02
171.Shakira Tour Blog 07: The Bologna show120,5922011-05-10
172.Shakira - El Dorado on Beats 1120,4372017-05-25
173.Shakira - Dare (Making of the video)117,3422014-05-21
174.Shakira - Toneladas (live from Barcelona)116,9492017-06-09
175.El Dorado World Tour Rehearsals: 10 days to go / Faltan 10 días114,7922018-05-24
176.Shakira & Charlotte: Meet and Greet in Barcelona113,4282017-05-07
177.Tour Blog: Shakira - Belarus110,8562011-06-30
178.ZUMBA: La Bicicleta in Buenos Aires110,3542016-06-22
179.Shakira's speech @ "Meeting of the Minds" - United Nations / Discurso de Shakira106,2022015-09-23
180.Shakira meets bloggers to chat about Rock! / Shakira habla sobre su nueva fragancia Rock!105,0312014-12-02
181.El Dorado World Tour End of European Leg Party at Blue Spot Barcelona102,9802018-07-10
182.Tour Blog: Shakira - The Sun Came Out in Lodz (Poland)101,3952011-06-29
183.Message to the White House Summit on Early Education101,1252014-12-10
184.Questions for Shakira? / Preguntas para Shakira?100,1712010-06-25
185.Shakira: El Dorado World Tour Rehearsals. Pyro.99,7312018-05-31
186.#ShakiraDream episodio 2.99,0762018-10-29
187.Shakira El Dorado World Tour Rehearsals: Shakira Interview97,9772018-05-25
188.The Making Of: S by Shakira96,7222011-03-23
189.Shakira: El Dorado World Tour: 1 day to showtime96,1612018-06-02
190.El Dorado World Tour en Madrid93,2232018-07-04
191.United Nations: Shakira's remarks about the refugee crisis in Syria91,6892015-09-23
192.El Dorado World Tour Europe91,6342018-08-02
193.Shakira Tour Blog (2): Inevitable & Underneath Your Clothes91,1132010-09-13
194.El Dorado World Tour in Lisboa87,2062018-06-30
195.Shakira + #RockByShakira: Meet and Greet in Barcelona / Encuentro con fans en Barcelona87,1182015-11-21
196.Shakira Tour Blog 23: Hermosillo (México)86,8232011-08-23
197.Shakira in Paris - El Dorado World Tour speech85,3872018-06-14
198.Shakira + Rovio: Love Rocks85,2712015-10-16
199.Ensayos El Dorado World Tour Rehearsals: Entrevista a Shakira82,2452018-05-25
200.Shakira y #RockByShakira - Conexión via satélite con México81,9102014-10-26
201.Shakira Tour Blog (3): Deconstructing Whenever, Wherever80,9422010-09-14
202.Entrevista: Shakira habla de Love Rocks79,8312015-10-22
203.Help Shakira Create Her New Fragrance79,4562018-07-05
204.Shakira les da la bienvenida a la nueva página de Shakira Beauty78,9422012-08-31
205.Shakira: El Dorado World Tour Rehearsals 7 days to go / Faltan 7 días77,8652018-05-27
206.Shakira - Me Enamoré Flipagram75,8092017-04-19
207.Shakira & Pies Descalzos - Buy a Brick75,3072012-12-18
208.Tour Blog 21: Leon, Mexico75,2242011-08-04
209.Shakira El Dorado World Tour Rehearsals: Birthdays72,8422018-05-30
210.Lanzamiento de Primero lo Primero - First Things First launch72,4142012-04-17
211.El Dorado World Tour Rehearsals: day 172,0212018-05-21
212.Welcome to the new Shakira-Beauty.com71,8512012-08-31
213.Shakira - El Dorado - Launch Party in Miami Performance69,5182017-05-27
214.Shakira Tour Blog: Name that tune68,1912010-09-09
215.Name that tune...67,2022010-01-12
216.COLOGNE SHOW UNICEF67,1732018-06-15
217.Tour Blog 06: The band visits Sheikh Zayed Mosque64,4982011-05-08
218.Shakira - Wild Elixir (teaser)64,3142013-07-05
219.Shakira - Toneladas (live from Miami)63,5922017-05-28
220.Elixir by Shakira, la nueva fragancia de Shakira62,3492012-08-31
221.#ElDoradoWorldTour: Sur le chemin de l'école61,2842018-11-01
222.Shakira: El Dorado World Tour. Meet the band61,2042018-05-29
223.Trap Video Preview60,8502018-01-25
224.Colombia Necesita Su Ayuda57,4792010-12-17
225.Tour Blog 04: Abu Dhabi rehearsals54,0962011-05-08
226.Getting Ready at 30 Rock50,6382010-01-04
227.#ElDoradoWorldTour: Shawn, Stage manager49,4012018-10-04
229.#ElDoradoWorldTour: Kevin Antunes, musical director41,2692018-09-27
230.Love Rock! By Shakira - Anuncio Televisión 20"40,5982015-09-09
231.Carpool Karaoke: Shakira + Trevor Noah39,3112017-09-21
232.Interview: Shakira talks about Love Rocks38,2002015-10-22
233.Shakira Diamonds - la nueva fragancia37,5852017-10-10
234.Name that Tune (2)37,1762010-01-26
235.Shakira - Miami (live from Miami) Surprise Show in Miami35,4432017-05-29
236.SHAKIRA: ROCK THE NIGHT, the first masculine fragrance by Shakira.34,5312018-02-09
237.Shakira Diamonds (tv sport short version)34,4952017-10-24
238.Shakira: “Today’s babies will solve tomorrow’s problems” (Reuters interview, Davos)34,1602017-01-19
239.Shakira y el Presidente Santos (Colombia), juntos por la educación32,3042011-12-12
240.Happy Holidays! / Feliz Navidad!29,0702016-12-21
241.Recording Toneladas28,7682017-05-17
242.Shak Viber Challenge #El DoradoWorldTour26,6572017-10-12
243.Presentación de Al Viento y Al Azar26,0812012-07-17
244.Love Rock by Shakira - TV spot25,2402015-09-09
245.Shakira - El Dorado en el Lago Guatavita24,8722017-05-26
246.Shakira, en los Premios Juventud22,1942010-07-13
247.Shakira + Costa Cruceros + Fundación Pies Descalzos: Building Happiness16,6632017-09-30
248.Shakira - Dance Diamonds (English TV spot)14,8812017-10-24
249.Love Rock by Shakira - anuncio televisión 20"10,1132015-09-09
250.Institución Educativa Fundación Pies Descalzos "Nuevo Bosque"10,0292017-03-29
251.Students from FDP's schools in Colombia visit BCN for ‎#DesafíoEmprende conference and meet Shak…9,4142016-05-18
252.Convocatoria de la Segunda Edición de los Premios ALAS - BID9,1042013-04-01
253.Shakira - Pies Descalzos y Fisher-Price: te presentamos la aplicación GROW8,2292016-03-07
254.Shakira & Fisher-Price: Introducing the GROW app7,5122016-03-07

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