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Shawn Mendes

Country: Canada
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Subscriber count: 22,910,305
Channel views: 281,661,560
Total video viewcount:: 4,655,497,236

PosVideoViewcount Published
1.Shawn Mendes - Treat You Better1,799,216,5062016-07-12
2.Shawn Mendes - Stitches (Official Video)1,173,824,7592015-06-25
3.Shawn Mendes - There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back825,619,1742017-06-21
4.Shawn Mendes - Mercy294,098,4162016-09-21
5.Shawn Mendes - In My Blood281,054,3552018-04-24
6.Shawn Mendes "Lost In Japan" (Audio)68,763,8532018-03-23
7.Shawn Mendes "In My Blood" (Audio)65,467,8462018-03-22
8.Shawn Mendes - "Drag Me Down" (One Direction Cover)15,645,2432015-08-12
9.Say Something - Shawn Mendes (Cover)10,231,7672013-12-22
11.Shawn Mendes - "Stitches" Official Video [Behind The Scenes]9,214,9482015-07-14
12.Sweater Weather - Shawn Mendes (Cover)8,613,4812013-11-24
13.Counting Stars - Shawn Mendes (Cover)8,444,8892014-01-09
14.SHAWN MENDES - Artist Spotlight Stories8,015,0142018-09-28
15.“Señorita” Behind The Scenes – Part 17,907,3872019-06-24
16.“Señorita” Behind The Scenes – Part 27,116,9922019-06-25
17.Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello - "Señorita” Rehearsal Video5,361,8642019-08-16
18.Give Me Love - Shawn Mendes (Cover)5,296,0782014-02-10
19.Shawn Mendes - "She Looks So Perfect" (Cover)4,288,1552014-07-09
20.Stay - Shawn Mendes (Cover)4,138,1032013-05-23
21.Hallelujah #2 - Shawn Mendes (Cover)3,538,4152013-07-24
22.Ron Pope - Drop In The Ocean (Shawn Mendes Cover)3,284,9472012-12-30
23.Ed Sheeran Lego House (Shawn Mendes cover)2,561,5512015-09-22
24.Shawn Mendes - "Kid In Love" (Acoustic Bathroom Version) #Shawn1Million2,469,2672015-05-27
25.Hunter Hayes - Wanted (Shawn Mendes Cover)2,456,4982013-01-15
26."There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back" - Behind The Scenes2,301,9812017-07-10
27.Free Fallin' - Shawn Mendes (Cover)1,702,5662014-04-28
28.Adele - Hometown Glory (Shawn Mendes Cover)1,629,8692012-06-20
29.Shawn Mendes: The Album1,510,9252018-04-26
30."I See Fire" Intro - Shawn Mendes (Cover)1,328,0612014-01-02
31.Shawn Mendes - If I Can’t Have You (Behind the Scenes)1,160,3572019-05-06
32.“Lost In Japan (Original + Remix)” - Behind The Scenes927,3212018-11-02
33.Señorita World Premiere - 10PM ET tonight798,8242019-06-20
34.“Youth” feat. Khalid (Official Trailer)751,6422018-11-04
35.Jonathan Clay - Heart On Fire (Shawn Mendes Cover)717,8672013-03-24
36."If I Can't Have You (Gryffin Remix)"714,7132019-07-19
37.Shawn Mendes: The Tour Part IV (North America Chapter One)705,7382019-08-02
38.Shawn Mendes Signature Fragrance695,7362017-08-04
39.Coca Cola/MuchMusic contest cover. (ed sheeran, the a team)633,4502013-03-13
40.Shawn Mendes - Three Empty Words (Paper Mate InkJoy Live Lyric Video)602,6552016-11-18
41.Shawn Mendes - "Stitches" Live @ The Greek Theatre567,6732015-08-19
42.Shawn Mendes: The Tour Part II468,6272019-03-29
43.Sweet Home Alabama! (Shawn&Scotty)460,4572013-06-19
44.Shawn Mendes: The Tour - Official Trailer452,1242018-05-08
45.Shawn Mendes - "Life Of The Party" (Lyric Video Trailer)439,1802014-06-30
46.Shawn Mendes - "Life Of The Party" (Audio Preview)410,4612014-06-25
47.Shawn Mendes: The Album - Secret Listening Sessions404,4242018-05-23
48.SHAWN MENDES - Artist Spotlight Story (Official Trailer)386,9122018-09-22
49.Shawn Mendes: The Tour Part III384,5932019-04-22
50.Making-Of #IKWYDLS382,7842015-11-12
51.Shawn Mendes: The Tour Part I377,0162019-03-18
52.Shawn Mendes - Handwritten Inspirations: "Never Be Alone"374,2712015-02-20
53.Shawn Mendes: The Tour - Trailer by Gibson Hazard367,7062019-03-07
54.Artist Spotlight Story Premiere with Casey Neistat359,1732018-10-07
55.Shawn Mendes - "Life On The Road" Episode I356,3662014-09-16
56.“Youth” feat. Khalid - Behind The Scenes355,0942018-11-16
57.Shawn Mendes - "Life On The Road" Episode 4: UK317,5992015-01-17
58.Shawn Mendes - "Stitches" (Live @ Mohegan Sun Arena)300,4612015-06-18
59.Shawn Mendes - MSG in 360300,0682016-07-15
60.Shawn Mendes - For Your GRAMMY® Consideration294,5562018-12-13
61.Shawn Mendes - The Tour: Rogers Centre Stadium Trailer289,9832018-12-03
62.Shawn Mendes - "Life On The Road" Episode III266,1062014-11-17
63.Shawn Mendes - "Life On The Road" Episode II261,4332014-10-31
64.The Making Of Shawn Mendes: The Album - “Lost in Japan”254,4332018-05-30
65.The Making Of Shawn Mendes: The Album - “In My Blood”253,5642018-05-21
66.The Making Of Shawn Mendes: The Album - “Nervous"248,8852018-05-23
67.The Making Of Shawn Mendes: The Album244,2002018-05-25
68.Shawn Mendes - "World Tour Diaries" Episode 1238,1232016-05-02
69.Shawn Mendes: The Tour - O2 Priority Presale Commercial229,7552018-05-16
71.Shawn Mendes: The Tour - Poster Trailer200,4302018-05-10
72.Geof Warburton jammin with loop pedal!!197,4472014-01-05
73.The Making Of Shawn Mendes: The Album - On Location196,8392018-05-26
74.Shawn Mendes - Illuminate World Tour (Official Trailer)191,9322016-09-07
75."Something Big" (Song Preview)187,5442014-11-06
76.Shawn Mendes - Handwritten Inspirations: "Strings"186,1672015-04-24
77.Shawn Mendes - World Tour (Official Trailer)179,1992016-01-28
78.Shawn Mendes - "Life On The Road" Series Trailer175,0642014-09-15
79.Shawn Mendes - First Ever Sold-Out Arena Show149,2492015-06-16
80.Shawn Mendes - Handwritten Inspirations: "I Don't Even Know Your Name"145,1822015-04-21
81.Shawn Mendes - "World Tour Diaries" Official Trailer141,8612016-04-08
82.Shawn Mendes - "World Tour Diaries" North America Episode 1136,4802016-08-15
83.Shawn Mendes - "Illuminate" Live Concert & Album Event @ MSG129,9672016-07-06
84.Shawn Mendes - Handwritten Inspirations: "Aftertaste"115,4492015-04-21
85.Shawn Mendes - Live @ Shepherds Bush Empire in London114,6102015-10-21
86.Shawn Mendes - "Handwritten" Album Available Now!114,3842015-04-15
87."Three Empty Words" - Available Now!114,3562016-07-28
88.Shawn Mendes - #ShawnAccessLive Trailer104,1592015-08-13
89.#ShawnsFirstHeadlines Continue...68,6982015-01-19
90.Shawn Mendes - #PreOrderHandwrittenOniTunes66,6252015-02-02
91.#ShawnAccessLive + More Tour Dates!63,8182015-03-17

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