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Martin Garrix

Country: The Netherlands
Youtube channel
Subscriber count: 13,500,000
Channel views: 4,144,115,754
Total video viewcount:: 5,662,999,504

PosVideoViewcount Published
1.Martin Garrix - Animals (Official Video)1,408,004,4142013-06-17
2.Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa - Scared To Be Lonely (Official Video)567,591,7862017-01-27
3.Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha - In The Name Of Love (Official Video)558,339,0792016-08-23
4.Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha - In The Name Of Love (Official Audio)358,377,4422016-07-29
5.Martin Garrix & Troye Sivan - There For You (Official Video)295,652,6052017-05-26
6.Martin Garrix feat. Khalid - Ocean (Official Video)264,315,8592018-06-15
7.Martin Garrix & David Guetta - So Far Away (Official Video) feat. Jamie Scott & Romy Dya219,977,6252017-12-01
8.Martin Garrix - Forbidden Voices (Official Music Video)191,560,0232015-02-06
9.Martin Garrix feat. Bonn - High On Life (Official Video)154,986,0902018-07-30
10.Martin Garrix feat. Usher - 'Don't Look Down' (Towel Boy) [Official Music Video YTMAs]138,029,9112015-03-23
11.Martin Garrix & Brooks - Byte (Official Video)108,681,8202017-04-07
12.Martin Garrix - Pizza (Official Video)68,584,4792017-08-25
13.Martin Garrix & Justin Mylo - Burn Out (Official Video) feat. Dewain Whitmore65,969,3112018-09-14
14.Martin Garrix & Matisse & Sadko - Forever (Official Music Video)62,726,5892017-10-20
15.Martin Garrix - Now That I've Found You (feat. John & Michel) [Official Video]60,089,6192016-03-11
16.Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa - Scared To Be Lonely (Acoustic)56,251,9152017-04-07
17.Martin Garrix & Third Party - Lions In The Wild [Official Video]51,024,4052016-05-27
18.Martin Garrix - Sun Is Never Going Down (feat. Dawn Golden)44,187,8542016-10-16
19.Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway - Spotless43,969,3772016-10-17
20.Martin Garrix - Ultra Music Festival Miami (2014)37,876,2432014-04-01
21.Martin Garrix & Mesto - WIEE36,580,7342016-10-15
22.Martin Garrix LIVE @ Ultra Music Festival Miami (2015)36,318,5272015-03-29
23.Martin Garrix feat. Bonn - No Sleep (Official Video)36,194,6162019-02-21
24.Martin Garrix & Julian Jordan - Welcome35,441,5972016-10-19
25.Martin Garrix - Live @ Tomorrowland 201734,491,0142017-07-31
26.Martin Garrix - Yottabyte (Official Video)34,377,0382018-10-15
27.Martin Garrix & Florian Picasso - Make Up Your Mind33,070,4832016-10-21
28.Martin Garrix - Live @ Tomorrowland 201832,791,5122018-07-29
29.Martin Garrix - Hold On & Believe (feat. The Federal Empire)30,558,9762016-10-18
30.Martin Garrix feat. Macklemore & Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy - Summer Days (Lyric Video)28,449,7432019-04-25
31.Martin Garrix feat. Mike Yung - Dreamer (Official Video)28,262,2922018-11-01
32.Martin Garrix & Loopers - Game Over (Official Video)26,217,4072018-04-20
33.Martin Garrix & Matisse & Sadko - Together25,933,9802016-10-20
34.Martin Garrix - Live @ Ultra Music Festival Miami 201624,851,1012016-03-19
35.Martin Garrix feat. Usher - 'Don't Look Down' (Towel Girl) [Official Music Video YTMAs]24,304,7822015-03-23
36.Martin Garrix - Access (Official Video)23,225,7742018-10-17
37.Martin Garrix - Animals (Official Music Video)22,182,9592013-07-25
38.Martin Garrix feat. Macklemore & Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy - Summer Days (Official Video)21,661,2902019-05-22
39.Martin Garrix - Amsterdam Music Festival (2014)19,538,7652014-10-28
40.Martin Garrix - Live @ Tomorrowland 201618,907,9832016-07-25
41.Martin Garrix & Dean Lewis - Used To Love (Official Video)18,331,6622019-10-31
42.Martin Garrix feat. Khalid - Ocean (Lyrics)18,207,8852018-06-25
43.Martin Garrix feat. Usher - Don't Look Down (Lyric Video)18,151,2372015-03-17
44.Martin Garrix & Pierce Fulton feat. Mike Shinoda - Waiting For Tomorrow (Official Video)17,395,8992018-10-19
45.Martin Garrix - Bouncybob (Feat. Justin Mylo & Mesto) [FREE DOWNLOAD]16,605,6942015-12-31
46.Martin Garrix feat. Bonn - Home (Official Video)13,953,2662019-08-16
47.Martin Garrix - Live @ Ultra Music Festival Miami 201913,378,6902019-04-01
48.Martin Garrix & Dyro - Latency (Official Video)12,867,3322018-10-16
49.Martin Garrix & Julian Jordan - Glitch (Official Video)12,434,7422018-12-14
50.Martin Garrix, Matisse & Sadko feat. Alex Aris - Mistaken (Official Video)12,141,0612019-03-31
51.Martin Garrix feat. JRM - These Are The Times (Official Video)10,265,7782019-07-18
52.Martin Garrix LIVE @ Sziget Festival (2015)10,120,9572015-08-18
53.Martin Garrix & Blinders - Breach (Walk Alone) (Official Video)9,693,7592018-10-14
54.Martin Garrix, Matisse & Sadko feat. Michel Zitron - Hold On (Official Video)9,496,3722019-12-27
55.Martin Garrix feat. Clinton Kane - Drown (Official Video)8,863,8212020-02-27
56.Martin Garrix - Proxy (FREE DOWNLOAD)7,066,2082014-03-06
57.Julian Jordan & Martin Garrix - BFAM (Official Music Video)5,497,1502013-02-06
58.The Martin Garrix Show: S1.E15,274,9392014-10-14
60.MARTIN GARRIX LIVE @ THE ETHER (Amsterdam RAI 2019)4,602,9382019-12-07
62.Martin Garrix, Matisse & Sadko feat. Alex Aris - Mistaken (Club Mix)3,889,0992019-03-31
63.Martin Garrix - Poison [Free Download]3,768,3822015-10-31
64.Martin Garrix feat. John Martin - Higher Ground (Official Video)3,703,5292020-05-14
65.Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa - Scared To Be Lonely (Behind The Scenes)3,579,6752017-02-17
67.The Martin Garrix Show: S1.E43,456,2862015-11-21
68.The Martin Garrix Show: S1.E23,034,0652014-12-25
69.The Martin Garrix Show: S1.E32,951,9372015-05-14
70.The Martin Garrix Show: S1.E62,813,8952016-12-27
71.Martin Garrix Presents: ANIMA (Live @ Amsterdam RAI 2018)2,408,8892018-12-23
72.The Martin Garrix Show: S2.E7 Show Day2,377,6222017-10-03
73.The Martin Garrix Show: S1.E52,190,3982016-08-07
74.Martin Garrix - Sensation Amsterdam (2014)1,883,4742014-07-24
75.Sidney Samson & Martin Garrix - Torrent (Original Mix)1,862,6062013-07-25
76.The Martin Garrix Show: S2.E8 Coachella1,839,6832017-10-10
77.Martin Garrix - Summer Days (Behind The Scenes)1,471,3362019-07-11
78.The Martin Garrix Show: S2.E9 Ibiza1,392,0442017-10-17
79.Martin Garrix & Macklemore perform Summer Days LIVE @ Main Square Festival 20191,327,4232019-07-08
80.Martin Garrix & Dean Lewis - Used To Love (Acoustic Version)1,305,7632020-02-14
81.Martin Garrix feat. Usher - 'Don't Look Down' [Official BTS YTMAs]1,267,2772015-03-24
82.Martin Garrix - Amsterdam Rai 2017 (Official Aftermovie)1,264,9932017-10-28
83.LA STUDIO HANGS1,213,1352017-02-09
84.Martin Garrix @ Ushuaia - Multiply Ibiza | Opening Party1,194,2022015-07-10
85.The Martin Garrix Show: S2.E3 Miami1,156,0932017-09-05
86.Martin Garrix & Dean Lewis - Used To Love (Lyric Video)1,145,0382019-11-29
87.The Martin Garrix Show: S2.E10 Season Finale1,080,7732017-10-24
88.The Martin Garrix Show: S2.E2 South Africa1,068,2152017-08-29
89.got some new dance moves1,060,1402019-09-04
90.#DOTHEHELICOPTER | Martin Garrix & Firebeatz -- Helicopter1,057,9812014-02-28
91.The Martin Garrix Show: S2.E6 Palm Springs1,046,5482017-09-26
92.Martin Garrix - These Are The Times (Behind The Scenes)1,030,8822019-08-01
93.Martin Garrix - Keygen (Original Mix)1,028,0312013-01-28
94.WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS ... | The Martin Garrix Show S4.E11,018,3712019-11-05
95.7UP + Martin Garrix | A Concert for the Deaf979,7572016-03-29
96.The Martin Garrix Show: S2.E1 Amsterdam952,0972017-08-22
97.Martin Garrix x TAG Heuer - #DontCrackUnderPressure941,5752015-08-28
98.Daddy's Groove - Stellar (Martin Garrix Remix)931,8982013-07-25
99.Martin Garrix - Now That I've Found You (feat. John & Michel) - [Official Trailer]931,5062016-03-04
100.Martin Garrix & TV Noise - Just Some Loops (Original Mix)890,9932013-07-25
101.Martin Garrix - Omnia Nightclub (Las Vegas 2015)849,8162015-04-14
102.BAD NEWS | The Martin Garrix Show S4.E2847,8732019-11-12
103.HOW WE MADE 'USED TO LOVE' | The Martin Garrix Show S4.E4836,6772019-11-26
104.The Martin Garrix Show: S3.E14 Season Finale830,9622018-12-03
105.The Martin Garrix Show: S3.E8 Closing Tomorrowland 2018790,6802018-10-22
106.The Martin Garrix Show: S2.E4 Los Angeles783,8332017-09-12
107.Martin Garrix @ Ultra South Africa 2015768,6742015-03-07
108.TOMORROWLAND 2019 | The Martin Garrix Show S4.E9765,8432019-12-31
109.Martin Garrix for War Child in Paradiso Amsterdam727,5312017-03-01
110.The Martin Garrix Show: S3.E1 ADE719,4962018-09-03
111.The Martin Garrix Show: S2.E5 Rehearsals697,7082017-09-19
112.Martin Garrix - Bouncybob (Feat. Justin Mylo & Mesto) teaser697,3392015-12-28
113.Martin Garrix recap @ EDC weekend Las Vegas 2015! #7x7UP693,6582015-06-30
114.Martin Garrix @ Sziget Festival (2015) (Aftermovie)693,3202015-08-17
115.BUSTOUR IN FRANCE | The Martin Garrix Show S4.E10680,1682020-01-07
116.Martin Garrix - Ushuaia Ibiza 2017661,8992017-08-10
117.Martin Garrix - Ushuaia Ibiza 2018627,8402018-07-11
118.Martin Garrix + Third Party - Lions In The Wild - [Official Trailer]617,8342016-05-24
119.The Martin Garrix Show: S3.E10 Mike Yung598,2692018-11-05
120.BACK ON ONE LEG | The Martin Garrix Show S4.E7591,2382019-12-17
121.Martin Garrix - BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix (2014)588,3972014-09-16
122.SEASON FINALE: EURO 2020 | The Martin Garrix Show S4.E18565,2042020-03-03
123.Martin Garrix - Hï Ibiza 2017561,9272017-08-14
124.Julian Jordan & Martin Garrix - BFAM (Original Mix)556,5762013-01-28
125.Martin Garrix - EDC Vegas Recap (2014)551,2482014-07-10
126.Roy Gates - Midnight Sun 2.0 (Martin Garrix Remix)545,2782013-01-28
127.The Martin Garrix Show: S3.E3 World Club Dome542,6072018-09-17
128.The Martin Garrix Show: S3.E2 RAI523,2842018-09-10
129.The Martin Garrix Show: S3.E4 Miami 2018515,4212018-09-24
130.3 DAYS IN TOKYO | The Martin Garrix Show S4.E11512,3132020-01-14
131.MEETING DEAN LEWIS | The Martin Garrix Show S4.E3486,3832019-11-19
132.LATE NIGHT STUDIO SESSION | The Martin Garrix Show S4.E5470,5652019-12-03
133.CLOSING THE 2018 WINTER OLYMPICS | The Martin Garrix Show S4.E17466,8222020-02-25
134.The Martin Garrix Show: S3.E5 Armani465,9362018-10-01
135.A LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCE - Antarctica 2020440,6502020-03-27
136.The Martin Garrix Show: S3.E13 One More Day440,5722018-11-26
137.START OF MY SUMMER TOUR | The Martin Garrix Show S4.E8434,7202019-12-24
138.The Martin Garrix Show: S3.E6 Ocean423,1752018-10-08
139.THE FINAL PIECES | The Martin Garrix Show S4.E6418,3352019-12-10
140.The Martin Garrix Show: S3.E9 ADE 2018 Preparations408,4632018-10-29
141.The Martin Garrix Show: S3.E7 STMPD @ Tomorrowland 2018407,8852018-10-15
142.Martin Garrix & Sem Vox last track at Privilege Ibiza392,3322013-06-08
143.Martin Garrix Radio - Episode 301387,9952020-06-13
144.SZIGET 2019 | The Martin Garrix Show S4.E12376,6582020-01-21
145.The Martin Garrix Show: S3.E12 The Start of ADE 2018359,5962018-11-19
146.The Martin Garrix Show: S3.E11 Sunday before ADE 2018347,7042018-11-12
147.THE ETHER | The Martin Garrix Show S4.E15335,6442020-02-11
148.Martin Garrix & MC Zawdi @ PaintGlow, Brothers Bunnik328,4532013-06-23
149.END OF MY SUMMER TOUR AT LOLLAPALOOZA BERLIN | The Martin Garrix Show S4.E13308,1382020-01-28
150.Martin Garrix. Wessel van Diepen. Part 1: The Story So Far295,5942013-12-13
151.MY 2019 AMSTERDAM DANCE EVENT | The Martin Garrix Show S4.E14294,0792020-02-04
152.Martin Garrix @ Amsterdam RAI 2018 (Official Aftermovie)289,8402018-10-26
153.FLASHBACK TO THE 2018 WINTER OLYMPICS | The Martin Garrix Show S4.E16275,1382020-02-18
154.Martin Garrix. Wessel van Diepen. Part 2: The Background Story270,1432013-12-20
155.Martin Garrix feat. Usher - 'Don't Look Down' [Official Teaser - YTMAs]260,6502015-03-22
156.Martin Garrix Radio - Episode 302249,7492020-06-20
157.Martin Garrix Radio - Episode 303240,5752020-06-27
158.Martin Garrix. Wessel van Diepen. Part 3: The Future Story240,5302013-12-27
159.Martin Garrix Radio - Episode 304154,0022020-07-04
160.Martin Garrix Radio - Episode 305107,6032020-07-11

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