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Wanna One

Country: South-Korea
Youtube playlist
Total video viewcount: 539,402,441
Total music videos viewcount: 395,291,306

Instagram: wannaone.official
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1.Wanna One (워너원) - 에너제틱 (Energetic) MV147,218,5232017-08-07
2.Wanna One (워너원) - 'BOOMERANG (부메랑)' M/V69,670,2782018-03-19
3.Wanna One (워너원) - 'Beautiful (뷰티풀)' M/V (Performance ver.)61,788,0482017-11-21
4.Wanna One (워너원) - '약속해요 (I.P.U.)' M/V l Special Theme Track40,904,7702018-03-05
5.Wanna One (워너원) - '봄바람 (Spring Breeze)’ M/V38,285,6722018-11-19
6.Wanna One (워너원) - 활활 (Burn It Up) MV (Extended Ver.)36,500,9032017-08-10
7.Wanna One (워너원) - '켜줘 (Light)' M/V29,918,5712018-06-04
8.WannaOne (워너원) - 'Beautiful' M/V (Movie ver.)13,158,7942017-11-13
9.Wanna One (워너원) - 활활 (Burn It Up) Practice Ver.9,654,0492017-09-15
10.Wanna One (워너원) - Wanna Be (My Baby) MV (Live Ver.)7,954,1392017-08-31
11.Wanna One (워너원) - 에너제틱 (Energetic) Practice Ver.7,909,6142017-09-15
12.Wanna One (워너원) - 에너제틱 (Energetic) MV (Performance Ver.)7,904,7802017-08-19
13.Wanna One (워너원) - 약속해요 (I.P.U.) Practice Ver.6,102,7632018-03-17
14.Wanna One (워너원) - 'Beautiful (뷰티풀)' (Performance Practice)5,005,3052017-12-14
15.Wanna One (워너원) - BOOMERANG(부메랑) Practice Ver.3,317,0242018-05-18
16.Wanna One (워너원) - 'BOOMERANG (부메랑)' M/V Teaser3,148,5592018-03-12
17.Wanna One (워너원) - 'Beautiful' M/V (Movie ver.) Prologue3,125,3932017-11-10
18.Wanna One (워너원) - '약속해요 (I.P.U.)' M/V Teaser2,430,8382018-03-02
19.Wanna One (워너원) - 에너제틱 (Energetic) (Teaser)1,867,8442017-08-04
20.Wanna One (워너원) - 'BOOMERANG (부메랑)' M/V 2nd Teaser1,766,8002018-03-16
21.MNET PRESENT - 워너원(Wanna One)1,755,8222017-08-07
22.[Mnet present] Wanna One_Introduce a member next to you! #11,706,0242017-08-07
23.Wanna One (워너원) - '봄바람(Spring Breeze)' Practice Ver.1,682,7202018-12-11
24.Wanna One (워너원) - '봄바람' M/V Teaser1,591,9462018-11-13
25.Wanna One (워너원) - '켜줘(Light)' M/V Teaser1,574,9782018-05-28
26.Wanna One (워너원) - '봄바람' M/V 2nd Teaser1,339,7622018-11-16
27.Wanna One (워너원) - Beautiful MV (Movie ver.) (Teaser)1,293,1622017-11-03
28.[워너원 X M2] B-day WANNA ONE l 라이관린1,191,3822017-06-17
29.[Mnet present] Wanna One_Introduce a member next to you! #21,040,6372017-08-07
30.Wanna One (워너원) - 'Beautiful' M/V (Performance ver.) Image Teaser928,0052017-11-15
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