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1.(Update!) IZ*ONE - All Minju's winks during Secret Story of the Swan performances3,6132020-08-03
2.IZ*ONE Miyawaki Sakura plays Resident Evil Village (screaming ^_^)3,2822021-06-02
3.IZ*ONE - All Minju's winks during Secret Story of the Swan performances2,4472020-07-25
4.GIRLs PLANET 999 O.O.O performance video K, C & J-GROUP side-by-side comparison [4K]2,3502021-07-21
5.STAYC - SO BAD - Line Distribution (Color coded with lyrics)1,8962020-11-18
6.BLACKPINK - Lovesick Girls - Korean vs Japanese version side-by-side comparison [4K]1,1702021-07-13
7.aespa - Black Mamba - Line Distribution (Color coded with lyrics)1,0802020-11-17
8.HKT48 - Kimi to dokoka e ikitai - Tsubame & Mizuho senbatsu side-by-side comparison [4K]9452021-05-08
9.IZ*ONE - Panorama - Line Distribution (Color coded with lyrics)9422020-12-07
10.SECRET NUMBER - Got That Boom - Line Distribution (Color coded with lyrics)5412020-11-06
11.Jisoo - Zoom Zoom Alarm Clock5022020-08-22
12.IZ*ONE Miyawaki Sakura plays Resident Evil Village (Part 3) (screaming ^_^)4192021-06-12
13.IZ*ONE Miyawaki Sakura plays Resident Evil Village (Part 2) (screaming ^_^)4122021-06-04
14.IZ*ONE (아이즈원) - Fiesta - Line Distribution (Color coded with lyrics)3382020-12-10
15.IZ*ONE - Panorama lyrics (Color Coded in Hangul/Romanized/English)3122020-12-07
16.STAYC - SO BAD Lyrics (Color Coded in Hangul/Romanized/English)2512020-11-13
17.PIXY (픽시) - Wings - Line Distribution2342021-03-06
18.EVERGLOW (에버글로우) - FIRST - Line Distribution1962021-05-26
19.3YE (써드아이) - STALKER - Line Distribution1852021-04-11
20.[Full Album] Dreamcatcher - Dystopia: The Tree of Language1842020-03-06
21.EVERGLOW - LA DI DA lyrics (Color Coded in Hangul/Romanized/English)1622020-09-22
22.[Corrected] PinkFantasy (핑크판타지 ) - Poison (독) - Line Distribution1582021-06-27
23.LOONA - PTT (Paint The Town) - Line Distribution1572021-06-30
24.Siyeon (시연) (Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐)) - Paradise Lyrics (Color Coded in Hangul/Roman/English)1502020-01-29
25.EVERGLOW - Dun Dun - Line Distribution (Color coded with lyrics)1242020-10-17
26.KARA (카라) - Mamma Mia (맘마미아) Lyrics (Color Coded in Hangul/Roman/English)1152019-11-01
27.EVERGLOW - Adios - Line Distribution (Color coded with lyrics)1142020-10-19
28.IZ*ONE Instagram Update May 31th - June 7th 20211002021-06-09
29.SECRET NUMBER - Got That Boom Lyrics (Color Coded in Hangul/Roman/English)912020-11-04
30.GFriend (여자친구) - Ave Maria (두 손을 모아) Lyrics (Color Coded in Hangul/Roman/English)902019-10-12
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