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Country: South-Korea
Youtube channel: 핫이슈 HOT ISSUE
Subscriber count: 0
Channel views: 8,472,178
Total video viewcount:: 15,120,115
Total music videos viewcount:: 11,773,798

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1.[MV] HOT ISSUE(핫이슈) _ GRATATA(그라타타)5,598,2122021-04-28
2.핫이슈 (HOT ISSUE) - '그라타타 (GRATATA)' Official MV5,195,4342021-04-28
3.핫이슈 (HOT ISSUE) - '그라타타 (GRATATA)' Official MV (Performance ver.)516,8682021-05-05
4.핫이슈 (HOT ISSUE) - '그라타타 (GRATATA)' Official MV Teaser 2459,7652021-04-26
5.핫이슈 (HOT ISSUE) - '그라타타 (GRATATA)' Official MV Teaser 1426,8142021-04-25
6.[MV] HOT ISSUE(핫이슈) _ GRATATA(그라타타)402,7782021-04-28
7.핫이슈 (HOT ISSUE) - '그라타타 (GRATATA)' Teaser : 메이나 (MAYNA)238,2002021-04-20
8.핫이슈 (HOT ISSUE) - '그라타타 (GRATATA)' Teaser : 나현 (NAHYUN)230,6242021-04-20
9.핫이슈 (HOT ISSUE) - '그라타타 (GRATATA)' Teaser : 다나 (DANA)190,9422021-04-21
10.핫이슈 (HOT ISSUE) - '그라타타 (GRATATA)' Teaser : 형신 (HYEONGSHIN)186,9242021-04-21
11.핫이슈 (HOT ISSUE) '그라타타 (GRATATA)' Dance Practice177,0512021-05-01
12.핫이슈 (HOT ISSUE) - '그라타타 (GRATATA)' Teaser : 다인 (DAIN)166,1642021-04-22
13.핫이슈 (HOT ISSUE) - '그라타타 (GRATATA)' Teaser : 예빈 (YEBIN)163,8162021-04-22
14.핫이슈 (HOT ISSUE) - '그라타타 (GRATATA)' Teaser : 예원 (YEWON)162,4902021-04-22
15.핫이슈 (HOT ISSUE) 1st Mini Album [ISSUE MAKER] Highlight Medley82,5852021-04-18
16.[HOT ISSUE - GRATATA] Hot Debut Stage |#엠카운트다운 | M COUNTDOWN EP.707 | Mnet 210429 방송81,7472021-04-29
17.[릴레이댄스] 핫이슈(HOT ISSUE) - 그라타타(GRATATA) (4K)72,6012021-05-03
18.[Teaser1] HOT ISSUE(핫이슈) _ GRATATA(그라타타)50,7372021-04-25
19.[Teaser2] HOT ISSUE(핫이슈) _ GRATATA(그라타타)50,6092021-04-26
20.[LIVE] HOT ISSUE 핫이슈 '그라타타'(GRATATA) Showcase Stage 쇼케이스 무대 (메이나, 나현, 형신, 다나,예원, 예빈, 다인) [통통컬처]42,7362021-04-28
21.[MV] HOT ISSUE(핫이슈) _ GRATATA(그라타타)(Performance ver.)42,4262021-05-06
22.[Teaser] HOT ISSUE(핫이슈) _ GRATATA(그라타타) Teaser : 예원39,5082021-04-22
23.[MPD직캠] 핫이슈 직캠 4K '그라타타 (GRATATA)' (HOT ISSUE FanCam) | @MCOUNTDOWN_2021.4.2935,8102021-04-29
24.핫이슈 (HOT ISSUE) 'Ty Dolla $ign - Droptop in the Rain' Performance Video (? ver.)34,0852021-03-18
25.Cover????| 핫이슈 (HOT ISSUE) 메이나, 형신, 예빈 - Who is the Main Dancer? (THE BOYZ/Stray Kids/ATEEZ)31,9212021-04-22
26.[Teaser] HOT ISSUE(핫이슈) _ GRATATA(그라타타) Teaser : 다인31,1952021-04-22
27.Cover???? | 핫이슈 (HOT ISSUE) 다나 - 'drivers license' (Olivia Rodrigo)27,9702021-03-29
28.핫이슈 (HOT ISSUE) 메이나, 형신, 예빈 - 'Droptop in the Rain' Performance Video27,9062021-03-28
29.[Teaser] HOT ISSUE(핫이슈) _ GRATATA(그라타타) Teaser : 예빈24,7772021-04-22
30.핫이슈 (HOT ISSUE) Logo Motion24,4242021-03-15
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