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1.[MV] Blaze 블레이즈 by Rolling Quartz 롤링쿼츠 (Official Debut Single) #KRock #GirlBand628,4632020-12-30
2.Dynamite Rock Version (BTS 방탄소년단) by Rolling Quartz 롤링쿼츠 #KRock #GirlBand593,4892020-09-15
3.Bad Romance (Lady Gaga, Halestorm) by Rolling Quartz 롤링쿼츠 (LIVE)180,1462020-03-02
4.Good Night - Dreamcatcher 드림캐쳐 by Rolling Quartz 롤링쿼츠 #KRock​ #GirlBand112,3852021-03-06
5.Misery Business (Paramore) by Rolling Quartz 롤링쿼츠 (M/V)100,1832020-03-10
6.Delight (Demo Version) by Rolling Quartz (롤링쿼츠)95,1292020-03-23
7.[Rolling Quartz - Blaze] KPOP TV Show | #엠카운트다운 | M COUNTDOWN EP.69786,6402021-02-04
8.Shape of you - Ed Sheeran by Rolling Quartz 롤링쿼츠 #KRock #GirlBand85,1562020-12-07
9.BLAZE (Demo) 에피소드 영상 (Yeong eun's Birthday Episode)63,6592020-07-23
10.[MV] 015B(공일오비), 롤링쿼츠(Rolling Quartz)_Random62,9912020-06-25
11.Rolling Quartz - 'BLAZE' MV Practice & Rehearsal VIDEO (1 month ago)43,3562021-01-12
12.Misery Business (Paramore) by Rolling Quartz 롤링쿼츠 (LIVE)43,1962020-03-02
13.Youth Gone Wild (Skidrow) by Rolling Quartz 롤링쿼츠 (Color Live)39,1072020-03-11
14.Northern Lights (Shaman King 샤먼킹 OST) by Rolling Quartz 롤링쿼츠 (Live)37,1062020-08-02
15.Blaze - YEONG EUN (Drum solo) from Rolling Quartz36,1552020-12-26
16.Rock And Roll Paradise - Rolling Quartz (롤링쿼츠) 2020.08.11 OSF Live34,2472020-08-25
17.'Blaze(블레이즈)' Rolling Quartz(롤링쿼츠) At Laidhall live2020071825,2352020-08-11
18.구독자는 베이스 김아름도 춤추게 한다 Justin Timberlake - SexyBack24,5222020-04-03
19.*** 2021 첫 공연 Ambitious GiRLS Rock 120,8232021-01-10
20.[4K] Good Night - Dreamcatcher by Rolling Quartz (Self-Bootleg from Online Solo Concert)19,6702021-04-06
21.11.01 Rolling Quartz Diadem House Party19,3792020-11-01 Rolling Quartz Concert! 롤링쿼츠 단독 콘서트!18,8112020-10-09
23.***롤링쿼츠 온라인 단독 콘서트16,6232021-04-04
24.Youth Gone Wild (Live) - Skidrow by Rolling Quartz 롤링쿼츠 #SaveOurStages @PrismHall15,0432021-03-24
25.크리스마스 이브!!롤링쿼츠 단독공연/Rolling Quartz Solo Concert11,7392020-12-24
26.Rolling Quartz - 'Blaze' MV Making Film11,2352021-03-02
27.Rock And Roll Paradise (Live) by Rolling Quartz (롤링쿼츠) #SaveOurStages​ @PrismHall9,7002021-03-29
28.#크라잉넛챌린지 - 심장의 노래 by 롤링쿼츠 #CryingNutChallenge by Rolling Quartz9,4322020-05-14
29.Delight (Live) by Rolling Quartz 롤링쿼츠 #SaveOurStages​​ @PrismHall9,4012021-03-31
30.[20.09.12.SAT] 'Rising Star' Competition Top5 Final 'Episode' _ ROLLING QUARTZ9,2712020-10-03
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