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Country: South-Korea
Youtube channel: 2NE1
Subscriber count: 5,280,000
Channel views: 1,939,741,799
Total video viewcount: 1,909,721,383
Total music videos viewcount: 1,366,132,650

PosVideoViewcount Published
1.2NE1 - I AM THE BEST296,821,1482011-06-28
2.2NE1 - COME BACK HOME97,306,2962014-03-03
3.2NE1 - LONELY88,795,2892011-05-11
4.2NE1 - I LOVE YOU77,614,5022012-07-07
5.2NE1 - FALLING IN LOVE74,801,3872013-07-07
7.2NE1 - GOTTA BE YOU55,451,7552014-05-21
8.2NE1 - GO AWAY52,847,9162010-09-10
9.CL - THE BADDEST FEMALE51,562,5722013-05-28
10.DARA - KISS51,556,7432010-09-06
11.FIRE (Street Ver.)46,962,0032010-09-06
12.CL - '나쁜 기집애' + 'HELLO BITCHES' & 2NE1 - 'FIRE' + '내가 제일 잘 나가' in 2015 MAMA43,809,1622015-12-02
13.2NE1 - 그리워해요(MISSING YOU) M/V43,574,4822013-11-20
14.2NE1 - UGLY M/V43,488,2572011-07-27
15.2NE1 - CAN'T NOBODY43,177,5312010-09-12
16.2NE1 - DON'T STOP THE MUSIC39,576,1332010-12-02
17.2NE1 - HATE YOU M/V38,271,0212011-07-20
18.2NE1 - 아파(IT HURTS) M/V36,525,4022010-11-01
19.2NE1 - 박수쳐(CLAP YOUR HANDS) M/V31,063,1552010-09-09
20.2NE1 - '안녕 (GOODBYE)' M/V29,438,1012017-01-20
21.2NE1 - 'COME BACK HOME' Dance Practice28,588,4882014-03-14
22.2NE1 - "멘붕(MTBD)" LIVE PERFORMANCE26,131,0952014-03-13
23.2NE1 "I AM THE BEST" Choreography Practice (Uncut Ver.)25,830,7062011-06-30
24.2NE1 - DO YOU LOVE ME M/V24,734,0142013-08-08
25.2NE1 - HAPPY M/V23,786,0592014-03-03
26.PARK BOM - YOU AND I M/V22,354,5942010-09-06
27.PARK BOM - DON'T CRY M/V19,481,7282011-04-20
28.2NE1 - 날 따라 해봐요(FOLLOW ME) M/V17,228,8182010-09-06
29.2NE1 - I DON'T CARE M/V13,726,1922010-09-06
30.2NE1 - CAN'T NOBODY (English Ver.) M/V13,525,3722011-04-07
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