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1.T-ARA[티아라] "NUMBER NINE [넘버나인]" M/V73,263,1152013-10-09
2.T-ARA(티아라) _ Sexy Love (Dance Ver. MV)65,133,6242012-09-02
3.T-ARA[티아라] "SUGAR FREE"[슈가프리] M/V ver.163,517,7972014-09-10
4.T-ARA(티아라) _ Roly-Poly in Copacabana MV60,255,4232011-08-03
5.T-ara(티아라) _ Lovey-Dovey (좀비 ver.) MV46,122,7932012-01-12
6.T-ara(티아라) _ Cry Cry (MV Ver.2)41,570,2842011-11-18
7.T-ARA[티아라] "완전 미쳤네 [So Crazy]" M/V32,501,8432015-08-03
8.T-ARA(티아라) _ Roly Poly(롤리폴리) _ MV23,016,3842011-06-29
9.T-ara(티아라) _ DAY BY DAY19,597,9342012-07-03
10.T-ara(티아라) _ Cry Cry MV17,293,3672011-11-09
11.T-ara(티아라) _ DAY BY DAY (Dance Ver.)15,660,7172012-07-09
12.T-ARA(티아라) _ Roly Poly 롤리폴리 OFFICIAL MV (Short Ver.)15,276,4432014-11-19
13.T-ara(티아라) _ Lovey-Dovey(러비더비) MV(Full ver,)13,880,1942012-01-02
14.[MV] T-ARA N4(티아라 N4) _ Jeon Won Diary(전원일기) (Dance ver.)12,683,3682013-04-29
15.T-ARA(티아라) & Chopsticks Brothers - Little Apple OFFICIAL MV(1080P)11,471,7972014-11-24
16.T-ARA[티아라] "Do you Know me? [나 어떡해]" M/V7,653,1282013-12-03
17.T-ara(티아라) _ Cry Cry Choreography (Cry Cry 안무과정공개)5,242,8432011-11-15
18.T-ara(티아라) _ Lovey-Dovey in Tokyo MV4,776,4092012-01-18
19.T-ARA N4(티아라 N4) _ Jeon Won Diary(전원일기) (Dance ver.) OFFICIAL MV4,425,3542014-11-17
20.[무대영상] 티아라(T-ARA) - 'Roly-Poly(롤리폴리)' Full ver. 4K / 문명특급 MMTG4,222,4852020-10-02
22.[MV] T-ARA(티아라) _ Bo Peep Bo Peep(보핍보핍) (Dance ver.)2,988,8732013-11-27
23.[무대영상] 티아라(T-ARA) - 'SEXY LOVE' Full ver. 4K / 문명특급 MMTG2,942,7282020-10-02
24.[MV] T-ARA(티아라) _ Like the First Time(처음처럼)2,569,5492013-11-27
25.[MV] T-ARA(티아라) _ What's wrong?(왜 이러니?)2,386,5902013-11-26
26.T-ara(티아라) _ Cry Cry (Ballad ver.) MV2,072,0032011-11-21
27.T-ARA(티아라) _ Sexy Love (ROBOT Dance Ver. MV)2,022,8042012-09-05
28.T-ARA(티아라)_ Do you know me? 나어떡해 MV클린 최종 OFFICIAL MV1,853,7672014-11-17
29.T-ARA(티아라) _ Little Apple /Making of 花絮版1,731,8762014-11-24
30.T-ARA(티아라) _ SEXY LOVE IN TOKYO MV1,602,3252012-09-10
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