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Country: South-Korea
Youtube channel: AKMU
Subscriber count: 2,470,000
Channel views: 580,241,700
Total video viewcount: 494,877,896
Total music videos viewcount: 332,001,909

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1.Akdong Musician(AKMU) - GIVE LOVE M/V63,204,2802014-05-02
2.Akdong Musician(AKMU) - 200% M/V58,915,3512014-04-06
3.AKMU - '오랜 날 오랜 밤 (LAST GOODBYE)' M/V48,980,0712017-01-02
4.Akdong Musician(AKMU) - '눈,코,입(EYES, NOSE, LIPS)' COVER VIDEO34,476,2282014-06-16
5.AKMU - 'DINOSAUR' M/V34,422,0892017-07-20
6.AKMU - ‘RE-BYE' M/V32,878,9262016-05-03
7.AKMU - ‘사람들이 움직이는 게(HOW PEOPLE MOVE)’ M/V25,731,1952016-05-03
8.AKMU - How can I love the heartbreak, you're the one I love22,986,4892019-09-25
9.Lee Suhyun - Alien22,766,8552020-10-16
10.Akdong Musician(AKMU) - 얼음들(MELTED) M/V12,100,8382014-04-14
11.AKMU - ‘사람들이 움직이는 게(HOW PEOPLE MOVE)’ 0508 SBS Inkigayo9,815,4832016-05-08
12.MC Special Stage - Give Love(원곡: AKMU) @인기가요 inkigayo 202103078,114,9632021-03-07
13.AKMU - ‘못생긴 척 (PLAY UGLY)’ 0219 Inkigayo7,725,2892017-02-19
14.AKMU - 'HAPPENING' M/V7,169,5172020-11-16
15.Akdong Musician(AKMU) - 'GIVE LOVE' 0525 SBS Inkigayo5,509,5122014-05-25
16.AKMU - ‘못생긴 척 (PLAY UGLY)’ LYRIC VIDEO4,974,0052017-02-18
17.AKMU - ‘리얼리티 (REALITY)’ 0108 Inkigayo4,732,3632017-01-08
18.Akdong Musician(AKMU) - 'GIVE LOVE' Dance Practice4,265,5512014-05-14
19.AKDONG MUSICIAN(AKMU) - '가나다같이' Special Video4,133,9392015-10-09
20.Akdong Musician(AKMU) - 얼음들 (Melted) 0406 SBS KpopStar33,948,5412014-04-06
21.Akdong Musician(AKMU) - 200% 0406 SBS KpopStar33,851,6762014-04-06
22.Akdong Musician(AKMU) - 'GIVE LOVE' 0518 SBS Inkigayo3,607,9952014-05-18
23.AKMU - '낙하 (NAKKA) (with IU)' OFFICIAL VIDEO3,149,8932021-07-26
24.AKMU - ‘사람들이 움직이는 게(HOW PEOPLE MOVE)’ DANCE PRACTICE3,078,2902016-05-10
25.Akdong Musician(AKMU) - '200%' Dance Practice3,077,0952014-04-10
26.AKMU - ‘오랜 날 오랜 밤 (LAST GOODBYE)’ 0108 Inkigayo2,926,4412017-01-08
27.AKMU - '어떻게 이별까지 사랑하겠어, 널 사랑하는 거지(How can I love the heartbreak)' 1006 Inkigayo2,846,7412019-10-06
28.AKMU - Hey kid, Close you eyes (with Lee Sun-Hee)2,846,2982021-07-21
29.AKMU - 'RE-BYE' 0605 SBS Inkigayo2,779,9812016-06-06
30.Akdong Musician(AKMU) - '200%' 0410 M COUNTDOWN2,428,5382014-04-10
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