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1.인피니트(INFINITE) "Bad" Official MV47,680,8732015-07-12
2.INFINITE "Back" Official MV30,193,5422014-07-20
3."INFINITE - Destiny M/V (Ver.B)"21,344,7432013-07-16
4.인피니트(INFINITE) "태풍 (The Eye)" Official MV20,614,3202016-09-18
5.INFINITE "Last Romeo" Official MV18,502,0722014-05-21
6.[MV]INFINITE_The Chaser_추격자 Dance Version17,746,9432012-05-24
7.INFINITE(인피니트) _ The Chaser(추격자) MV15,319,5002012-05-15
8.INFINITE 내꺼하자 (Be mine) MV Dance Ver.13,752,8442011-08-01
9.INFINITE - BTD MV (DANCE Ver)13,749,9832011-01-17
10.[MV]INFINITE_Nothing's Over_Full HD12,830,0202011-03-16
11.[M/V]INFINITE_Man In Love_(남자가 사랑할 때)11,830,6192013-03-21
12.인피니트(INFINITE) "Tell Me" Official MV11,391,8662018-01-08
13.인피니트(Infinite) - 내꺼하자7,815,0832011-08-01
14.INFINITE "Last Romeo" Dance Practice6,055,6242014-09-03
15.INFINITE "Request" MV5,758,4392013-09-27
16.Infinite 다시돌아와 MV5,458,1322010-06-09
17.INFINITE She's Back 뮤직비디오.wmv5,239,2232010-08-04
18.인피니트(INFINITE) 파라다이스 (PARADISE)4,769,1892011-09-26
19.인피니트(INFINITE) "태풍 (The Eye)" (Choreography Ver.) MV4,496,0962016-10-09
20.김성규(Kim Sung Kyu) 'I'm Cold' MV4,298,8492020-12-14
21.INFINITE - Dilemma4,242,9252015-02-12
22.INFINITE - 「24時間」Music Video3,562,0202015-04-29
23.인피니트(INFINITE) "그 해 여름 (두 번째 이야기)" Official MV3,268,2172016-07-07
24.INFINITE [Grow OST] "함께" Official MV2,798,9672014-12-07
25.인피니트(INFINITE) “CLOCK” Official MV2,361,2732019-02-13
26.김성규(Kim Sung Kyu) “True Love” Official MV1,588,2522018-02-26
27.INFINITE - 『BEST OF INFINITE』より新曲「D.N.A」フル ver.1,502,7012016-08-31
28.INFINITE(인피니트) _ The Chaser(추격자) (Dance Ver.)1,448,9822012-05-24
29.[MV] INFINITE (인피니트) _ Tell Me1,385,5312018-01-08
30.Cover Girl (Live Ver.)_MV1,333,8052012-02-23
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