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1.청하 (CHUNG HA) - Roller Coaster MV70,392,1292018-01-17
2.청하 (CHUNG HA) - "Snapping" MV63,892,4222019-06-24
3.청하 (CHUNG HA) - Why Don’t You Know (Feat. 넉살 (Nucksal)) MV29,074,1902017-06-07
4.CHUNG HA 청하 'Bicycle' MV26,922,0362021-02-15
5.CHUNG HA 청하 'Bicycle' MV25,150,2012021-02-15
6.청하 (CHUNG HA) - Stay Tonight MV21,303,5882020-04-27
7.청하 (CHUNG HA) - "벌써 12시" Music Video16,927,4952019-01-02
8.[Performance] CHUNG HA 청하 'Dream of You (with R3HAB)' Performance Video11,047,9742020-11-27
9.청하 (CHUNG HA) - Love U MV10,761,0932018-07-18
10.[STATION X 0] 슬기(SEULGI)X신비(여자친구)X청하X소연 'Wow Thing' Dance Practice8,271,4882018-09-21
11.CHUNG HA (청하) - Dream of You (with R3HAB) Performance Video7,346,4882020-11-27
12.청하 (CHUNG HA) - 'PLAY (Feat. 창모 (CHANGMO))' M/V7,164,2292020-07-06
13.청하 (CHUNG HA) - Be Yourself MV2,336,1062020-06-09
14.[BE ORIGINAL] CHUNG HA(청하) 'Bicycle' (4K)2,105,7852021-02-17
15.[4K] 청하 (CHUNG HA) – PLAY (Feat. 창모 (CHANGMO)) | Fo.DX | Focus on Dance X | choreography1,950,7512020-07-07
16.청하 (CHUNG HA) - "솔직히 지친다 (Everybody Has)" MV1,915,7302020-02-29
17.청하 (CHUNG HA) – Bicycle MV1,771,8352021-02-15
18.청하 (CHUNG HA) - 월화수목금토일 (Week) MV1,491,7362017-04-21
19.청하 (CHUNG HA) - "Snapping" Music Video Teaser 11,094,2542019-06-19
20.청하 (CHUNG HA) - 'Stay Tonight' MV Teaser 2923,2242020-04-23
21.청하 (CHUNG HA) - 여기 적어줘 (My Friend) (Feat. pH-1) M/V839,6612020-05-30
22.청하 (CHUNG HA) - 'PLAY' M/V Teaser801,3062020-07-01
23.청하 (CHUNG HA) - Be Yourself (Teaser)704,2502020-06-07
24.청하 (CHUNG HA) – X (걸어온 길에 꽃밭 따윈 없었죠) MV696,3132021-01-19
25.청하 (CHUNG HA) - 'Stay Tonight' MV Teaser 1634,8142020-04-22
26.청하 (CHUNG HA) - "Snapping" Music Video Teaser 2569,1602019-06-20
27.청하 (CHUNG HA) - "벌써 12시" Music Video Teaser 1421,4752018-12-28
28.청하 (CHUNG HA) - 'PLAY' M/V Teaser 2414,1612020-07-02
29.청하 (CHUNG HA) - Love U (Teaser 1)409,7942018-07-12
30.청하 (CHUNG HA) - 월화수목금토일 (Teaser)385,9382017-04-19
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