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1.[MV] SECRET NUMBER(시크릿넘버) _ Who Dis?35,275,2132020-05-19
2.[MV] SECRET NUMBER(시크릿넘버) _ Got That Boom16,152,8512020-11-04
3.SECRET NUMBER Dance Performance / Dua Lipa & BLACKPINK - Kiss and Make Up4,291,1832020-05-04
4.SECRET NUMBER "Who Dis?" Dance Practice (Moving ver.)3,756,8202020-06-01
5.SECRET NUMBER "Holiday" Dance Practice (Fixed ver.)3,642,2322020-06-26
6.SECRET FUN EP.053,225,5132020-08-10
7.[Teaser] SECRET NUMBER(시크릿넘버) _ Got That Boom2,649,3682020-11-01
8.SECRET NUMBER "Got That Boom" M/V Teaser (JINNY ver.)2,577,1682020-10-25
9.SECRET NUMBER "Got That Boom" M/V Teaser (DITA ver.)2,535,3012020-10-29
10.나만 알고 싶은 시크릿 넘버였는데???? Got That Boom됐네???? | SECRET NUMBER | 수트댄스 | SUIT DANCE | Performance2,517,5512020-11-05
11.SECRET NUMBER Choreography / Jennifer Lopez - Medicine2,512,2772020-04-29
12.SECRET NUMBER "Got That Boom" M/V Teaser (LÉA ver.)2,166,7582020-10-26
13.SECRET NUMBER "PRIVACY" Performance Video1,978,9412020-11-23
14.[MV] SECRET NUMBER(시크릿넘버)_Who Dis? (Performance ver.)1,872,7462020-06-04
15.SECRET NUMBER "Got That Boom" M/V Teaser (SOODAM ver.)1,731,9722020-10-27
16.SECRET NUMBER(시크릿넘버) - Who Dis? [Music Bank / 2020.05.22]1,692,3882020-05-22
17.SECRET NUMBER "Got That Boom" M/V Teaser (DENISE ver.)1,494,4532020-10-28
18.SECRET NUMBER "Who Dis?" M/V Reaction1,445,3132020-05-26
19.SECRET NUMBER(시크릿넘버) - Got That Boom @인기가요 inkigayo 202011081,355,5232020-11-08
20.SECRET NUMBER "Got That Boom" Dance Practice1,270,8552020-11-24
21.SECRET NUMBER "Who Dis?" M/V Teaser (DITA ver.)1,210,4512020-05-13
22.SECRET NUMBER(시크릿넘버) - Got That Boom @인기가요 inkigayo 202011221,048,6012020-11-22
23.SECRET NUMBER "Who Dis?" Dance Practice (Fixed ver.)1,021,2632020-06-19
24.SECRET NUMBER, Got That Boom (시크릿넘버, Got That Boom) [THE SHOW 201110]996,5582020-11-10
25.[쇼! 음악중심 4K] 시크릿넘버 -갓 댓 붐 (SECRET NUMBER -Got That Boom) 20201107948,8362020-11-07
26.[Teaser] SECRET NUMBER(시크릿넘버) _ Who Dis?946,5992020-05-17
27.SECRET NUMBER "Who Dis?" M/V Making Film (DITA ver.)793,5092020-06-10
28.SECRET NUMBER, Who Dis? (시크릿넘버, Who Dis?) [THE SHOW 200526]785,3602020-05-26
29.SECRET FUN EP.03764,1032020-07-03
30.SECRET NUMBER [Who Dis?] Release COUNTDOWN722,6792020-05-21
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