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1.K.A.R.D - Don`t Recall M/V75,841,4382017-02-15
2.KARD - Hola Hola M/V49,419,8892017-07-19
3.K.A.R.D - Oh NaNa M/V39,302,4812016-12-12
4.KARD - GUNSHOT _ M/V24,934,6842020-08-26
5.KARD - Dumb Litty _ MV22,037,1482019-09-22
6.K.A.R.D - RUMOR M/V19,386,6762017-04-24
7.KARD 4th Mini Album 'RED MOON' _ M/V16,143,7202020-02-12
8.KARD - 'You In Me' Official M/V12,201,4722017-11-21
9.KARD - Ride on the wind M/V8,038,5822018-07-25
10.[릴레이댄스] KARD - 밤밤(Bomb Bomb)7,546,0942019-03-31
11.K.A.R.D - Don't Recall M/V (Hidden Ver.)7,164,7922017-03-01
12.KARD - [밤밤(Bomb Bomb)] M/V5,895,9622019-03-27
13.[릴레이댄스] 카드 (KARD) - Hola Hola5,418,3342017-07-19
14.[MV] KARD(카드) _ RED MOON5,047,8592020-02-12
15.KARD - 'Trust Me' Official M/V4,977,9322017-12-07
16.[릴레이댄스] 카드(KARD) - RED MOON3,615,3112020-02-18
17.[MV] KARD(카드) _ GUNSHOT2,530,7602020-08-26
18.KARD - Hola Hola M/V (SECRET KARD Ver.)2,158,9012017-08-10
19.[릴레이댄스] 카드(KARD) - Ride On The Wind1,646,3272018-08-01
20.KARD 'Hola Hola' & 'Oh NaNa' & 'Don't Recall' & 'Rumor' Showcase Stage (카드, 올라 올라, Oh NaNa, RUMOR)1,541,3042017-07-19
21.[ASMR live] KARD(카드)- Hola Hola1,148,7492017-07-31
22.[SECRET KARD_시크릿카드] Ep.3_The wildest moment1,147,2762017-06-21
23.[SECRET KARD_시크릿카드] Ep.1_Hello K.A.R.D1,133,2902017-06-19
24.K.A.R.D - RUMOR M/V (SECRET KARD Ver.)1,070,7292017-06-24
25.[쇼! 음악중심] 카드 -건샷 (KARD -GUNSHOT) 202008291,056,0932020-08-29
26.[SECRET KARD_시크릿카드] Ep.4_Santa Monica vibes979,2482017-06-22
27.KARD - RED MOON [Music Bank / 2020.02.21]884,5802020-02-21
28.[SECRET KARD_시크릿카드] Ep.2_It's Time to Enjoy833,5622017-06-20
29.[SECRET KARD_시크릿카드] Ep.5_Toronto, let's get it!745,2272017-06-23
30.[SECRET KARD_시크릿카드] Ep.7_Lights, Camera, Action!!663,0242017-07-21
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