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Country: South-Korea
Youtube channel: cignature_J9
Subscriber count: 76,600
Channel views: 21,840,655
Total video viewcount: 34,421,559
Total music videos viewcount: 30,351,835

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1.cignature - Nun Nu Nan Na8,426,2342020-02-03
2.cignature - ASSA7,496,6222020-04-05
3.cignature - ARISONG5,961,0942020-09-22
4.cignature - Nun Nu Nan Na4,322,8522020-02-03
5.cignature - Nun Nu Nan Na4,103,3822020-02-03
6.시그니처(cignature) - '아리송(ARISONG)' MV Teaser516,5342020-09-15
7.[릴레이댄스] 시그니처(cignature) - 아싸(ASSA) (4K)266,4972020-04-14
8.시그니처(cignature) - 1st EP ALBUM 'Listen and Speak' Opening Trailer250,3992020-09-08
9.시그니처(cignature) - '아싸 (ASSA)' Dance Practice Video242,2282020-04-12
10.시그니처(cignature) - '아리송 (ARISONG)' Dance Cover Challenge!139,2012020-09-28
11.시그니처(cignature) - '눈누난나 (Nun Nu Nan Na)' Dance Practice Video131,4902020-02-05
12.시그니처(cignature) - "소녀시대 (GIRLS' GENERATION)-I GOT A BOY" Dance Cover128,2012020-04-27
13.[릴레이댄스] 시그니처(cignature) - 아리송(ARISONG) (4K)119,7722020-09-27
14.시그니처(cignature) - "여자친구(GFRIEND)-시간을 달려서" Dance Cover90,9192020-05-04
15.시그니처(cignature) - '아리송 (ARISONG)' Dance Practice Video85,2972020-09-27
16.시그니처(cignature) - "TWICE(트와이스)-Dance The Night Away" Dance Cover83,8592020-04-20
17.시그니처(cignature) - "레드벨벳(Red Velvet)-피카부 (Peek-A-Boo)" Dance Cover75,2912020-09-30
18.시그니처(cignature) "THE BOYZ(더보이즈) - No Air" Dance Cover73,9252020-02-19
19.시그니처(cignature) "EXO(엑소) - Monster" Dance Cover70,0092020-02-25
20.시그니처(cignature) - "오마이걸(OH MY GIRL)-비밀정원" Dance Cover67,4712020-04-13
21.시그니처(cignature) - '아싸 (ASSA)' Performance Preview Video45,2492020-04-02
22.시그니처(cignature) - '아싸 (ASSA)' M/V Teaser44,3612020-04-01
23.[MPD직캠] 시그니처 직캠 4K ‘아싸(ASSA)’ (cignature FanCam) | @MCOUNTDOWN_2020.4.941,6682020-04-09
24.Cignature (시그니처) - ASSA (아싸) [Music Bank / 2020.04.10]40,9522020-04-10
25.시그니처(cignature) - '아싸 (ASSA)' M/V Reaction39,7212020-04-09
26.CIGNATURE(시그니처) '눈누난나'(Nun Nu Nan Na) Showcase Stage 쇼케이스 무대 (채솔, 지원, 예아, 선, 셀린, 벨, 세미) [통통TV]37,8712020-02-04
27.시그니처(cignature) "2PM(투피엠) - 우리집" Dance Cover37,5552020-03-02
28.시그니처(cignature) - '눈누난나 (Nun Nu Nan Na)' 응원법36,6612020-02-04
29.시그니처(cignature) - '눈누난나 (Nun Nu Nan Na)' M/V Teaser36,1982020-01-29
30.시그니처(cignature) - "방탄소년단(BTS)-Dynamite" Dance Cover35,4352020-10-12
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