Country: South-Korea
Youtube channel: B1A4 OFFICIAL +
Subscriber count: 724,000
Channel views: 180,471,285
Total video viewcount:: 176,350,193
Total music videos viewcount:: 24,569,275
Brand reputation ranking among Korean groups: 74. (December 2019)

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1.B1A4 - 이게 무슨 일이야 (What's Happening?)17,204,8662013-05-07
2.B1A4 - 잘자요 굿나잇 (BABY GOOD NIGHT) (Full ver.)16,385,5092012-05-24
3.B1A4 - Beautiful Target (Full ver.)16,107,0882011-09-16
4.B1A4 - 걸어 본다 (TRIED TO WALK - Full ver.)13,256,8772012-11-13
5.B1A4 - BABY I'M SORRY (Full ver.)12,211,5942012-03-14
6.(MV)B1A4_영화처럼(Like a Movie)12,011,0292020-10-19
7.B1A4 - Lonely (없구나) (Full ver.)11,249,5792014-01-12
8.B1A4 - 못된 것만 배워서9,170,1182011-07-13
9.B1A4 - O.K (Full ver.)8,620,3872011-04-21
10.B1A4 - SOLO DAY (Full ver.)8,295,5022014-07-13
11.[MV] B1A4 _ Rollin'5,717,9052017-09-25
12.B1A4 - Lonely (없구나) 안무 영상 (Lonely Dance Practice Video)4,686,9692014-03-19
13.B1A4 - Lonely (없구나) (Full ver.2)4,107,8052014-02-03
14.B1A4 - 걸어 본다 안무 영상 (TRIED TO WALK DANCE PRACTICE VIDEO)3,373,0382012-12-31
15.B1A4 - '이게 무슨 일이야' 안무 영상 ('What's Happening?' Dance Practice Video)3,301,9022013-05-14
16.B1A4 - SOLO DAY 안무 영상 (Dance Practice Video)2,325,3452014-08-14
17.B1A4 - 잘자요 굿나잇 안무 영상 (Baby Good Night Dance Practice Video) .2,166,1042013-03-02
18.B1A4 - Beautiful Target (ZOOM ZOOM Ver.)2,110,4252011-10-06
19.B1A4 - Sweet Girl (MV)(Full ver.)1,881,0212015-08-09
20.B1A4 - 거짓말이야 (MV)(Full ver.)1,681,0282016-11-27
21.[B1A4♥BANA 3rd FANMEETING] 한 발짝 두 발짝(Step by step) 단체CAM1,539,3952016-05-31
22.B1A4 - Sweet girl 안무영상 (Dance Practice Video)1,390,6802015-09-02
23.B1A4 - Rollin' (MV)(Full ver.)934,1772017-09-25
24.B1A4 - Rollin' 안무 영상 (Dance Practice Video)927,1122017-10-02
25.B1A4 - O.K 안무 영상 (Dance Practice Video)801,5862015-04-23
26.[Mannequin MV] B1A4(비원에이포) - 거짓말이야(A lie)699,8392016-12-16
27.B1A4 - Beautiful Target (Teaser)663,5422011-09-09
28.B1A4 - Lonely (없구나) (Teaser)524,1472014-01-02
29.산들(SANDEUL) - 그렇게 있어 줘(MV)(Full ver.)373,1402016-10-03
30.[MV] B1A4, OH MY GIRL(오마이걸), ONF(온앤오프) _ Timing(타이밍)326,3222018-12-10
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