Country: South-Korea
Youtube channel: TVXQ!
Subscriber count: 531,000
Channel views: 7,812,858
Total video viewcount:: 294,501,061
Total music videos viewcount:: 285,916,403
Brand reputation ranking among Korean groups: 44. (December 2019)

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1.TVXQ! 동방신기 '주문 - MIROTIC' MV71,303,6492009-11-25
2.TVXQ! 동방신기 'Catch Me' MV33,494,7872012-09-24
3.TVXQ! 동방신기 '왜 (Keep Your Head Down)' MV27,456,5702011-01-03
4.TVXQ! 동방신기 '운명 (The Chance of Love)' MV17,505,7342018-03-28
5.TVXQ! 동방신기 'Something' MV17,498,8252014-01-01
6.TVXQ! 동방신기 'Humanoids' MV10,075,3032012-11-26
7.TVXQ! 동방신기 'Purple Line' MV9,403,1782009-11-25
8.TVXQ! 동방신기 '수리수리 (Spellbound)' MV8,661,5602014-02-26
9.U-KNOW 유노윤호 'Eeny Meeny' MV8,499,7922021-01-25
10.TVXQ! 동방신기 '풍선 (Balloons)' MV8,091,7502009-11-24
11.TVXQ! 동방신기 '평행선 (Love Line)' MV5,733,7682018-04-03
12.TVXQ! 동방신기 '이것만은 알고 가 (Before U Go)' MV5,588,5572011-03-15
13.MAX 최강창민 'Chocolate' MV5,532,4122020-04-06
14.TVXQ! 동방신기 'Wrong Number' MV5,454,6892009-11-24
15.TVXQ! 동방신기 'Rising Sun (순수)' MV5,121,3132009-11-23
16.TVXQ! 동방신기 '샴페인 (Champagne) (Sung By U-Know)' MV4,759,3322015-07-20
17.TVXQ! 동방신기 'Truth' MV4,477,2572018-12-26
18.TVXQ! 동방신기 'Hug' MV4,378,6902011-06-02
19.[STATION] U-KNOW 유노윤호 'DROP' MV4,311,0752017-09-26
20.U-KNOW 유노윤호 'Follow' MV4,009,9102019-06-12
21.TVXQ! 동방신기 'Catch Me' Dance Practice3,522,6192012-09-28
22.TVXQ! 동방신기 'O -正.反.合. (정반합)' MV2,743,8762009-11-24
23.[MIXNINE(믹스나인)] 고퀄리스트 _ Love In The Ice(TVXQ(동방신기)) (Stage Full Ver.)2,441,9702017-12-03
24.TVXQ! 동방신기 'Rise As One (Sung By Max)' MV2,417,4042015-07-20
25.U-KNOW 유노윤호 'Thank U' MV2,244,6562021-01-18
26.TVXQ! 동방신기 'Tri-Angle (Extended Ver.) (Feat. BoA & TRAX)' MV1,910,1302009-11-23
27.TVXQ! 동방신기 'My Little Princess (있잖아요...)' MV Acappella Ver.1,376,5942009-11-20
28.TVXQ! 동방신기 'Humanoids' Dance Practice1,306,9512012-12-04
29.TVXQ! 동방신기 'Tonight' MV1,243,9982009-11-23
30.TVXQ! 동방신기 '악녀 (Are You A Good Girl?)' MV1,212,3532009-11-25
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