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AOA (에이오에이)


Country: South-Korea
Youtube channel: AOA (에이오에이)
Subscriber count: 1,300,000
Channel views: 671,098,420
Total video viewcount: 762,305,167
Total music videos viewcount: 601,795,161
Brand reputation ranking among Korean groups: 10. (December 2019)
Brand reputation ranking among female Korean groups: 7. (December 2019)

Instagram: official_team_aoa
PosVideoViewcount Published
1.AOA - 짧은 치마 (Miniskirt) M/V88,059,6752014-01-16
2.AOA - Heart Attack67,827,5572015-06-21
3.AOA - 사뿐사뿐(Like a Cat) Music Video58,416,6572014-11-10
4.[MV] AOA(에이오에이) _ Good Luck(굿럭)42,609,4192016-05-16
5.AOA - 단발머리 (Short Hair) M/V39,272,1752014-06-19
6.[MV] AOA 지민(JIMIN) _ 야 하고 싶어(CALL YOU BAE) (Feat. XIUMIN(시우민) of EXO)35,643,8922016-03-02
7.[MV] AOA _ Excuse Me34,698,2822017-01-01
8.AOA (CREAM) - I'm Jelly BABY30,105,0632016-02-11
9.[MV] AOA _ Bingle Bangle(빙글뱅글)28,107,2552018-05-28
10.AOA - 사뿐사뿐(Like a Cat) 안무영상(Dance Practice) Full ver25,513,6042014-11-20
11.AOA - 흔들려 (Confused) M/V22,139,2042013-10-10
12.AOA - 「愛をちょうだい」<Dance ver.> -Music Video-17,419,1112016-04-27
13.AOA BLACK - MOYA (모야) MV15,848,9242013-07-26
14.[MV] AOA _ Bing Bing(빙빙)15,553,4182017-01-01
15.AOA - 「Oh BOY」Music Video14,340,1532015-10-14
16.AOA - Good Luck MUSIC VIDEO14,265,1832016-05-15
17.AOA - 짧은 치마(Miniskirt) 안무영상(Dance Practice) Full ver.14,076,6062014-01-16
18.AOA – ‘날 보러 와요 (Come See Me)’ MUSIC VIDEO11,749,9852019-11-26
19.[MV] AOA _ Heart Attack(심쿵해)11,301,7702017-09-07
20.AOA - Like a Cat9,908,6112015-02-25
21.[릴레이댄스] AOA(에이오에이) - 빙글뱅글(Bingle Bangle)9,640,2882018-06-01
22.AOA 지민(JIMIN) - 야 하고 싶어(feat.XIUMIN of 엑소) Music Video9,585,5372016-03-02
23.AOA - ELVIS M/V9,284,4792012-07-29
24.AOA - Excuse Me MUSIC VIDEO7,357,8412017-01-01
25.AOA - GET OUT M/V6,950,8722012-10-10
26.[릴레이댄스] AOA(에이오에이) - 빙빙 (Bing Bing)6,814,6552017-01-11
27.AOA - ミニスカート(Japanese ver.)6,045,6082014-10-01
28.AOA - Excuse Me 안무영상(Dance Practice) Full Ver.6,034,2502017-01-10
29.AOA - 「WOW WAR TONIGHT〜時には起こせよムーヴメント girls ver.」6,018,2632016-11-30
30.AOA - 흔들려 (Confused) Dance Practice Video (Eye Contact ver.)5,820,6382013-10-14
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