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4Minute 포미닛(Official YouTube Channel)


Country: South-Korea
Youtube channel: 4Minute 포미닛(Official YouTube Channel)
Subscriber count: 2,080,000
Channel views: 1,213,444,398
Total video viewcount: 645,961,232
Total music videos viewcount: 355,779,730

PosVideoViewcount Published
1.4MINUTE - 미쳐(Crazy)153,736,8952015-02-09
2.4MINUTE(포미닛) - 싫어(Hate) MV65,042,0572016-02-01
3.4MINUTE - 'Volume Up' (Official Music Video)43,985,1592012-04-08
4.4MINUTE - '이름이 뭐예요? (What's Your Name?)' (Official Music Video)42,747,9812013-04-26
5.4MINUTE - 'HUH (Hit Your Heart)' (Official Music Video)33,076,4102010-05-20
6.4MINUTE - 미쳐 (Crazy) (Choreography Ver.)32,785,5412015-02-24
7.4 Minute - Hot Issue29,746,0962010-05-11
8.4MINUTE - '물 좋아? (Is It Poppin'?)' (Official Music Video)28,722,3612013-06-28
9.4MINUTE - 'I My Me Mine' (Official Music Video)27,820,8832010-07-05
10.포미닛 (4MINUTE) - '오늘 뭐해 (Whatcha Doin' Today)' (Official Music Video)24,927,7122014-03-16
11.4MINUTE - 'Heart to Heart' (Official Music Video)21,322,5422011-03-28
12.4 Minute - Muzik17,269,2982010-04-02
13.4MINUTE - '거울아거울아 (Mirror Mirror)' (Official Music Video)16,006,0072011-04-04
14.4MINUTE - 오늘 뭐해 (Whatcha Doin' Today) (Choreography Practice Video)15,223,6042014-03-25
15.4MINUTE - 'Ready Go' (Official Music Video)13,880,3262011-11-14
16.4MINUTE - 'Love Tension' (Official Music Video)10,297,7602012-08-07
17.4Minute - 'WHY' (Official Music Video)10,204,8462011-02-08
18.포미닛(4MINUTE) - 싫어(Hate) (Choreography Practice Video)8,761,9352016-02-24
19.4MINUTE - 추운 비 (Cold Rain)8,517,5172015-01-26
20.4 Minute - HUH8,450,5362010-07-13
21.4MINUTE - 'FIRST' (Official Music Video)7,929,1952010-10-22
22.4 Minute - What A Girl Wants5,882,2892010-03-29
23.4MINUTE - 'HEART TO HEART' (JAPANESE VERSION) (Official Music Video)4,849,3352011-08-15
24.큐브아티스트 - 크리스마스 노래 (Christmas Song) (Official Music Video)1,855,8692013-12-03
25.HYUNA - 잘나가서 그래 (Feat. 정일훈 Of BTOB) (A+ Original Ver. MV)1,719,6422015-09-06
26.4Minute - Volume Up1,507,6602012-08-30
27.4MINUTE(포미닛) - ‘Canvas’ (360VR content)1,261,0562016-04-15
28.4MINUTE - 'HUH (Hit Your Heart)' (Teaser)783,6052010-05-20
29.4MINUTE - '고마워 :) (Thank You :))' (Official Music Video)732,4332014-06-17
30.오늘 뭐해610,2182018-01-05
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