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Channel views: 5,531,232,369
Total video viewcount:: 4,287,619,429

PosVideoViewcount Published
1.Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (Official Video)1,045,165,3072008-08-01
2.Queen - Don't Stop Me Now (Official Video)519,265,7282008-08-01
3.Queen - Another One Bites the Dust (Official Video)357,852,7822008-08-01
4.Queen - We Will Rock You (Official Video)354,176,2282008-08-01
5.Queen - I Want To Break Free (Official Video)338,315,6692008-09-01
6.Queen - Killer Queen (Top Of The Pops, 1974)153,865,1502008-08-01
7.Queen - Under Pressure (Official Video)149,839,7332008-09-09
8.Queen - Radio Ga Ga (Official Video)147,502,0432008-08-01
9.Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Official Video)139,813,7402008-08-01
10.Queen - The Show Must Go On (Official Video)122,977,4442013-10-15
11.Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls (Official Video)78,812,2072008-08-01
12.Queen - I Want It All (Official Video)66,166,4232008-08-20
13.Queen - These Are The Days Of Our Lives (Official Video)61,350,4232013-10-15
14.Queen - Love Of My Life (Official Video)56,011,3472008-10-21
15.Queen - A Kind of Magic (Official Video)50,526,8712008-08-01
16.Queen - Innuendo (Official Video)40,003,5382013-10-15
17.Queen - You're My Best Friend (Official Video)35,464,7772008-08-01
18.Queen - Save Me (Official Video)30,716,4572008-08-20
19.Queen - Princes Of The Universe (Official Video)30,493,5622008-12-02
20.Queen - I'm Going Slightly Mad (Official Video)28,896,3372013-10-15
21.Queen - Friends Will Be Friends (Official Video)28,582,8282008-10-07
22.Queen - Breakthru (Official Video)26,335,7792008-09-09
23.Queen - It's A Hard Life (Official Video)25,315,3462008-10-07
24.Queen - Too Much Love Will Kill You (Official Video)24,665,7722013-10-15
25.Queen - Flash (Official Video)23,148,6362008-08-26
26.Queen - The Miracle (Official Video)22,993,7722008-09-29
27.Queen - Play The Game (Official Video)18,608,1772008-08-26
28.Queen - One Vision (Extended) 1985 [Official Video]18,302,5432013-10-16
29.Queen - Hammer To Fall (Official Video)15,547,0262008-11-24
30.Queen - The Invisible Man (Official Video)15,436,1942008-09-29
31.Queen - Bicycle Race (Official Video)14,523,8002008-08-02
32.Queen - Now I'm Here (Official Video)13,224,8662008-09-01
33.Queen - Spread Your Wings (Official Video)12,872,1062008-08-26
34.Queen - Scandal (Official Video)11,153,2372008-09-29
35.Queen - No One But You (Only The Good Die Young) [Official Video]8,847,9662013-10-15
36.Queen - Headlong (Official Video)7,955,1812013-10-15
37.Queen - Tie Your Mother Down (Official Video)7,286,3962008-09-01
38.Queen - I'm In Love With My Car (Official Video)6,844,3322013-10-15
39.Queen - Brighton Rock (Official Lyric Video)6,400,3892014-10-09
40.Queen - Liar (Official Video)5,848,3322008-09-29
41.Queen - You Don't Fool Me5,778,5702009-02-04
42.Queen - '39 (Official Lyric Video)5,669,3322014-09-23
43.Queen - Let Me In Your Heart Again (Album Version)5,156,8372014-11-10
44.Queen - Las Palabras De Amor (Top Of The Pops, 1982)5,006,9692008-12-08
45.Queen - Made In Heaven - (Official Lyric Video)4,765,0072014-10-01
46.Queen - Heaven For Everyone (Official Video)4,457,5242013-10-15
47.Queen - Death on Two Legs (Official Lyric Video)4,170,1222014-09-23
48.Queen - Back Chat (Official Video)4,078,6172008-12-01
49.Queen - The March of The Black Queen (Official Lyric Video)3,850,4592014-10-08
50.Queen - Body Language (Official Video)3,780,5102008-10-07
51.Queen - One Year Of Love (Official Lyric Video)3,629,0012014-09-22
52.Queen - You Take My Breath Away - (Official Lyric Video)3,163,5482014-10-03
53.Queen - My Melancholy Blues (Official Lyric Video)2,964,5992014-09-26
54.Queen - The Prophets Song (Official Lyric Video)2,949,4672014-09-23
55.Queen - A Winter's Tale (Official Video)2,840,1102013-10-16
56.Queen - Seven Seas Of Rhye (Official Lyric Video)2,797,5692017-12-28
57.Queen - Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together) - (Official Lyric Video)2,719,3772014-10-03
58.Queen - Jealousy (Official Lyric Video)2,692,4092014-09-29
59.Queen - Mustapha (Official Montage Video)2,656,3612014-09-29
60.Queen - Doing All Right (Official Lyric Video)2,597,6532014-09-30
61.Queen - Stone Cold Crazy (Live at the Rainbow)2,437,2302014-07-21
62.Queen - The Millionaire Waltz - (Official Lyric Video)2,410,6962014-10-03
63.Queen - All Dead, All Dead - At Last, the Video!2,203,8402018-02-14
64.Queen - It's A Beautiful Day (Official Lyric Video)2,035,6952014-10-01
65.20th Century Fox Fanfare2,019,8172018-10-18
66.Queen - Let Me Live (Official Lyric Video)1,984,1502014-10-01
67.Queen - Is this the World We Created...? (Official Lyric Video)1,979,7332014-09-24
68.Queen - In The Lap Of the Gods..Revisited (Official Lyric Video)1,962,1402014-10-09
69.Queen - Seaside Rendezvous (Official Lyric Video)1,916,2532014-09-23
70.Queen - Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon (Official Lyric Video)1,896,8302014-09-23
71.Queen - Cool Cat (Official Lyric Video)1,882,1942014-10-07
72.Queen - It's Late (Official Lyric Video)1,812,9302014-09-26
73.Queen - Delilah - (Official Lyric Video)1,791,9492014-10-10
74.Queen - Dragon Attack (Official Lyric Video)1,781,6322014-09-25
75.Queen - Sheer Heart Attack (Official Lyric Video)1,697,0892014-09-26
76.Queen - Love Kills - the ballad - (Official Montage Video)1,637,1502014-10-27
77.Queen - Don't Try So Hard - (Official Lyric Video)1,587,4372014-10-10
78.Queen - Calling All Girls (Official Video)1,529,3052008-12-08
79.Queen - My Fairy King (Official Lyric Video)1,437,8802014-09-30
80.Queen - Great King Rat (Official Lyric Video)1,434,7702014-09-30
81.Queen - Flick Of The Wrist (Official Lyric Video)1,386,7552014-10-09
82.Queen - I Was Born To Love You1,283,2712009-01-22
83.Queen - Thank God It's Christmas (Official Lyric Video)1,253,6542016-12-02
84.Queen - White Queen (As It Began) (Official Lyric Video)1,249,1802014-10-08
85.Queen - Lily Of The Valley (Official Lyric Video)1,246,0712014-10-09
86.Queen - Nevermore (Official Lyric Video)1,212,8982014-10-08
87.Queen - You and I - (Official Lyric Video)1,170,8232014-10-03
88.Queen - Don't Try Suicide (Official Lyric Video)1,148,3902014-09-24
89.Queen - Procession (Instrumental) (Official Montage Video)1,134,6092014-10-08
90.Queen - We Are The Champions (Raw Sessions Version)1,075,5102017-10-06
91.Queen - Father To Son (Official Lyric Video)1,057,9872014-10-08
92.Queen - Sail Away Sweet Sister (To The Sister I Never Had) (Official Lyric Video)980,1582014-09-25
93.Queen - Ride The Wild Wind - (Official Lyric Video)975,9482014-10-10
94.Queen - Ogre Battle (Official Lyric Video)947,6082014-10-08
95.Queen - Bijou - (Official Lyric Video)945,5452014-10-10
96.Queen - I Can't Live Without You - (Official Lyric Video)941,3722014-10-10
97.Queen - Live at Montreux Pop Festival 1986928,8992015-01-05
98.Queen - The Fairy Fellers Master-Stroke (Official Lyric Video)924,6462014-10-08
99.Queen - Was It All Worth It - (Official Lyric Video)869,5822014-10-02
100.Queen - Gimme The Prize [Kurgan's Theme] (Official Lyric Video)782,5052014-09-22
101.Queen - Sweet Lady (Official Lyric Video)776,3632014-09-23
102.Queen - Freddie's Christmas Toast/Keep Yourself Alive (A Night At The Odeon - Hammersmith 1975)776,3112015-12-24
103.Queen - Need Your Loving Tonight (Official Lyric Video)766,0942014-09-25
104.Queen - Jesus (Official Lyric Video)746,5462014-09-30
105.Queen - Get Down, Make Love (Official Lyric Video)731,5082014-09-26
106.Queen - Tear It Up (Official Lyric Video)723,0062014-09-24
107.Queen - Let Me Entertain You (Official Lyric Video)722,8112014-09-29
108.Queen - Good Company (Official Lyric Video)717,5072014-09-23
109.Queen - Dreamers Ball (Official Lyric Video)715,6822014-09-29
110.Queen - God Save The Queen [Instrumental] (Official Montage Video)714,3842014-09-23
111.Queen - Pain Is So Close To Pleasure (Official Lyric Video)703,8482014-09-22
112.Queen - Party - (Official Lyric Video)680,7842014-10-02
113.Queen - Tenement Funster (Official Lyric Video)637,5042014-10-09
114.Ay-Oh (Live Aid)637,2792018-10-18
115.Queen - The Night Comes Down (Official Lyric Video)625,5492014-09-30
116.Queen - Tutti Frutti (Live In Budapest, 1986)617,4192013-08-01
117.Queen - Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy (Official Lyric Video)609,2492018-01-01
118.Queen - Rock It (Prime Jive) (Official Lyric Video)604,1332014-09-24
119.Queen - Some Day One Day (Official Lyric Video)602,7912014-10-08
120.Queen - The Hitman - (Official Lyric Video)589,9432014-10-10
121.Queen - Life Is Real (Song For Lennon) (Official Lyric Video)583,6772014-10-07
122.Queen - Keep Passing the Open Windows (Official Lyric Video)558,9502014-09-24
123.Queen - Dear Friends (Official Lyric Video)550,3712014-10-09
124.Queen - O (My Life Has Been Saved)542,8972009-07-29
125.Roger Taylor - Gangsters Are Running This World (Official Lyric Video)541,6722019-04-01
126.Queen - Don't Lose Your Head (Official Lyric Video)527,3582014-09-22
127.Queen - Staying Power (Official Lyric Video)524,0842014-10-07
128.Queen - Long Away - (Official Lyric Video)510,2092014-10-03
129.Queen - In Only Seven Days (Official Lyric Video)501,3302014-09-29
130.Queen - Son and Daughter (Official Lyric Video)485,9732014-09-30
131.Queen - Misfire (Official Lyric Video)477,9582014-10-09
132.Queen - Drowse - (Official Lyric Video)475,9272014-10-03
133.Queen - Bring Back That Leroy Brown (Official Lyric Video)474,7562014-10-09
134.Queen - Rain Must Fall - (Official Lyric Video)448,2462014-10-02
135.Queen - Dead On Time (Official Lyric Video)447,4322014-09-29
136.Queen - Machines (Or Back To Humans) (Official Lyric Video)442,7502014-09-24
137.Queen - Modern Times Rock n Roll (Official Lyric Video)426,8062014-09-30
138.Queen - The Loser In The End (Official Lyric Video)425,7182014-10-08
139.Queen - All God's People - (Official Lyric Video)421,9472014-10-10
140.Queen - If You Can't Beat Them (Official Lyric Video)416,7292014-09-29
141.Queen - Funny How Love Is (Official Lyric Video)413,2882014-10-08
142.Queen - Man On The Prowl (Official Lyric Video)404,7532014-09-24
143.Roger Taylor - Gangsters Are Running This World - Purple Version (Official Lyric Video)396,3742019-04-15
144.Queen - Dancer (Official Lyric Video)396,2812014-10-07
145.#InThisTogether - Is This The World We Created378,9112019-03-28
146.Queen - Sleeping On the Sidewalk (Official Lyric Video)378,4362014-09-26
147.Queen - Fight From The Inside (Official Lyric Video)378,0642014-09-26
148.Queen - She Makes Me [Stormtrooper In Stilettos] (Official Lyric Video)361,5392014-10-09
149.Queen - Khashoggi's Ship - (Official Lyric Video)350,1642014-10-02
150.Queen - Leaving Home Ain't Easy (Official Lyric Video)340,7772014-09-29
151.Queen Ft. David Bowie - Under Pressure (Official Lyric Video)338,0362017-12-11
152.Queen - Forever (Official Montage Video)323,4042014-10-28
153.Queen - More Of That Jazz - (Official Lyric Video)315,4372014-09-29
154.Queen - Coming Soon (Official Lyric Video)301,4272014-09-25
155.Queen - My Baby Does Me - (Official Lyric Video)300,7442014-10-02
156.Queen - Fun It - (Official Lyric Video)280,9592014-09-29
157.Queen - Action This Day (Official Lyric Video)276,2052014-10-07
158.Queen - White Man - (Official Lyric Video)267,5472014-10-03
159.Queen - Put Out The Fire - (Official Lyric Video)193,4482014-10-07
160.Queen: Days Of Our Lives Teaser Clip - 'Somebody To Love'191,5062011-05-27
161.There Must Be More to Life Than This (William Orbit Mix)170,0682015-02-06
162.Queen - In The Space Capsule (The Love Theme) (Official Montage Video)137,1002014-10-06
163.Queen + Paul Rodgers  - Say It's Not True (Official Video)128,4512014-11-01
164.Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever (by Ian Meeson & Belinda Gillet) 1989123,8872013-10-16
165.Queen + Paul Rodgers - Let There Be Drums (Live)114,6842008-10-21
166.Seven Seas Of Rhye (Remastered 2011)101,5272018-07-24
167.Queen - Intro to 'Rare Live' (1989)98,6172014-08-18
168.Queen - The Kiss (Aura Resurrects Flash) (Official Montage Video)95,6302014-10-06
169.Queen + Anastacia, Bono, The Edge, Dave Stewart - Amandla (46664)91,2082014-11-03
170.Queen - Football Fight (Official Montage Video)85,4422014-10-06
171.Inside The Rhapsody (Bohemian Rhapsody mini documentary, 2002) 2 of 375,5692014-05-05
172.Queen - Vultan's Theme (Attack Of The Hawk Men) (Official Montage Video)67,8502014-10-06
173.Queen - Battle Theme (Official Montage Video)65,6002014-10-06
174.Queen - Ming's Theme (In the Court Of Ming The Merciless) (Official Montage Video)55,8222014-10-06
175.Mother Love (2011 Remaster)47,1582018-06-29
176.Queen - Escape From The Swamp (Official Montage Video)44,7112014-10-06
177.Queen - Crash Dive on Mingo City (Official Montage Video)38,9912014-10-06
178.Queen - In The Death Cell (Love Theme Reprise) (Official Montage Video)37,8582014-10-06
179.Queen - Flash To The Rescue (Official Montage Video)37,4912014-10-06
180.Queen - Marriage Of Dale and Ming (And Flash Approaching) (Official Montage Video)30,0502014-10-06
181.I Want It All / We Will Rock You (Sucker Punch: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)29,2642015-02-01
182.We Will Rock You (Radio Edit)15,8452017-01-30
183.The March Of The Black Queen (Remastered 2011)14,4882018-07-24
184.Procession (Remastered 2011)9,1042018-07-24
185.Grace Kelly8,3762018-06-16
186.Nevermore (Remastered 2011)5,9622018-07-24
187.The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke (Remastered 2011)5,5122018-07-24
188.Jailhouse Rock Medley (Live At The Hammersmith Odeon, London / 1975)4,5252018-07-26
189.Some Day One Day (Remastered 2011)4,4542018-07-24
190.Guitar Solo (Live At The Hammersmith Odeon, London / 1975)3,8432018-07-26
191.Funny How Love Is (Remastered 2011)3,6982018-07-24
192.See What A Fool I've Been (BBC Session / July 25th 1973, Langham 1 Studio)3,3202018-08-27
193.Big Spender (Live At The Hammersmith Odeon, London / 1975)2,9342018-07-26
194.Sólo Por Ti (No One But You) (Short Version 2004)1,4872015-08-07
195.Too Much Love Will Kill You (2011 Remaster)1,4862018-07-23

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