Country: South-Korea
Youtube channel: GOT7
Subscriber count: 5,860,000
Channel views: 630,464,102
Total video viewcount:: 2,426,982,991
Total music videos viewcount:: 2,009,029,855
Brand reputation ranking among Korean groups: 29. (December 2019)

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1.GOT7 "Just right(딱 좋아)" M/V365,219,9362015-07-12
2.GOT7 "If You Do(니가 하면)" M/V193,782,5192015-09-28
3.GOT7 "Never Ever" M/V182,512,4022017-03-13
4.GOT7 "Lullaby" M/V116,873,8772018-09-17
5.GOT7 "A" M/V115,532,1542014-06-23
6.GOT7 "Hard Carry(하드캐리)" M/V108,916,3072016-09-26
7.GOT7 "니가 부르는 나의 이름(You Calling My Name)" M/V108,052,4742019-11-04
8.GOT7 "Girls Girls Girls" M/V94,892,9162014-01-14
9.GOT7 "Look" M/V90,972,0312018-03-12
10.GOT7 "You Are” M/V89,413,2182017-10-10
11.GOT7 “Fly” M/V85,059,5202016-03-20
12.GOT7 “Stop stop it(하지하지마)” M/V76,700,3872014-11-16
13.GOT7 "NOT BY THE MOON" M/V73,746,9492020-04-20
14.GOT7 "ECLIPSE" M/V56,612,1022019-05-20
15.GOT7 "Miracle" M/V41,573,1112018-12-03
16.GOT7 "Breath (넌 날 숨 쉬게 해)" M/V39,072,0062020-11-23
17.GOT7 "Teenager” Performance Video37,936,2962017-12-06
18.GOT7 "LAST PIECE" M/V33,576,5592020-11-30
19.GOT7 "MY SWAGGER" M/V27,943,9522017-05-22
20.GOT7 "Magnetic(너란 걸)" Dance Practice21,631,3292014-12-03
21.GOT7 "Confession Song(고백송)" Free Dance Live Video19,900,0362015-11-28
22.GOT7 "THE New Era" M/V19,843,6062018-05-07
23.[GOT7 STUDIO] GOT7 "Thank You(고마워)" Live19,748,8482018-03-26
24.GOT7 "I WON'T LET YOU GO" M/V19,299,4162018-12-16
25.GOT7 "See The Light(빛이나)" Live Video18,437,6672016-04-08
26.GOT7 "Confession Song(고백송)" M/V17,929,1302015-11-22
27.GOT7(갓세븐) "하드캐리" Dance Practice Video14,609,8972016-10-01
28.GOT7 "Intro" & "딱 좋아(Just right)" Comeback Stage @ SBS Inkigayo 2015.07.1913,286,8882015-07-19
29.GOT7 "Teenager" Dance Practice13,191,4652017-10-17
30.GOT7 "LOVE LOOP" M/V11,860,7702019-06-25
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