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Country: Great Britain
Youtube channel: BASTILLEvideos
Subscriber count: 2,330,000
Channel views: 1,173,461,166
Total video viewcount: 1,082,353,391
Total music videos viewcount: 904,972,514

PosVideoViewcount Published
1.Bastille - Pompeii (Official Music Video)633,138,7342013-01-21
2.Bastille - Things We Lost In The Fire (Official Music Video)69,361,1762013-07-13
3.Bastille - Of The Night (Official Music Video)51,226,2042013-10-09
4.Bastille - Bad Blood (Official Music Video)34,304,8112012-06-29
5.Bastille - Flaws (Official Music Video)25,321,5992012-09-12
6.Bastille - Oblivion (Official Music Video)20,719,0592014-07-21
7.Bastille - Laura Palmer (Official Music Video)18,779,2472013-04-11
8.Bastille - Good Grief (Official Music Video)16,940,5852016-06-22
9.Bastille - Quarter Past Midnight (Official Music Video)9,578,0372018-05-23
10.Bastille, Alessia Cara - Another Place9,464,7552019-11-01
11.Bastille - Send Them Off! (Official Music Video)9,314,7812016-09-30
12.Bastille – Hangin’9,296,2202015-09-22
13.BASTILLE // Overjoyed ( Official Video )9,284,8342011-11-04
14.Bastille - Good Grief (Clean Version)9,044,5112016-08-22
15.Bastille - Fake It (Official Music Video)8,824,0952016-08-19
16.Bastille - Glory8,110,1672017-06-05
17.Bastille - Doom Days (Official Video)7,978,9502019-04-25
18.Million Pieces ft. The Chamber Orchestra Of London (Amazon Original)7,767,4862019-09-19
19.Bastille - Blame (Official Music Video)7,328,5812016-12-15
20.Bastille - Joy (Visualiser)7,100,3592019-05-02
21.Bastille - Joy (Official Video)6,420,2182019-05-30
22.Bastille - Those Nights5,737,8812019-06-04
23.Bastille - Torn Apart (Bastille VS. Grades)5,529,6352014-11-21
24.Bastille - Warmth (Live At Capitol Studios)3,657,0062016-12-05
25.Bastille - Oblivion (Live At Capitol Studios)3,649,9152013-11-22
26.BASTILLE // Sleepsong3,602,8962012-04-29
27.Bastille - Things We Lost In The Fire (Live From Queens' College Cambridge)3,488,2542013-10-21
28.Bastille - bad_news3,352,1022014-08-20
29.Bastille - Good Grief (Live At Capitol Studios)3,198,2382016-11-18
30.BASTILLE // What Would You Do? [City High Cover] - ( Official Video )2,938,8852011-10-31
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