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K-Pop chart report for week 2021/5/24

Published: 2021-06-01 03:54:40
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After a very busy previous week, this week only saw a few new music videos. Let's break it down.

After 8 months EVERGLOW finally released their new comeback 'FIRST' which is another banger. While the first few days it did a little bit less than their previous comeback 'LA DI DA' but it caught up by the weekend eventually reaching 42.7 million views. Let's hope it keeps up the same trend.

Of course BTS is still going strong with their latest international comeback 'Butter' and took first spot again, with another 92 million views, It will likely stay at the top for a couple of weeks. They also released a remix of the song with a music video and it reached the number 3 spot this week!

TO1's comeback 'Son of Beast' that didn't make the top 30 last week, made it to number 28 this week with 4 million views because it was released very late during that week. One should always release a new comeback during the first half of the week to get in the top 30, unless you're BTS, Blackpink or Twice.

There were more comebacks but they didn't make the top 30.
woo!ah! had a new comeback with 'Purple' and reached the number 35 spot with 3.2 million views.
Weeekly with '7days Tension' with 2.1 million views.
GWSN's new comeback 'Like It Hot' didn't even make the top 100 with only 1 million views but they released it on Sunday.

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