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1.[Simply K-Pop] Crayon pop(크레용팝), 'Doo Doom Chit(두둠칫)'1,707,3932016-09-30
2.[After School Club] Kevin and Eric cover Jimin's eyes from UNIQ's 19+ sexy dance1,571,0042016-05-20
3.[HOT!] MAMAMOO showing off incredible singing skills on ASC's Jukebox1,510,6142016-05-13
4.[Simply K-Pop] Henry (헨리) - It’s You _ Ep.4451,167,6372020-12-11
5.[Pops in Seoul] Light Sticks ! A Symbol of the K-Pop Fan Club (feat. Felix)1,123,6172019-09-19
6.[After School Club] Ep.253 - K.A.R.D _ Full Episode _ 0228171,117,2682017-02-28
7.[After School Club] Seventeen's three groups show three separate live performances on ASC1,108,3642016-05-16
8.[Simply K-Pop] Hyun A(현아), 'BABE(베베)'1,090,1212017-09-01
9.[Simply K-Pop] AHN YE EUN (안예은) - Sailing (출항) _ Ep.462871,0702021-04-09
10.Showbiz Korea _ Actors in Hwarang _ Interview823,0562016-12-27
11.[Showbiz Korea] STARS' BIGMATCH, 'SELENA GOMEZ & SU-ZY(수지)'788,7332016-01-04
12.Showbiz Korea _ JUN Ji-hyun(전지현), LEE Min-ho(이민호) Interview _ The Legend of the Blue Sea650,7802016-11-29
13.[Simply K-Pop] SHANNON(샤넌) _ HELLO _ Ep.276 _ 080417616,5222017-08-04
14.Simply K-Pop _ Jun Hyo Seong(전효성) _ Find Me(나를 찾아줘) _ Ep.210 _ 041516510,9602016-04-15
15.Showbiz Korea _ Doctors(닥터스) _Kim Rae won, Park Shin hye _ Interview502,8292016-06-28
16.[Fancam/직캠] Hyuna(현아)_ BABE(베베) _ Simply K-Pop _ 090817500,5672017-09-08
17.Simply K-Pop _ HISTORY(히스토리) _ Queen(퀸) _ Ep.212 _ 042916496,6702016-04-29
18.[HOT!] MONSTA X doing double speed dancing on ASC477,5622016-06-14
19.[After School Club] Jae(제형)'s GRADUATION! _ Full Episode - Ep.325436,9162018-07-17
20.[Sound K] The Rose(더 로즈) - Thinking Out Loud(Ed Sheeran), Sorry423,8172017-08-31
21.[Pops in Seoul] The Different Self-Introductions of K-Pop Idol Groups ! (feat. FELIX)411,7682019-08-29
22.[After School Club] Ep.277 - Samuel(사무엘) _ Full Episode _ 081517402,9452017-08-15
23.[HOT!] Ailee, Eric, Jimin, and Kevin JAMMING OUT on ASC! (feat. crazy singing)400,6272016-05-02
24.[플리캠 4K] DONGKIZ JAECHAN 'CRAZY NIGHT (못된 송아지 엉덩이에 뿔)' (동키즈 재찬) l Simply K-Pop Ep.477399,5502021-07-23
25.[After School Club] K-POP's Hidden K.A.R.D(K-POP의 Hidden K.A.R.D?!)391,0742017-02-28
26.Simply K-Pop - MONSTA X(몬스터엑스) _ HERO(영웅) - Ep.181 / 2015-09-18389,8482015-09-20
27.Pops in Seoul - Who is the most visually attractive male idol star?387,6002015-11-18
28.Showbiz Korea _ THE HANDMAIDEN(아가씨) _ Interview376,9072016-05-17
29.Simply K-Pop _ Stellar(스텔라) _ Vibrato(떨려요) _ Ep.200 _ 020516376,3582016-02-05
30.[After School Club] ?TOMORROW X TOGETHER is back? with a fresh disco song! _ Full Episode376,0782020-11-11
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